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CTFO Review

CTFO stands for Changing the Future Outcome. They offer a large variety of CBD-based products as well as products that contain no CBD at all. The CTFO focus seems to be largely on marketing, offering individuals free, tailor-made websites to sell their product line; think Mary Kay for the CBD business. Admittedly, CTFO surprised us with a high score of 4 out of 5 badges, but we are bothered by a lack of ingredients lists for most of their CBD products.

CTFO was founded by network marketers for network marketers, as explicitly stated on their About Page. We’re historically suspicious of these types of MLM businesses in the CBD space, but that doesn’t mean companies with this type of business model can’t get some things right.

And CTFO gets it right when it comes to the quality of their CBD oil. They only use CO2 extracted industrial hemp grown organically on American soil. The brand utilizes Green Scientific Labs for contaminants tests and cannabinoid profiles, and we are able to award the Safety Badge by a hair.

At first glance, you won’t see the comprehensive lab results for each CBD product that we require to issue the Safety Badge. That’s because the CTFO business model is structured around onboarding brand ambassadors, not soliciting online sales directly from customers. However, if you put in the extra legwork to sign up and purchase their products, you will indeed find that CTFO spends the time and money to issue current independent test results on all their SKUs.

To say the CTFO product catalog is extensive is an understatement. They produce a wide range of products containing both isolate and full spectrum varieties of practically everything you can think of in the current CBD market and then some: tinctures, capsules, gummies, oral sprays, topicals, pet products, vape products, you name it. They also sell skincare products with no CBD at all, so be sure to read the fine print before you buy.

Unfortunately, we found unsavory ingredients in some of these products. Their CBD gummies contain artificial colors and flavorings, including Yellow 5. CTFO also sells hair growth products which contain EDTA, another notoriously harmful ingredient.

We cannot speak to the ingredients in their CBD topicals, since no comprehensive ingredients lists are available, and this is actually our major critique of the CTFO line. Consumers deserve to know exactly what’s lurking in their CBD products, especially since their purchase intention is to boost their health. The alarming lack of ingredients lists in this catalog makes us uncomfortable.

However, we have to give credit where it is due, and in this case, CTFO is the first vendor we have encountered in the space to offer hair growth products with cannabidiol. The brand is also the first we’ve seen to market a CBD oral spray for weight loss. They therefore are awarded the Innovation Badge.

Bottom Line – CTFO seems staunchly committed to their marketing endeavors more so than their love for hemp, but their CBD oil itself passes the test for quality and safety.


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Badges For CTFO

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

CTFO utilizes organically grown U.S. hemp processed via CO2 extraction that is free of contaminants.

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Safety Verified

CTFO provides comprehensive independent lab tests for contaminants and potency for each SKU.

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Charity Unverified

CTFO has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

The founders of CTFO are on a mission to positively impact every facet of your life.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

CTFO is the first to market CBD products for hair growth and CBD oral spray for weight loss.

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About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.


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CTFO Reviews

  • AvatarTarah says

    Very quickly this site will be famous
    amid all blogging people, due tߋ іt’s nice articles or

  • AvatarTina Heuermann says

    Greetings! Thanks for the amazing review!! I do need to clarify the “charity” part. The leaders are compassionate and civic-minded, giving way more than 10% of all income. In fact, during the optional church service that takes place following every event, the leaders bring people to the front that have struggled financially to make the trip possible. They then asked for free-will donations to each of the attendees to cover travel expenses. During the regional event in Reno, NV, NINE people came to the front, completely unaware of this practice. Each walked away with $400-$500 dollars to help offset their expense.

    So, does that make us a SOLID TEN!!??

  • AvatarMarek says

    I wonder how many of these reviewes are fake ,what suprises and starts red light in my head is there is no legit websites with real people review of their product

  • AvatarElaine says

    I have been using ctfo cbd for 6 months. I have noticed a huge difference in the inflamation in my feet knees and ankles. I was not able to walk very far before the pain was unbearable. I am now able to walk 6 miles without any pain. I feel much better overall!!

  • AvatarImsoochi says

    As long as you pay with your credit/debit card, you may call your bank and initiate a chargeback for credit not processed.

  • AvatarJosh says

    With all due respect, I get a very different read than you on T’s comment. I appreciate that T simply provided a subjective account of products from the 2 companies. I think their experience simply shows that one might have different results from seemingly similar products.

