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Dr. B-Well Pharmaceuticals

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Dr. B-Well Pharmaceuticals Review

B-Well Pharmaceuticals leaves us with more questions than answers. There are a couple of bright spots, like comprehensive ingredients lists for their CBD products (we don’t see enough of these in the industry) and CBD time-release capsules. But we have a major issue with the brand’s low level of transparency that leaves us confused as to the true origin of their CBD hemp and the processes behind the scenes. We’re justifiably holding the phone on B-Well for a hot minute.

There isn’t a whole lot of information on the B-Well company itself for us to go on. They say their CBD oil products are made in the USA and that their mission is to deliver high-quality cannabidiol to the people that need it. This is where it ends as far as claims we can verify.

Let’s talk about B-Well’s supposed sourcing. The brand states their cannabidiol is grown and extracted in the U.S., that their CBD isolate —which they use exclusively— comes from non-GMO hemp grown under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Hemp grown under these auspices is known for its quality due to largely sustainable practices, so everything seemed well and good…

… until we looked at B-Well’s CoAs. Their most recent CoAs include a cannabinoid profile and residual solvents test, not enough for the Safety Badge, but a good effort. Just one problem — one of these tests was prepared for someone other than B-Well and the other is a mystery. The first test is for Terra Vida, a CBD merchant out of Denver; the second lists no company for whom the test was prepared.

While it’s totally OK for a CBD vendor to get their isolate from somebody else, they need to disclose what they’re doing, so consumers can be better informed. Terra Vida gets their hemp from Colorado, not Kentucky. Plus, the third CoA listed was prepared for Pur Iso Labs in Texas, adding a third entity into the mix.

One of two things is happening. Either B-Well is getting their CBD isolate and/or formulations from a mystery source (and this is a strong concern) and posting CoAs that do not belong to them, or they are getting them from various sources. If the latter is true, they simply need to say it.

Due to the confusion around this, we obviously cannot award the Quality Badge nor the Safety Badge. We will say that B-Well’s CBD catalog contains mostly natural ingredients and a couple of cool products. Again though, there’s some marked confusion which we discuss surrounding the CBD sleep capsules.

The affordable CBD isolate line includes:

  • 500 mg CBD tinctures at $45
  • CBD time-release capsules at $59
  • CBD recovery cream at $40- Packed with lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic that’s not really our style, we must admit that this CBD cream is probably very effective for muscle pains and strains.
  • CBD foot pain cream at $40
  • CBD softgels at $59 (not time release)
  • CBD sleep+ capsules at $55 and CBD sleep capsules at $50- These are the exact same product, containing the same ingredients in the same amounts. Perhaps the brand is in the process of switching to the ‘sleep+’ name? Who knows? More weirdness.

Bottom Line – There’s too much lack of clarity with B-Well Pharmaceuticals for us to get on board with their CBD oil products. We aren’t sure where their hemp comes from or how it’s processed, and we would like to see more convincing information.

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B-Well Pharmaceuticals aims to deliver high-quality and affordable CBD products to patients and customers.

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B-Well Pharmaceuticals offers time-release CBD capsules, a new and exciting product.

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Dr. B-Well Pharmaceuticals Reviews

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