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Diamond CBD Review

Diamond CBD certainly talks the talk, and we love hearing about organically-grown hemp from Scandinavia, HPLC testing, supercritical CO2 extraction, GMP certification, and centuries of experience cultivating the finest hemp. We appreciate the efforts Diamond CBD takes to provide documentation in support of the claims made on their site, in addition to providing innovative products with a multitude of flavor options.

Diamond CBD presents themselves as scientific, methodical, employing a team of researchers that never compromises on quality. Their non-GMO hemp is grown according to organic practices in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia, and they utilize supercritical CO2 extraction, the most expensive and environmentally friendly of current CBD oil extraction methods. Diamond CBD supposedly oversees every facet of production, from the growth process to distribution, conducting independent laboratory tests at multiple stages.

They may have started things off this way (we don’t know), but as it stands now, we cannot award Diamond CBD the Safety Badge. We did not find one current CoA; most were done over a year ago. Additionally, we were hard-pressed to find multiple contaminants tests, as most of the outdated documents they posted only tested for synthetics and listed the cannabinoid profiles. If they are still testing their CBD oil, they’re not providing consumers with the information and haven’t been for about a year now.

Diamond CBD certainly doesn’t hold back on variety in their CBD product line. In addition to the Diamond CBD brand, they sell MediPets and Biotech CBD which are both subsidiaries of Diamond CBD, something they don’t clearly state. They also sell vape pens and tanks and edibles from third-party vendors, but for our purposes, we’ll only discuss CBD products manufactured by Diamond CBD, including:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Vape Pods and Additives
  • CBD Edibles and Beverages
  • CBD Crystal Dabs
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

Diamond CBD oils are available in full spectrum and isolate options and Extreme Drops, a combination of vegetable glycerin and cannabidiol. The full spectrum and CBD isolate oils come in over 20 flavors… yes, 20. And except for the unflavored oils and a few CBD isolate varieties flavored with natural terpenes, artificial flavors are exclusively used to conceive gems like strawberry frosted donut and pumpkin spice. More often than not, the motivation behind choosing CBD oil in the first place is to get away from the fake stuff, so these crazy flavor choices feel, well, unnatural.

It’s difficult for us to approve wholeheartedly of the majority of Diamond CBD’s products due to the aforementioned missing safety tests and an abundance of artificial flavors and/or colors pretty much across the board (oils, vape, edibles, beverages). Not a good look.

Bottom Line – Diamond CBD is apparently committed to research and development to provide innovative CBD hemp extracts, but it appears what they’re really committed to is offering as many artificial flavor options as humanly possible. They have some work to do to gain consumer trust, and we suggest first updating their CoAs online and incorporating tests for heavy metals and contaminants for all SKUs.

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Diamond CBD sources organically grown, non-GMO hemp with CBD oil removed via clean, CO2 extraction.

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(305) 615-1194
[email protected]

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Diamond CBD Reviews

  • AvatarKaren Russo says

    I have tried numerous brands of cbd gummies & my American Red Cross supervisor referred me to a local store that carried them for months. When they stopped carrying them, I now order online. Not the BEST way, but they work for me to get me to sleep. I’ve been using them ONLY at bedtime & ONLY 2 (no more) & so far so good. Been using them for about a year now. Diamond CBD gummies are the ONLY brand that works for me.

  • AvatarCarolyn says

    I purchased the 1500mg cream for pain and the gummies. After a week, I developed an itchy skin rash where cream was being applied. The gummies tasted like bitter smoke and had no effect. I tried to return given the “money back guarantee” but they refused because the product had been opened. The guarantee is bogus. Now I am out $200 for nothing from this scam company. Had the nerve to offer me another product instead.

  • AvatarBri says

    I’m concerned if anyone has had synthetics in diamond cbd products? That’s what worries me about the purchase I made a few hours ago

  • AvatarSarah says

    Diamond CBD is the only company I use. The CBD gummy’s that I purchased taste delicious and work wonderfully. These are the only ones that have ever worked and I’ve tried a few different brands. This is the only website that I use. My suggestion is to purchase during the week. They are Closed on the weekends so the orders do not get processed till Monday. That unfortunately slows shipping.

  • AvatarRon Hamblin says

    They have a 50% off coupon that allows you to pay half of retail. The only problem was even after the 50% off I found compairable products from other suppliers for half. Do your homework its a scam. They have a “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.. Buyer Beware!!!