    As a potential customer of either CTFO or Hempworx, I do not feel T was trying to bash or “take down” CTFO. I would like to know more about why T feels CTFO’s labels are misleading though. If true, I would find this to be a red flag for CTFO’s tactics and practices.

    As the CBD industry seems to have great disruptive potential to a massive market (big pharma) in very positive ways (people’s health and well-being), I think it is imperative that companies remain transparent. They need to show consumers what is in their products.

    Good luck to you both.

  • AvatarKelli says

    30 years of trying different medicines, techiques,therapies to help migraines & nothing. The 10x CBD oil has taken my migraines away!! Its truly a miracle because I was really at my wits end & ready to take drastic measures because I could hardly stand it anymore! Also the really bad pain I had on my arm from tendenitis went away!! I couldn’t be more grateful & thankful their oil!!!

  • AvatarKathleen Odonnell says

    I’m currently on ctfo cbd for MS Symptoms daily include
    Chronic fatigue
    Ive no pain.
    Fatigue is disabling at times. Can anyone recommend a dosage to take. Im now on 7drops once daily. This is week 2.

  • AvatarLyn says

    Worst company policy on refunds! I have been chasing my refund now for over 2 months. They promised to credit your cc but then say if it is denied they will contact you, but they don’t and have not. Then when I asked for my refund after 11 emails they now tell me I have to either give them my banking info or send them their form letter which will then take another 3 weeks to receive my refund via their check. You can buy cbd oil any where so why buy from a company that doesn’t stand behind their word? Good product or not buying from ctfo is not worth the hassle!

  • AvatarKim says

    CTFO CBD oil works excellent. If it didn’t, CTFO wouldn’t offer a 60 day money back guarantee. The owners have showed integrity, work very hard, and have even lost sleep for days when snafu’s have hit recently.
    Their pay plan is the fairest in the industry. They even get paid with the same pay plan as their representatives. They don’t get a paycheck! Who else does that in MLM companies?

    They and their products have proven themselves to me. My favorite is the 10xPure CBD oil. It far exceeds all CBD oils I and my friends have used. And, it lasts me 5x longer than all other brands I’ve tried—saves me a lot of money.
    No company is perfect, they have been through some snafu’s due to their fast growth process and the up’s/down’s of the CBD industry regulations, but they give their all with integrity to make sure things are fair, legal and right. Something many companies are NOT doing.

  • AvatarCarol J Barnes says

    I have both asthma and emphysema. I started using CTFO 750mg CBD oil about a yr ago. I no longer require the medication for COPD. I was also off my maintenance asthma inhaler for months. Recently restarted using it due to my pulmonologist being worried about how fast I can develop severe breathing issues. 3 times prior to signing up for autoship,I ran out and purchased other brands. They did NOT work nearly as well. As others have said, try it for yourself to see if it works for you.

  • AvatarCarmen Rosenblum says

    Their products did not work for me. And yes, this is a multi level marketing company. Furthermore, buyer beware I’m going on more than 30 days to receive my refund. They use YOUR money. This company is very unorganized.I was kept on hold for 15 minutes while the customer representative “went down to the refund department to inquire about my return. All I was told is “you should eventually get a refund”. Very unprofessional. I’ve had a few people DM message me with the same issue. A class action lawsuit is being considered.

  • AvatarLinda Morrison says

    I sell and use CTFO products and I have to tell you they work! Everyone is afraid of network networking…well then don’t sell the product. CTFO is not all about the marketing, yes of course they want to encourage sales but the product speaks for itself. For the person that mentioned the FDA, they do not claim it is FDA approved, the claim is that they manufacture these products in a GMP facility. Good Manufacturing Practices is a regulatory standard and if you are licensed as a GMP facility you have standards to adhere to.
    I use these products for sleep anxiety and chronic pain. It works people! BTW I get paid every Wednesday!

  • AvatarCarmen Rosenblum says

    Did you have problems with your return? I’ve been dealing with this company for a month trying to get a refund. The product didn’t work for me either. Personally,I feel that this company is just another multi level marketing scam. A lot of companies offer money back guarantee.

  • AvatarC says

    If you do a google search for the top 10 CBD oil company’s? CTFO does NOT make the list. Top 20 ? Nope not on the list. They are better CBD products out there that DO provide details of EXACTLY where their products come from.

