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Elixinol Review

Thanks in large to Paul Benhaim’s love of hemp and his generous nature, Elixinol maintains connections around the globe that enable them to procure highly potent, verified clean hemp every time. With clearly defined values, goals, and procedures, Elixinol is a tightly run ship. The fact that the folks at Elixinol go so far as to use Miron glass for some of their packagings speaks volumes about the quality of what they produce. With more educational resources than you can shake a stick at – and Certificates of Analysis for nearly every product – choosing Elixinol for reliably pure cannabinoid products is a no-brainer.

Spearheaded by Paul Benhaim (a noteworthy hemp activist since 1991), and supported by a team of passionate individuals, Elixinol seems to be making great strides towards achieving their vision of being the most respected CBD company in the world.

Elixinol excels in sourcing some of the best hemp available and takes excellent care during the processing to ensure a top-notch end product. The item that stands out the most is their liposomal CBD tincture bottled in Miron glass. Liposomal delivery systems show great promise in dramatically enhancing the bioavailability of CBD (meaning, you should need far less CBD to achieve the same results); Miron glass is specially made to allow only a particular spectrum of light through, which kills harmful microorganisms (think UV sanitization), but does not degrade the product at all. Most times, when somebody packages their goods in Miron glass, they care immensely about it because it’s costly, and one wouldn’t waste money on it unless there is a good reason.

And yet, products on elixinol.com are very reasonably priced – ranging from just over $8 for organic hemp seeds to $39 for their entry-level 300mg tinctures, all the way up to $599 for a whopping 5000mg CBD tincture. In addition to these tinctures, Elixinol offers capsules, their revolutionary X-Pen concentrate, various topicals, and even CBD dog treats.

In addition to their ground-breaking CBD products, Elixinol has an extensive education section on their website that can probably teach you more than you learned in twelve years of schooling. The only complaint we have about Elixinol is the occasional slight inconsistency with Certificates of Analysis, which we mention in the interest of total transparency. Most Elixinol products DO come with an up-to-date CoA (and historical CoAs, so you can see proof that they verify quality year after year), yet there are several that have none posted on their site. That said, you can request CoAs for any product, and they deliver without hesitation.

Bottom Line – Elixinol produces reliable, consistent, pure, and potent products every single time. They continue to be one of the most impressive CBD brands we’ve ever come across.

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Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Elixinol grows or sources 100% organic hemp from some of the finest growers in the world.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Elixinol tests for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. They set the standard for publishing batch testing by product on their website.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Elixinol gives 5% of revenue to select organizations based on their customers’ choices during checkout.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Elixinol strives to educate, inspire, and empower others throughout the world to live naturally healthy, happy lives.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Elixinol innovated an oral applicator that protects against UV rays, air pockets, and wasted product.

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Save 10% on Elixinol's complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

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Elixinol Products

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Elixinol Elixinol CBD Capsules

Paramount in making all of Elixinol’s products shine is the hemp at the very heart of them, and the company’s capsules are no exception. Elixinol sources hemp that’s specifically bred—and organically grown—to yield high cannabidiol levels to create a stronger product, the natural way.


That means all of the company’s capsules contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other vital plant-based compounds without stooping to any scientific tricks. (Still, the man-made processes Elixinol does employ only serve to bolster the item’s safety, including a CO2 extraction method and rigorous quality testing).


Each pill contains 15mg of CBD oil, and the capsules are vegetarian friendly to boot. Consumers can try out the original Daily Balance tinctures with CBD oil and MCT oil. For more targeted wellness issues, the other formulas– Good Night, Body Comfort, Stress Less, Omega Turmeric– are packed with additional vitamins and superfoods for whatever ails you.

Elixinol Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Tinctures

Elixinol Daily Balance CBD tinctures are more than meets the eye. On the outside, they look like a typical CBD tincture. But on the inside, they contain proven-to-be-potent, full spectrum CBD (just look at the CoA), MCT oil, plus added beta-caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene is a beneficial terpene naturally found in the hemp plant that Elixinol incorporates here to increase the synergistic effect of their CBD oil. Innovative stuff.


