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Elixinol Review

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Elixinol: 60-Second Summary

Thanks in large to Paul Benhaim’s love of hemp and his generous nature, Elixinol maintains connections around the globe that enable them to procure highly potent, verified clean hemp every time. With clearly defined values, goals, and procedures, Elixinol is a tightly run ship. The fact that the folks at Elixinol go so far as to use Miron glass for some of their packagings speaks volumes about the quality of what they produce. With more educational resources than you can shake a stick at – and Certificates of Analysis for nearly every product – choosing Elixinol for reliably pure cannabinoid products is a no-brainer.

**  Review Updated 9/26/2019 

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Elixinol Brand Review

Spearheaded by Paul Benhaim (a noteworthy hemp activist since 1991), and supported by a team of passionate individuals, Elixinol seems to be making great strides towards achieving their vision of being the most respected CBD company in the world.

Elixinol excels in sourcing some of the best hemp available and takes excellent care during the processing to ensure a top-notch end product. The item that stands out the most is their liposomal CBD tincture bottled in Miron glass. Liposomal delivery systems show great promise in dramatically enhancing the bioavailability of CBD (meaning, you should need far less CBD to achieve the same results); Miron glass is specially made to allow only a particular spectrum of light through, which kills harmful microorganisms (think UV sanitization), but does not degrade the product at all. Most times, when somebody packages their goods in Miron glass, they care immensely about it because it’s costly, and one wouldn’t waste money on it unless there is a good reason.

And yet, products on elixinol.com are very reasonably priced – ranging from just over $8 for organic hemp seeds to $39 for their entry-level 300mg tinctures, all the way up to $599 for a whopping 5000mg CBD tincture. In addition to these tinctures, Elixinol offers capsules, their revolutionary X-Pen concentrate, various topicals, and even CBD dog treats.

In addition to their ground-breaking CBD products, Elixinol has an extensive education section on their website that can probably teach you more than you learned in twelve years of schooling. The only complaint we have about Elixinol is the occasional slight inconsistency with Certificates of Analysis, which we mention in the interest of total transparency. Most Elixinol products DO come with an up-to-date CoA (and historical CoAs, so you can see proof that they verify quality year after year), yet there are several that have none posted on their site. That said, you can request CoAs for any product, and they deliver without hesitation.

Bottom line: Elixinol produces reliable, consistent, pure, and potent products every single time. They continue to be one of the most impressive CBD brands we’ve ever come across.


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Badges For Elixinol

[one_fifth]Elixinol ReviewQuality Verified

Elixinol grows or sources 100% organic hemp from some of the finest growers in the world.[/one_fifth]

[one_fifth]Elixinol SafetySafety Verified

Elixinol tests for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. They set the standard for publishing batch testing by product on their website.[/one_fifth]

[one_fifth]Elixinol ReviewsMission Verified

Elixinol strives to educate, inspire, and empower others throughout the world to live naturally healthy, happy lives.[/one_fifth]

[one_fifth]Elixinol ReviewCharity Verified

Elixinol gives 5% of revenue to select organizations based on their customers’ choices during checkout.[/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last]Elixinol ReviewInnovation Verified

Elixinol innovated an oral applicator that protects against UV rays, air pockets, and wasted product.[/one_fifth_last][divider]

Elixinol Product Brand Review

Elixinol Products to Watch For

One of Elixinol’s most impressive traits is its robust inventory, which includes an entire CBD oil skincare line, a huge number of CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, and more – with dozens of different products in its stock overall.

The embarrassment of riches may make it tough to figure out which stuff will work best for you, but we’ve boiled it down to our top five picks among the entire line.[divider]

CBD Capsules

Elixinol Review

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Paramount in making all of Elixinol’s products shine is the hemp at the very heart of them, and the company’s capsules are no exception. Elixinol sources hemp that’s specifically bred—and organically grown—to yield high cannabidiol levels to create a stronger product, the natural way.

That means all of the company’s capsules contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other vital plant-based compounds without stooping to any scientific tricks. (Still, the man-made processes Elixinol does employ only serve to bolster the item’s safety, including a CO2 extraction method and rigorous quality testing.)

Each pill contains 15mg of CBD oil, and the capsules are vegetarian friendly to boot. Consumers can try out the $45 bottle with 30 capsules, or the 60-pill bottle, which retails for $80.[divider]

CBD Tinctures

Elixinol Review

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Elixinol also produces a ton of CBD tinctures, counting nine of the products in their inventory overall.

Making the full-spectrum oils stand out from each other is not only the range of flavors they come in but the varying strengths the CBD oil mixture is offered in. Tinctures run from 300mg to 600mg to 3600mg to the Brazil-only level of 5,000mg.

Uniting the various versions of the stuff is the fact that the CBD oil is versatile: It can be taken under the tongue, as a food or drink additive, or even—in the case of Elixinol’s Respira hemp oil tinctures—through a vape pen.

All-natural ingredients are also used to supplement the MCT carrier oil and create the various flavor profiles, and the already-safe product is sold in an even safer container: Miron glass, which is specifically designed to let in only certain spectrums of light, which happen to kill off harmful microorganisms while maintaining the overall quality of the oil.[divider]

CBD Liposomes

Elixinol Review

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Liposomes are pretty cool products in and of themselves. It all gets a bit sciencey, but suffice it to say that the technology allows for hemp oil—naturally viscous stuff—to more easily penetrate cell membranes, allowing the substance to be absorbed into the body more quickly and easily, and boosting the bioavailability of the cannabidiol.

And Elixinol’s CBD liposomes come with all the added benefits of being produced by Elixinol, including the full-battery of safety testing, CO2 extraction and origin in some of the world’s most finely cultivated hemp. (Customers in Europe receive products made from crops grown across that continent while North American buyers get stuff made from hemp first planted in Colorado.)

Elixinol has two versions of the stuff: a $129, 1,000mg bottle and a $60, 300mg version. Both products contain 5mg of CBD oil per serving and achieve their citrus twist flavor through natural ingredients.[divider]

CBD Balms

Elixinol Review

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Apart from their wide-ranging cannabidiol skincare line, Elixinol offers a trio of CBD oil balms, including two topicals and one lip balm. (Skin is the body’s largest organ, after all.)

Elixinol surpasses most standards set in the beauty world—let alone the often-shadowy emerging market of CBD—by mixing together nothing but all-natural ingredients to help users of the balms get a smoother, softer complexion and a healthy overall glow. (The dreamy mix includes plant extracts particularly known to brighten the skin.)

An extra-strength version of the CBD topical cream is also available, offering twice the potency of the original, and, in all fairness, costing twice as much, with Elixinol’s 125mg item retailing for $30 with the 250mg cream selling for $60.

The company’s CBD lip balm is much in the same vein, though its natural ingredients are more tuned toward calming the sensitive skin found in the area, and the item sells for $9.[divider]

CBD Applicator

Elixinol Review

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We may have saved the best for last here. Elixinol’s CBD applicator really is a stand-out ware.

The sleek “X-pen” utilizes even sleeker technology to ensure that each pull contains exactly 15mg of CBD oil—which is mixed, in this case, with all-natural coconut oil. The neat little product also has a switch lock to prevent spills during transport, a vacuum-sealed chamber to keep the oil as safe as Elixinol’s guarantee, and a removable, washable tip, making the overall hygiene of the item just as reliable as its 15mg-per-puff promise.[divider]



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