  • AvatarTerry says

    I have used CTFO for at least 10 months. First, I tried the 500mg full spectrum and graduated to the 750mg. I do not have back pains nor do I have asthma anymore. CTFO has the 10Xpure which also works very well. There is enough room for every CBD Oil company to make money without bashing “this one and that one”. Just like there are more than one brands of bread, coffee , clothing, etc. Products were different for different people. There is no one size fit all.

  • AvatarLaurie says

    I would love to send you information on my company. We have been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. Our products and testing have been proven to be pure, up to date and accurate.

  • AvatarMelissa says

    I have used the products with amazing results so until you try it for yourself, you have No opinion sir…ugh

  • AvatarKarol Kay Spotts Zinsmeister says

    I’m currently using 500mg 10xpure , these products are simply amazing they have helped me so much . I was acutely taking 8-10 Tylenol a day , and 4-6 TylenolPM at to sleep , and I was still in so much pain , even prescription medicine would not help me. I can CTFO product user 6 months ago , I longer need all those pills , I’m not taking anything else except for the CTFO products. These products are not a scam , I give them a 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ If your looking for quality look me up . There should only be 2 ingredients in your CBD oil Pure hemp oil and maybe flavor, that’s it ?

  • AvatarLinda Redfield says

    I agree with the other comments. I have spent a year researching and personally trying various CBD products, with varying results. This has been the only product line that I felt delivered on the results I was looking for. Hot flashes, night sweats, depression, anxiety issues, insomnia, most brought on by menopause, have all but disappeared. I have better A1C numbers and if they keep going down, my Dr. and I are discussing going off my diabetic medicine. I had not seen these results with any other CBD product I tried. I use the 10x pure full spectrum, twice a day. My results were so good, my teenage daughter is taking it to help with her anxiety issues and my husband uses for his back pain. The results for all of us has been so good, I have started selling it. I would never endorse something that I didn’t use, let alone give to my family.

  • AvatarSusan says

    I am in CTFO and I fnd your review fair. CTFO has to earn the trust of the public. I have difficulty sharing the oportunity because they get behind and don’t share information with their partners. How can you sign people up when you don’t know when they will get their orders. I like the company because when I joined them they talked about God being at the center of all they did and giving back. It was beautiful. I don’t see that anymore so IDK if they are trust worthy. But in all fairness I have been burned before.

  • AvatarTina M Krause says

    Not sure where you get this information and how many people who use CTFO have you talked with. Personally I Love my CBD Oil from CTFO and would be lost without it. It has helped cure my Migraines etc and for the Cost I feel well worth it. Have tried others out there and not seen near the results

  • AvatarJ K Jergenson says

    This is a terrible review. It is one sided, as stated above. These products are amazing and work! Who are you a distributor for? There are things that do need to be changed, in every business, but the quality of most of our products are amazing, such as the 10xpure, the lash and brow serum, and many others!

  • AvatarMaria says

    I agree with previous comment. I use these products and have seen an incredible difference!

  • AvatarKC says

    Very biased review, seems to be highly targeted against the marketing plan. The goal appears to be to discourage sales of a great Hemp CBD oil product that is quickly gaining popularity and increased sales. Try the product for your self and seek unbiased information.

  • AvatarTracey Ryniec says

    I don’t agree at all. No products that have cbd currently are under guidance by the FDA. They offer lab testing and their labels usually only have one ingredient in them(usually means the product is organic.) They sell the highest quality products at the lowest prices I’ve found on the market. Except maybe amazon and that isn’t pure full spectrum cbd, it’s extracted from hemp seed oil and which is NOT a cannabinoid! It’s also FREE to become an associate.

  • AvatarT says

    CTFO did not work for me. Hempworx works way better for me.
    I used 1500mg oil and it barely did anything for my back pain.
    I take hempworx 750mg and it works great. I will be returning my ctfo products. I was really hoping they would work better.
    Ctfo labels are misleading as well.

  • Avatarzenrock says

    Quality of product is most critical in this industry.
    It appears CTFO produces a top rated product!
    Clever post, mate!
    Everyone should try this product for themselves, follow the link above and find out why these products are quality certified!

  • AvatarWanda Shuttleworth says

    This is so biased. I use CTFO products and they are amazing ! I was close to be homebound for chronic pain before starting this oil. I now have my active lifestyle back after years of being in extreme pain. YES, These products WORK ! The CEO’s of the company are upstanding and truly care about others.

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