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Fab CBD Review

Nutrition is the answer: that’s the motto enthusiastically proclaimed by Fab CBD. Fab CBD got their start searching for natural solutions to mitigate reliance on over-the-counter medications for pain and inflammation. Their products are nutrition and performance driven, meant to bring out the best in a healthy lifestyle. We’re impressed by their full spectrum CBD oils, high in quality and rich in terpenes, and their all-natural CBD vape line.

The Fab CBD team, under the direction of founder Josh Delaney, claims to have over 25 years of experience in the health, fitness, pharmaceuticals, and supplements spaces. Their beginnings were catalyzed by the desire to improve the health of family members with chronic conditions and dependence on over-the-counter medication. Fab CBD describes themselves as “nerdy” creators of a community of like-minded “health nuts” looking for natural solutions. We’re always down with that!

Fab CBD employs a clean CO2 extraction method and sources their hemp from Colorado. Their hemp is grown following best organic practices, meaning no pesticides or chemicals. They also have a lucrative points/rewards system meant to foster a sense of community and keep customers coming back.

Fab CBD is very close to earning the Safety Badge, but they’re not quite there yet. Why? They have yet to post cannabinoid profiles for their CBD vape products. As far as contaminants, we’re happy to see they cleared tests for pesticides and heavy metals. However, we need additional tests for residual solvents and microbiological impurities to award them our most difficult-to-earn badge.

Fab CBD offers five categories of CBD products, ranging from $34 to $99. Their full-spectrum CBD oil drops with MCT oil come in mint, citrus, and natural flavors. Next up to bat are the vegan, fruity CBD chews. These are made with CBD isolate and contain no artificial colors or flavors! Fab CBD recently took out an ingredient and made these CBD gummies gluten-free. Round of applause.

Fab CBD also offers tasty CBD dog treats and a really attractive CBD vape line. Their disposable vape pens contain zero PG/VG. That’s right, they’re all-natural (not common in the CBD vape world). Ingredients include MCT oil, CBD oil, and terpenes — deliciously simple.

Last on the list is the CBD topical salve. It has ingredients we approve of, including aloe, cocoa butter, and blood orange essential oil, but there’s a dirty compound in the mix: polysorbate-60.

Much to our chagrin, we’ve been seeing a lot of polysorbates in CBD oil topical products. However, we won’t go too hard on Fab CBD for using them. The brand doesn’t make sweeping or misleading all-natural claims, and their CBD topical is relatively clean when compared with most in the industry.

Bottom Line – Fab CBD sources quality hemp for their CBD oil and maintains a solid, ethical operation we approve of. Updating their online tests will get them closer to the Safety Badge, but we believe they have safe and premium CBD products.

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Fab CBD sources organically grown hemp from Colorado and utilizes CO2 extraction.

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Fab CBD has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Fab CBD donates to various nonprofits like Make a Wish Foundation.

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Mission Verified

Fab CBD pioneers next-level health and performance via science and innovation.

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Innovation Unverified

Fab CBD has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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FAB CBD Coupon Code

Shop now to save 10% off all FAB CBD products!

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Fab CBD Reviews

  • AvatarJosh says

    Cruz spoke with the customer service team multiple times and went through was going on with Canada and CBD products. They were holding all products at customs without us knowing until a customer called and told us and we contacted customs. Then we proceeded to refund Cruz’s money which was received and confirmed to have been received by Cruz. We never want something to take this long, but again, we had no idea at the time Canada was holding all orders and not replying at all. This happened to ALL CBD companies that were shipping to Canada and effected thousands of our loyal Canadian customers. This is unfortunate but rest assured the FAB CBD team was on top of it, got it settled and refunded cruz with a happy settlement. Thank you.

  • AvatarCruz Camacho says

    Please DO NOT order from FabCBD if you live in Canada. Their customer service is absolutely atrocious. They didn’t look into not receiving my product for MONTHS while spamming me with “how did we do” emails. I constantly tried to contact them and get my product that I payed for or at least a refund. It is now MONTHS later and I still have not received my product or my refund even though they contacted me and told me they would “take care of me”. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They just take your money. I would give this a 0 if I could.

  • AvatarJenny Tink says

    To say that polysorbate-60 is carcinogenic in this way is entirely irresponsible. A pile of cosmetics and shampoos use it as an emulsifier and it is also found in imitation cream, pickle juice, and desserts. It’s found in medical products like acne creams, cold sore creams, and treatments for yeast infections. It is one of the more common emulsifying agents out there.

    That being said, IN HIGH DOSES it can be toxic and a carcinogen. However, the key there is “HIGH DOSES”. The FDA regulates it’s use and has deemed it safe in limited quantities. According to the FDA it may not exceed 0.61% in foods or more than 0.66% in combination with other polysorbates. Confectionary coatings and cocoa products have an even higher limit of 1% of the total product weight. As long as it’s within those limits it is safe and not a “HIGH DOSE”.

    Fab’s product is safe for use and does NOT contain HIGH DOSES of polysorbate-60. Publishing this the way you did about polysorbate-60 is uneducated fear mongering. Hopefully, people will do their own research when looking into this “sinister” ingredient.

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