The CBD Expert Series

The CBD Expert Series

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The CBD Expert Series: From Masterchef to Cannabis Chef with Nick Nappi

If you can cook for—and survive—Gordon Ramsey, you can cook just about anything. Testament to this is third runner-up and ...
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The CBD Expert Series: A Son's Cannabis Journey To Crohn's Remission

Wendy Turner holds many titles: CEO of The Coltyn Turner Foundation, CEO of Coltyn’s Crue, CEO of Turner’s Gymnastics and ...
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The CBD Expert Series: Your Friendly Neighborhood CBD Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Paez

Between commuting, sitting at a desk all day, exercising, and poor posture, pain can become an inevitable part of daily ...
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The CBD Expert Series: Discussing Cutting-Edge CBD Research with Pelin Thorogood

Recently, CBD Oil Review CEO Nick Musica sat down with President and Co-Founder of the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, ...
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header image for expert series interview with Dr. Jamie Corroon

The CBD Expert Series: CBD Dosage & Adverse Effects with a Naturopathic Doctor

We sat down with Dr. Jamie Corroon, ND, MPH, founder and Medical Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education ...
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The CBD Expert Series: Talking Drug Tests with a Lab Tech

We often hear from folks who take CBD without realizing it could contain THC. At best, they feel a little ...
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Hear from the CBD Experts Themselves

There's a lot of misinformation about cannabidiol (CBD) out in the world, which leaves many people who are curious about CBD feeling confused. The lack of accurate information makes it difficult not only to find reputable CBD products, but also to decide if CBD is right for you in the first place! We recognized the issue, and wanted to solve it.

Enter the CBD Expert Series. In this Q&A series, we ask experts from all parts of the CBD industry to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this rising cannabinoid. Some of our experts include researchers, doctors, CBD manufacturers, philanthropists, and laboratory technicians. The CBD Expert Series is here to cut through the confusion that's been perpetuated by the lack of regulation in the CBD industry. Rely on answers from trusted experts so you can trust yourself to make the best decision for your own CBD use.

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