  • AvatarNancy Homuth says

    Beware,does not work and no refunds.going to warn as many people as possible.

  • AvatarHeidi says

    Their products do not work. I can eat them by the handful and they give me no pain relief. They say you have the option of a refund, but the fine print says it’s not valid on sale items. Everything is on sale all the time. I was charged an international fee because they run cc orders through their England office. Their costumer service is non existent. I’m glad I tried Green Roads first. Otherwise I wouldn’t think CBD would work for me. Diamond is all fluff and trendy packaging, the CBD has limited potency. Much less than their competitors.

  • AvatarRuss says

    Ridiculous system to rate the company. I believe that Quality is most important, The mission statement for most companies is written to make them look good. You give them zero for innovation? Vending Machines, slurpee machines, gummies, oils, coffee, honey sticks, popcorn, cotton candy, skin cream, Dog treats,a magazine…. Charity? Even though they have been in business for a long time CBD is new to them. They cannot give shareholder money away until the company is profitable.

  • AvatarKristin P Schneider says

    Diamond CBD will not accept Mastercard now. I bought a good amount of product from them with Mastercard. All of a sudden Diamond CBD won’t take Mastercard, only Visa. What happened? You have lost a customer!!!!

  • AvatarElyse says

    100% agree with this review. The artificial flavors in the Diamond CBD oil that I purchased gave me a headache with every use. There’s no need to add that garbage to the medicine. They also add compounds found in cough syrup to their products. Look up the Vice review of their products.

  • AvatarMike Russo says

    Only way you can get the old formula is if you could go back in time to last year when they we’re a competent company and didn’t let the money get to their head and start deceiving the customers with garbage product instead. It’s sad how many still can’t tell the difference because they’re brainwashed for some reason ?‍♂ glad at least a couple of you see

  • AvatarMike Russo says

    ? when have you tried Other brands to compare? A year ago they were top of the line. Now they are bottom of the barrel. Stop wasting your money and buy from reputable companies That care about their customers/patients!

  • AvatarMike Russo says

    You do know there are about a million different companies out there selling the same stuff right? And now that their rating changed from top to bottom within a year their prices are still higher than average you are getting ripped off

  • AvatarMike Russo says

    Bottom line they’re are saying is last year they were first in quality etc and now they are well…. Not so much. It must of went to their head and got greedy

  • The EditorThe Editor says

    Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment.
    Our brand reviews are solely based on the information found on a brand’s website, therefore if it is not published then we equate that to being none existent, unfortunately. If Diamond CBD does have their CoA’s upon request, all we ask is that they publish these updated test results to each sku.

    Our methodology can be found on our website to better define what we look for in writing our brand reviews.


    We grade brands as if we are a top notch educated customer looking for the best product on the market and this requires us to be super critical with a tactful approach. This industry continues to be saturated with unethical brands just looking to make a quick buck, we do not believe Diamond CBD falls within that though. We believe that they offer great products, aside from the harmful chemicals being used in some of the products.

  • AvatarBill Pragalz says

    Perhaps if you ask the right people and ask the right questions, you may get the answer for the tests you require. It doesn’t appear that you are very thorough in getting your information and that you are quick to give somebody a bad rating because of your inept people. Diamond CBD is getting a more praise for their product and shows factual reason for a 5 badge rating.

  • AvatarMatt says

    Diamond cbd products are all I use now. I’ve tried 5 other brands & I like Diamond the best. The Relax watermelon gummies are my favorite.

  • AvatarJames says

    Diamond CBD is the best. Great customer service and fast shipping. One of my orders was damaged in shipping, I reached out to their customer service department and within 3 days had a replacement in hand. They told me to keep the damaged product, no need to return. I’m a customer for life.

  • AvatarMat says

    Corrupt company! They claim that if you want to get a refund they will give it to you as long as you return your unopened product and get it back to them within a time frame that they make impossible by shady business practices such as making you wait 4 days for them to email you a shipping label! 4 days! On top of this they change $8.99 shipping and handling and then send it via the cheapest ups option possible for a package, that I ordered, that weighed in at .10 of a pound. $8.99! Then to have the arrogance to say that if you want to cancel your order and it’s shipped you must wait for it to arrive first before you can use their “Online returns system” which doesn’t actually exist anywhere on the site. They continously point you to different people to contact while they attempt to run down the clock on the refund window. Stay away! I will be reporting them to the BBB by the end of the day if I do not get a shipping label or a refund!

