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Foria Key Highlights

Meet the famous CBD brand originally made for women. Foria dramatically hit the scene by introducing a cannabis tampon for menstrual relief and a THC-infused arousal lubricant for women. Since then, they have developed non-THC products featuring their pure CBD extract, organic MCT oil sourced solely from coconuts, and other organic plant-based ingredients to boost the wellness of everyone, not just the ladies. We are impressed by Foria’s sustainable business practices and their exciting, unique product offerings.

Foria Pros

  • Mission-driven
  • Sustainability
  • Originality & Innovation
  • Organically grown US hemp
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Great for gifts
  • CBD for feminine health

Foria Cons

  • Limited product line
  • Limited CBD delivery methods

Foria Coupon

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Our Verdict

A 5/5 Badge Brand

Because Foria exhibits excellence in Quality, Safety, Mission, and Innovation, the brand earns a score of 5/5 with our methodology. Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5.

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Foria sources pure, sustainably-sourced Colorado hemp in its CBD extract and always uses other organic ingredients whenever possible.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Foria posts current, independent lab results for both potency and contaminants on all their CBD products.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Foria offers extensive discounts on their CBD products for teachers, veterans, low-income, and more.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Foria’s mission is to provide the purest CBD possible and combine it with nature’s other powerhouses to benefit the lives of people everywhere, especially women.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Foria is at the forefront of CBD products geared toward feminine and sexual health.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Pricing and Value

**Note that the pricing below is subject to change since the publication of this review.

Foria pricing starts at $20 for their intimacy suppositories with CBD and goes up to $78 for their intimacy CBD vape pen. Overall, Foria CBD products are priced on the average side of the market.

As far as value is concerned, Foria is a great one, since they are true innovators in the space of CBD for feminine health. The brand offers substantial value in that you can’t find their highly targeted CBD oil products anywhere else. Beyond this, to get the most bang for your buck with Foria CBD:

  • Buy your CBD in curated bundles
  • Subscribe & save 15%
  • Join Foria’s Rewards Program

Strength and Efficiency

The majority of the Foria CBD product line is dedicated to intimacy and features lower strengths of CBD oil in the 200mg-500mg range. Their lowest concentration comes in their CBD arousal oil with just 30mg CBD in the entire bottle. At the top end is their 1000mg CBD wellness tonic (see more information about how to use CBD tinctures).

Most of the Foria line contains broad spectrum CBD with a scant amount, if any, of other cannabinoids. It looks like the most potent products are their CBD vape pen and intimacy CBD suppositories that are overflowing with tons of cannabinoids and terpenes to support the entourage effect.

What makes Foria stand out as a CBD company?

Foria stands out in a few ways, the first being that they are innovators in CBD oil products for women. They also are one of the few CBD companies to use 100% organic MCT oil made exclusively from coconuts (no palm oil). This is a costlier move for the company, but we appreciate that Foria is doing their part to promote sustainability.

Foria is best known for their original CBD vaginal suppository that specifically targets menstrual pain. To say it was well received is an understatement. This all-natural solution to period pain has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and GQ, just to name a few.

Foria then expanded their hemp product line to include more non-THC offerings that enhance the natural benefits of CBD oil by adding organic botanicals and essential oils. Though Foria got its start developing cannabis products for women, they now offer CBD oil products that can be used by everyone.

Foria is the first company to hone in on CBD’s benefits for menstrual relief and sexual enhancement, and women everywhere are grateful. They pride themselves on being organic, claiming that if one of their ingredients is not, it means it doesn’t exist.

What are the best Foria products on the market right now?

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Foria Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum
  • CBD potency: 30 mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Foria Awaken is the first all-natural CBD arousal lube to hit the market! It promotes relaxation through its synergistic combo of CBD oil, kava kava root, organic cardamom, and other potent ingredients. This CBD lubricant is Foria’s bestseller, and a unique product you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring broad spectrum CBD oil and organic botanicals, Foria’s CBD lube was created to support femme sexual wellness. You can use this product pretty much however you want, as it is 100% safe to ingest, but Foria recommends you massage the oil into the intended areas and wait for effects 🙂

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Potency Award

Foria Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen with CBD

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 450mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

