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CBD in Illinois: What You Need to Know

CBD oil has many helpful– not to mention, natural– benefits physically and mentally. CBD has been heavily studied to relieve pain, treat anxiety disorders, and improve a laundry list of other health issues.

But depending on where you live, CBD may not be readily available to you. And if it is,, you may not even realize it!

For those in the Land of Lincoln, here's a guide to help you understand everything about CBD in Illinois.

Is CBD legal in Illinois?

First and foremost:

Yes. CBD oil is legal to buy in the state of Illinois.

Illinois actually has some of the most relaxed rules on CBD and cannabis. As of January 2020, recreational use of cannabis (with delta-9 THC levels above 0.3%) became legal in private spaces.

CBD oil was legalized a few years earlier in 2018.

Legal CBD oil in Illinois must have THC levels below 0.3% and can be purchased by the general public all over the state.

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What kinds of CBD products can you buy in Illinois?

Buying CBD products in Illinois became much easier in 2018. And now you can purchase hemp oils without the use of a medical cannabis card, as long as the THC content is below 0.3%.

The only caveat to buying CBD oil in Illinois now is you must be at least 21 years old.

The law also states you can't smoke or vape any cannabis products (including CBD) in public—including bars, restaurants, and clubs. CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD capsules are 100% lawful in a public setting.

Thanks to the 2020 legislature change, nearly all cannabis products (regardless of THC content) are available for purchase legally in Illinois including edibles, oils, capsules, smokable buds, and much more.

What To Look for When Buying CBD in Illinois

Though legal, there are many regulations in place from the FDA to help consumers find high-quality CBD products and avoid scams.

When buying at the store or online, here are a few things to watch out for on the label that will let you know more about the CBD oil within:

  • Amount of CBD per serving to show its strengths.
  • Check for other ingredients that could affect the product.
  • Where it was made, when it was made, and who it was made by (manufacturer).
  • Net weight of the product.

Before entering a CBD store or website, you may want to do more research on the wide variety of CBD products available in order to find exactly what you need.

For example, knowing the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil or just a few basic facts about CBD in general can help you make the best decision.

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Where to Buy CBD Products in Illinois

With the new legislation in place, CBD products can be purchased in many different brick-and-mortar stores like pharmacies, grocery stores, CBD specific stores, as well as online.

It's important to find a retailer that you trust, one who has the brands and products you like, and that is officially licensed by the state to legally sell CBD products.

You should also know what to look for on the CBD product labels to ensure you get the exact product you intend and aren't surprised by anything once you've purchased and taken it home.

What Does It Take to Sell CBD in Illinois?

According to the FDA, the answer to this question depends on the intended use of the product, how it's labeled, and how it is marketed to consumers—for example, you can't sell CBD oil as a dietary supplement

In Illinois, in order to produce CBD and hemp products, you must apply. Here's what you'll need to send in order to become licensed to sell CBD in Illinois:

  • You full name and personal address
  • Your business address
  • Information on your business type
  • $100 application fee (this is not the licensing fee, just to apply)

If you intend to grow and cultivate hemp plants, you'll also need:

  • Map and legal description of the proposed growing area
  • Types of hemp proposed for cultivation

If approved by the state, you'll then be eligible to purchase a license for 1-3 years. The fees associated with the license are $1,000 for three years, $700 for two years, and $375 for one.

Also be aware that you are also always subject to random testing by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to ensure all CBD products fall within the legal THC limits.

Labelling and Marketing CBD Products in Illinois

When selling CBD products, you must follow the strict labelling requirements from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. A failure to comply with these laws can result in anything from a large fine to loss of license to sell. And, as stated above, it's always possible to be subjected to a random test by the Illinois Department of Agriculture at any time.

All CBD products must be properly labeled according to those guidelines, both when being sold to a dispensary by a cultivator and when sold by the dispensary to the general public. These regulations include:

  • The registered name of the product, name of the cultivation center, along with the PO box or address.
  • The common name of the product.
  • The product's registered serial number.
  • The date it was packaged and a ‘use by' date.
  • The THC quantity (must be below 0.3%).
  • The label must state ‘not for resale' and ‘for medical use.'

Also, be sure to check that the labels DO NOT contain:

  • False or misleading information. This means false claims about the CBD product's impact on health or effectiveness as a stimulant.
  • An official seal, flag, or crest that may mislead customers that the CBD product is officially endorsed by the State of Illinois.
  • Images of the CBD product other than that which may be on the cultivation center's logo. This means pictures of it depicted as a cartoon or anything else,
  • The packaging must also not have a ‘reasonable resemblance to candy.'

If you live in Illinois, you can get your CBD on!

CBD products are still misunderstood by many people across the country, and many states remain steadfast in limiting its sale and consumption. But if you live in Illinois, you have many options for buying and selling CBD, as long as you comply with the laws in place such as proper labeling and licensing.

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