All-natural ingredients are used to supplement the MCT carrier oil and create the various flavor profiles, and the already-safe product is sold in an even safer container: Miron glass, which is specifically designed to let in only certain spectrums of light, which happen to kill off harmful microorganisms while maintaining the overall quality of the oil. 


You can get Elixinol Daily Balance tinctures in concentrations of 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and a whopping 4000mg. Each serving contains 8mg full spectrum CBD oil per serving.

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Elixinol Elixinol CBD Liposomes

Liposomes are pretty cool products in and of themselves. It all gets a bit sciencey, but suffice it to say that the technology allows for hemp oil—naturally viscous stuff—to more easily penetrate cell membranes, allowing the substance to be absorbed into the body more quickly and easily, and boosting the bioavailability of the cannabidiol.


And Elixinol’s CBD liposomes come with all the added benefits of being produced by Elixinol, including the full-battery of safety testing, CO2 extraction and origin in some of the world’s most finely cultivated hemp. (Customers in Europe receive products made from crops grown across that continent while North American buyers get products made from hemp first planted in Colorado).


Elixinol has two versions of the stuff: a 1,000mg bottle and a 300mg version. Both products contain 5mg of CBD oil per serving and achieve their citrus twist flavor through natural ingredients.

Elixinol Elixinol CBD Topicals, Balms & Gels

Apart from their popular CBD tincture line, Elixinol offers a trio of CBD oil balms, including two topicals and one lip balm. (Skin is the body’s largest organ, after all).


Elixinol surpasses most standards set in the beauty world—let alone the often-shadowy emerging market of CBD—by mixing together nothing but all-natural ingredients to help users of the balms get a smoother, softer complexion and a healthy overall glow. (The dreamy mix includes plant extracts particularly known to brighten the skin).


Elixinol’s CBD balm offers a skin-loving assortment, including full spectrum CBD oil, calendula, and rosemary leaf extract. You can get the CBD balm in 3 different concentrations, starting at 50mg CBD per jar.


Next up is the CBD sports gel by Elixinol featuring broad spectrum CBD (0% THC). This CBD gel absorbs fast, but isn’t as emollient as the CBD balm; more for aches and pains than skin stuff. With 1000mg CBD in each tube and a plant-based formula sans parabens, it’s a great addition to the gym bag or medicine cabinet.


And finally, the Elixinol CBD lip balm is delightfully simple, with just a few natural ingredients added to the full spectrum cannabidiol in each stick. Keep your lips hydrated and soothed all day long with rosemary extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, and more skintastic oils and butters.

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Elixinol Elixinol Good Mood CBD Gummies

The name says it all! You can get the good vibes on with Elixinol’s Good Mood CBD gummies, each with 10mg per CBD inside. With all-natural colors and flavors plus ZERO gelatin, you can avoid the nasty added stuff. CBD gummies are a fun way to get your endocannabinoid system firing on the daily. The assorted flavors from Elixinol (remember, they’re totally natural!) included passionfruit, pineapple, and mixed berry. Yums all around…

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Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

Elixinol Coupon Code

Save 10% on Elixinol's complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

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Elixinol Reviews

  • AvatarJack says

    My wife has upper back pain, so we decided to give this brand a try.
    She is now more energetic and the pain has lowered by 70% she claims. Definitely a brand we will buy again.

  • AvatarDavid Nickey says

    Are you able to supply a GC or GCMS analysis of the CBD oil, showing concentrations of the various Cannabidiols?

    Thank you.

  • AvatarLama jaber says

    Hello , i have multiple sclerosis, and I’m really interesting about your product and i want to order online but the problem i don’t know which one I should order.

  • AvatarGeorge Harris says

    I have read that CBD oil would help my COPD. What strength do you recommend for stage 3 of this lung disease?

  • Avataranon anon says

    beware – I ordered two bottles ~$148 with discount coupon – credit card was billed nearly instantaneously upon submitting online order. After 10 days with no notification of shipment, inquired via chat. Order had been lost! They offered to move order to top of queue but would be another 5-10 days for delivery (ie snail mail, not priority). I asked for compensation – they offered a $7.99 lipbalm. Insulting – I canceled order. If I had not followed up on my order I would have lost $148. Elixinol certainly managed to track the money, but couldn’t handle tracking the actual shipping process. Hoping the refund is processed – but will not order from them again.

