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Farmacy Bliss Review

The individuals at Farmacy Bliss appear to have a firm grip on reality and a highly compassionate disposition. Full Certificates of Analysis proving their products are free from common contaminants. Their health-focused mission, overwhelmingly positive testimonials, and excellent price point place them in a highly favorable standing. Farmacy Bliss definitely is one of the most solid CBD vendors on the ‘net.

We admire that Farmacy Bliss acknowledges some conditions such as depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, and Crohn’s disease are so severe that one almost has no choice but to turn to pharmaceutical drugs. This stark reality is an everyday crisis for many people, and FB’s compassionate approach to those seeking alternatives speaks volumes about their intent and integrity.

Farmacy Bliss has a focused CBD product selection which includes vape cartridges, dabs, tinctures, and softgels (prices range from $35 to $100). We thoroughly enjoy their blog; many of the posts have fresh ideas and up-to-date, useful content like an in-depth look at various high-CBD cannabis strains. The video testimonials add a nice touch as well, as it’s easy to see the impassioned way in which people speak to Farmacy Bliss’s products.

To add to the excitement, Farmacy Bliss publishes Certificates of Analysis, guaranteeing their formulations are free from common contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. This extra step shows immense attention to detail, as well as a genuine desire to bring a clean, efficacious product to those in need.

It’s incredible the amount of “give-back” Farmacy Bliss initiates through charities. They take a solid stance in donating to multiple charities, including American Cancer Society, National Veteran’s Foundation, and Autism Research Institute.

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Badges For Farmacy Bliss

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Farmacy Bliss sources their CO2 extracted industrial hemp oil from Europe.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Farmacy Bliss publishes Certificates of Analysis, verifying their CBD products are free from common contaminants like heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Farmacy Bliss donates to the American Cancer Society, National Veteran's Foundation, and Autism Research Institute.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Farmacy Bliss strives to provide friends and family with natural solutions for relief in order to help them deal with conditions that otherwise require pharmaceutical medication.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Farmacy Bliss makes use of technologically advanced supercritical CO2 extraction.

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Farmacy Bliss Products

Farmacy Bliss CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are one of the most common products on the market, so what makes Farmacy Bliss’ version of the cannabidiol staple stand out?

The assurance of safety is the first thing that comes to mind. The company is on top of their third-party lab testing, with all of their CBD oil products coming up free of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other possible contaminants.

That clean bill of health is likely also a byproduct of Farmacy Bliss’ attention to detail. Hemp for the company is organically grown in Europe, and the CBD oil is extracted using ethanol derived from the leftover stalks of those organic hemp plants.

What results is a sustainable, full-spectrum CBD oil, which gets mixed with MCT oil and sold in a 1500mg bottle for $120. The company says even the droppers have been calibrated, to assure the same amount of cannabidiol (50mg) makes it into every serving.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Soft Gels

Farmacy Bliss also makes a CBD soft gel, capsules which may take longer to kick in but usually make up for that with a slower and steadier release of cannabidiol into the bloodstream.

Farmacy Bliss’ version of the capsule does include gelatin, so it’s not vegetarian friendly. But for those with a less-restricted diet, the soft gels are packed with plenty of other helpful ingredients, including a slew of other cannabinoids (CBDa, CBC, CBN, CBL, and CBDv, to name a few) and terpenes, which contribute to the entourage effect—the name given to what happens when these naturally-occurring substances work in concert.

Like all full-spectrum CBD oils, however, that does mean there’s some THC present in the mix, but Farmacy Bliss’ third-party lab test results prove that there’s less than 0.3% in each batch, meeting all legal requirements. (We’ll also note that the CBD oil for Farmacy Bliss’ soft gels is derived via CO2 extraction, which is considered the industry standard for its safety and efficiency.)

Each capsule includes 30mg of cannabidiol, and Farmacy Bliss recommends taking the supplement on an empty stomach. A full bottle includes 450mg of CBD oil—or 15 soft gels—and retails for $36.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Vapes

Not interested in tinctures or soft gels? Farmacy Bliss has a vape for that.

The company also offers its CBD oil in the form of a vape pen blend, which comes with the pen and battery, for a total of $55.

Vape juice can be a particularly tricky topic when it comes to cannabidiol, with many companies adding less-than-natural fillers like VG and PG to the mix. Not so with Farmacy Bliss, which fills up the products with nothing but its CO2 extracted, organic CBD oil.

The cannabidiol is flavored, however, with terpenes, that make the whole thing taste like blueberry. It’s kinda like the all-natural (and much healthier) version of adding Splenda to your coffee: all the right taste, none of the worries. Each pen includes 180mg of CBD oil.