  • AvatarAlicia Grant says

    I depend on diamond cbd to keep my anxiety at by, I buy it every 2 weeks without it I eventually spiral back to anxiety attacks within a month of being without it. I will forever buy them. My favorite is the watermelon gummy’s.

  • AvatarTheresa S says

    We love our Diamond CBDs it has made such a huge difference in our lives. My husband suffers from Gout and the CBD oil has helped with his pain management. It’s also helped him to cut down on his Tabasco chew. Hopefully he will be able to stop soon. It’s also help with pain management of my menstrual cycle and carpal tunnel I was taking 4-6 ibuprofen dailu..not any more. I can’t remember the last time I had to take it. And it has also helped tremendously with my anxiety. We are a Diamond CBD family for life.

  • AvatarTravis D Curtis says

    I love DIAMOND CBD products I been a customer for over a year now and my life would have been very dark if I would not have found this website I’m in chronic back and neck pain I have 6 bulging disc in my back and it’s almost unbearable but it’s much better with DIAMOND CBD products I mainly use Liquid Gold cbd vape additive but I’ve tried a lot of products that they have to offer but word to the wise if you have the money or you can get the money order the strongest strength available you will never regret it because the quality is unwatchable.Thank you Diamond CBD for saving my life I’m forever grateful

  • AvatarSarah says

    I love Diamond CBD products! I’ve been using them for over a year and can’t get enough of it! I used to only do the chill gummies, but now I do the CBD shots. They help me out with anxiety and focusing on positive things rather then negative. My brain becomes clearer and I can get so much done instead of laying around depressed! Thank you Diamond CBD! No other products compare!

  • AvatarDanny says

    This product use to be great. This new formula is horrible. Horrible taste horrible effect. Reached out to customer device (3rd party) they told me try lower wattage. Tried that and the horrible taste is less and the affect is even less at this wattage. When told them of these issue only got a response will pass it on to the company. Have yet to hear from them or about a solution on how I can get the old formula waste of my money basically. Their Facebook also is run by a 3rd party it seems as they just said we take note of these reviews when I messaged them. Horrible customer service will be going to new companies unless this can be fixed. Already ordered samples from this horrible companies competition.

  • AvatarAlison says

    Honestly I’ve been buying the CBD gummies for months now! It is the only thing helping me with anxiety and sleeping! I feel so relaxed and I make sure to keep buying and introducing to all my friends and family.

  • AvatarAlex H says

    I use Chong’s choice and they are fantastic! Big fan of Diamond I used other brands and you can not really tell the difference but with Diamond, especially when I was post-op recovering, it cut down the time and brought me back to life!

  • AvatarAmanda Rogers says

    I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my life and these products have truly helped! The gummies ate our favorite and help with everything from anxiety,to aches and pains! I’d definently recommend their products! ☺

  • AvatarBarb says

    I have problems with anxiety and depression, I was ready to goto doctors and then saw your ad! I tried your product and I have never been disappointed . Thank you so much for your help

  • AvatarBethVW says

    I have been repeatedly buying these products over the past 3 months and I am very satisfied.
    Helps tremendously to relax me and curb my anger and anxiety without me feeling out of it.
    I’ve recommended them to several friends and they always have great deals.

  • AvatarSarah Morey says

    I have tried many products of Diamond CBD for anxiety and help sleeping. I have not been disappointed. My husband who is a vet with ptsd also benefits from the vape pens and chill gummies. Thanks diamond cbd for making these products accessible to those that really need it!

  • AvatarCarolyn Kizer says

    I love the CBD oil!! It has helped my pain from arthritis sooo much and allows me to sleep better at night!! I’m so glad I found this site!! I love Diamond CBD oil!!!

  • AvatarDavid Morris says

    I have tried many brands of CBD vape but keep coming back to Diamond. I have shoulder and back injuries. I also suffer from anxiety. I can vape the 250mg Diamond Gold and feel like a new person. Just relaxed.
    Price is good and shipping is fast.
    Very satisfied.

  • AvatarDoug says

    I bought Diamond CBD oil 450. Just as I was about to use the dropper I noticed a lot of floating debris in the bottle. Not very comforting. I have used other oil in the past and never saw anything like this. I called the company and they said that it is normal, their product is the best, and to just shake it up or heat it and shake it up. Well I ask for a refund and they would only give a store credit,as the bottle was opened.
    Bad business in my opinion. I will be advising others to go elsewhere.

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