  • AvatarKathy M says

    I was using a different CBD oil, but it didn’t work as well as I thought it should. Plus it only came in the bottle with dropper. My hands couldn’t open it and they had no other option. I researched online for companies that offered capsules. Elixinol was one of the top rated with a very reasonable price. I ordered 2 bottles of the 900mg and 2 bags of the peanut butter & banana dog treats for my dogs. I am so happy I made the switch. The difference for me has been significant. I believe I will be staying with Elixinol.

  • AvatarAmelia says

    I was recommended the 300mg CBD oil (I picked the Cinnamint flavour) using half a dropper three times a day. I feel like it’s helped me! I was diagnosed with general anxiety and OCD, and have taken varying medications over the years and I feel the CBD has the same effect without all the nutty side effects.

  • AvatarNancy Alineri says

    I’m using the 300mg for chronic back pain and horrible sleep. Half a dropper before bed….sleeping the whole night, and NO PAIN! My husband was so impressed he started using (terrible sleeper) and he also is sleeping the whole night. He also has not had a single charlie horse in his calf (a nightly occurence for years) since he started taking Elixinol. My adult daughter is now taking as well and is thrilled with the results. Using the Cinnamint, which tastes great; it’s a clear gold liquid in a 1 oz bottle. Many other brands come in 1/2 oz only, and cost far more. We did try another well-known brand (which I noticed only rates a 2 on this website) and were very disappointed. Will stick with Elixinol…it deserves the 5 rating!

  • AvatarKj says

    I’m wondering why no ones questions are being answered for years! So I’m hoping for a reply, do you ship to Canada?

  • AvatarR Unap says

    I have recently purchased Elixinol for my son and my husband. My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD, he takes the Respira and we have all noticed his mental state begin to flourish. My husband has lower back pain, shoulder pain and carpel tunnel. He too says he is less fatigued and is aches have been substantially better! I started giving the liposomal citrus to my daughter in some warm tea for her knee pain (due to the high volume of sports she is in)and it has helped significantly, so I started taking it for anxiety and I too notice a difference! I researched for a solid month on different companies, comparisons and what to look for. Elixinol is, in my opinion the BEST product on the market and does not break the bank! I know I can feel good about giving this CBD oil to my family and know it’s all organic.

  • AvatarSusie says

    Has it helped you? We just ordered our Elixinol today. I have arthritis, spinal stenosis & sciatica.


  • AvatarBrian Reynolds says

    My fiance and love of my life has Huntingtons disease. Which products would be recommended?

  • AvatarWCandies says

    Have you had enough time for results from a stronger MG strength hemp oil product from Elixinol.

  • AvatarRic Walker says

    I recently purchased Elixinol Hemp Oil in the 1oz (30 ml) Citrus Twist flavor Pump Spray. The usage instructions require 5 pumps for a serving size of (0.5ml). I would have to say that this 100 mg product is most likely not strong enough to be effective for my needs. I have real tight sore neck muscles and back pain along with muscle cramps in my lower legs and calf muscles. The good news is that I no longer need to take Carisoprodol brand or Soma generic muscle relaxer which I have been taking for more than four years. I will be purchasing a stronger MG strength hemp oil product from Elixinol, somewhere between 300mg to 500mg, and let you know the results.

  • AvatarPaul says

    Great product- their CBD bulk oils supply many other companies in the US. I have seen the testing for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology – all clear.
    Due to laws they cannot share their testimonials, but I know a number of people personally that have had excellent responses to Elixinol’s cbd products.

  • AvatarBarry says

    I have tried several other brands of CBD rich hemp products in the past but nothing can touch the relief I get from the Elixinol brand of CBD for my low back complications. I have suffered from compression fractures, herniated discs, degenerative arthritis and sciatica and won’t go a day without my Elixinol CBD!

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