Contact Farmacy Bliss

About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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Farmacy Bliss Reviews

  • AvatarKaleb says

    I use the drops throughout the day to help me focus and not think about my wrist pain. I use the gel caps before bed to help me sleep. Great products all around, effective.

  • AvatarDGree says

    The best hemp vape I ever tried!
    Smooth big puff, very potent and pleasant taste.

    Thank you guys for the Bliss!

  • AvatarJennifer says

    The vape pen batteries are faulty. Out of three purchased, two stopped working almost immediately. The tank was still full of oil.

  • AvatarJen says

    The vape pens run out of battery almost immediately after beginning use. When they release a rechargeable version, I highly recommend. Until then, pass. Out of three pens, two stopped working.

  • AvatarNicole says

    I love this product! Helps with anxiety and panic attacks. I highly recommend this product!

  • AvatarMichelle says

    Excellent customer service. Fast service. Very informative staff. Sell only the best products on their site.

  • AvatarTom says

    Tried another brands pure CDB oil first, then yet another brands gelcaps, but like this brand the best. Fast shipping. Use the 30mg gelcaps for anxiety and I seem to be less anxious at work and when I get home. Also, hip arthritis pain is not as bad.

  • AvatarElena Mendelson says

    Fantastic product. I used several ones from this company and each one is very potent and effective. A great remedy for inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. Would highly recommend it to everybody and will be buying it again.

  • AvatarCurtis says

    Tried both the CBD pens and oil and like both. I really appreciate the Certificate Of Authority showing how pure and uncontaminated the CBD products are. I’m taking it for insomnia and it has been helping (although not “curing”). Had a question on how to use the pen, having never used any kind of vape pen before an the person I chatted with was very helpful.

  • AvatarMaria says

    I purchased CBD oil in drops because I really need help sleeping and also, from time to time legs and neck pain comes back-I had an accident almost two years ago. I got the drops two weeks ago and in twenty minutes my pain was gone.

    About my insomnia, every night is a little bit easier to fall asleep. I am excited about how my body seems to function better since I am taking CBDaily drops. Right now I am taking the softgel capsules which are as effective as the oil drops.

  • AvatarTom says

    Third brand I’ve tried. Delivered on time as promised. First 30mg softgel seemed strong in taste and potency. On second day, everything was normal. After week or so, seemed to ease hip joint pain and anxiety. Take it at noon, and I feel a little bit calmer at work and when I get home.

  • AvatarJennie Fields says

    I take a Farmacy Bliss Softgel every morning and they are essential to my living well with arthritis. I used to have so much pain in both my knees and hands. And their softgels really help. I love that I can take a single pill a day. I notice when I forget to take it, so I know it’s working. They’re a terrific company, and I love their new packaging.

  • AvatarJessica Courtright says

    This company has products that are easy to use, have an excellent taste, and are of excellent quality. The smoothness of the CBD in their vapes make getting your daily CBD intake enjoyable and fun!

  • AvatarChristine says

    Love the soft gels from Farmacy Bliss. Helps with my Essential Tremors, stress and anxiety. One or two capsules gets me through the day. I feel better and not tired when using the gels over the medication for the tremors. Thank you for a great product!

  • AvatarBree says

    Love this company. I use both their vape pens, as well as their capsules. I suffer from neck pain and migraines and often find certain cbd products aren’t effective enough or they actually aggravate the issue. I take Farmacybliss products daily to maintain my health, but I also take their products to help diffuse any pain or tension when it arises. As a bonus, I find this product incredibly convenient to use. I just put one of their pens in my pocket when I head out the door and take as needed. I also love both the cantaloupe and blueberry pen flavours as they are subtle and not too strong.

  • AvatarJoaquin W says

    A big fan of this company’s vape products. Just ordered a 4th time. The cantaloupe and blueberry flavors are quite delicious and aromatic. I have allergies to lots of stuff and I love the fact that their vapes have no solvents in them… Hey guys, I’d love to see a pineapple flavor soon (hint hint).

  • AvatarJax Klarien says

    can say that their vape is right up there with the big boys… tastes and smells great. love their cantaloupe flavored vape. calmed me the hell down lolll

  • AvatarZhanna says

    I’ve had back pain for a little while now, and sometimes have trouble sleeping because of it. I tried a few brands to mitigate the pain and this one really did the trick. I’ve been using their softels for both pain and sleep and happy with it thus far.

  • AvatarTravis Pinker says

    I was suffering through some bad back pain. A friend recommended some gels from this brand, and they really helped. Difference felt after a day. Significantly reduced pain and inflammation.

  • AvatarArt says

    What a great team! I had questions about the dosage of their softgels, what would work best for my pain. They were very responsive and gave me recommendations for different types of scenarios that I could be in. I could truly feel that they’re genuinely trying to help, and care to hear the results of their product on me. I’m still in touch with them, reporting on the results.

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