For all Foria’s prowess on the CBD-for-sex scene, they make a killer CBD vape pen. Foria’s high-quality vape pen delivers CBD with an abundant blend of terpenes and essential oils for a smooth experience. Their vape pen is reusable, unlike most of the CBD vape pens we see, and is yet another example of Foria’s eco-conscious practices. We’ve given Foria’s CBD vape pen the potency award because the current online test results reveal a treasure trove of entourage effect goodness. We’re talking CBG, delta 8 THC, CBN, and more. Plus, we counted a whopping 17 detectable terpenes. With all-natural ingredients, this is actually one of the best CBD vapes we’ve seen to date…

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Best for Pain

Foria Intimacy Suppositories with CBD

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 200mg
  • Price: $

>> Check out the latest price <<

These CBD suppositories are a top choice in the Foria catalog for a couple reasons. One, they can be inserted vaginally or rectally. Two, the product is verifiably full spectrum, with additional cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and more. They can be used to enhance arousal and reduce tension and stress. But vaginal CBD suppositories (you could also call these CBD tampons) have a great application for femme health: period pain. A more localized solution like these may be the perfect antidote for cramps and discomfort at that time of the month.

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Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum
  • CBD potency: 400mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Foria describes this CBD product as lube; lube that’s for everyone, every time. There are just two organic ingredients inside: CBD oil and MCT oil. The formulation used to have just 200mg broad spectrum CBD, but Foria has doubled the amount to a potent 400mg CBD per bottle. Totally natural, totally safe, and totally one-of-a-kind! To use, simply apply to intimate areas for increased arousal, excitement, and natural benefits.

Product Catalog Overview

Here’s a list of the types of CBD products Foria offers in their online catalog:

Foria is the quintessential CBD brand for sexual health; they’re truly an inventive brand that was perhaps the very first to focus their entire line on sex and femme health issues. That said, their all-natural, strikingly pure line of CBD products has a little something for everyone. We think Foria’s offerings make great gifts, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Foria’s CBD topicals are two all-natural (and also ingestible) CBD lubes designed for intimacy: the bestselling Awaken Arousal Oil and the Intimacy Sex Oil.
  • Foria is also well-known for their groundbreaking CBD suppositories/CBD tampons. While originally targeted toward feminine health, these products can be inserted both vaginally and rectally for quick absorption.
  • For a company focused on intimacy, Foria sure makes a powerful CBD vape pen! This may actually be a dark horse for their best product, seeing as it’s one of the most potent full spectrum CBD vapes we’ve ever seen. Plus, the ingredients are 100% all-natural and the vape pen is refillable and eco-friendly…
  • Foria makes just one blend of CBD tinctures: their Wellness Tonic. FYI, these contain CBD only and are not full spectrum.
  • Finally, Foria makes luxurious CBD bath salts that are packaged beautifully and make excellent gifts for the CBD lover in your life.

What you should know before buying CBD from Foria

Foria’s Reputation

We noticed that Foria has a TON of product reviews (over 100 for each CBD product), more than what we would normally see for such a niche CBD brand. From the looks of things, the response to Foria CBD products is overwhelmingly positive, especially with femme customers. By and large, Foria’s reputation among consumers and the industry alike is that of an innovator in the CBD for women’s health space.

Another callout: Foria has always been a company that uses 100% natural ingredients, which we love. However, in our past review for Foria, the brand did not receive the Charity Badge nor the Safety Badge. Now, Foria has upped their game significantly by providing generous service discounts and posting all their current, independent lab reports online. Moves like this show that Foria is not only growing, but getting better with every step.

Brand Awards and Recognitions

While Foria does not currently hold any major awards or recognitions, the media coverage of their CBD products is tremendous. Because Foria was at the forefront of the CBD for sexual and feminine health trends, they basically informed the entire market of these new ways to use CBD via too many media mentions to cover. If you’re interested in seeing the many outlets that have covered Foria, from Bill Maher to GQ and Vanity Fair, read more here.

About the Company/Who stands behind Foria?

Foria is a privately held company under the business name Eden Partners LLC. Foria is based in Boulder, Colorado and was founded in 2013. Since then, Foria has been an innovator both with original, highly targeted CBD products and high standards for quality, safety, and eco-consciousness.

Foria is on a mission to support sexual wellness and pleasure with plant-based medicine via CBD oil. Their pioneering approach to menstrual comfort, overall wellness, and sexual pleasure is intended to help people of all ages experience the benefits of CBD and other synergistic cannabinoids.

Foria takes their role as ‘responsible stewards’ of hemp seriously, which has meant they’ve enlisted the help of wellness brainiacs like Kiana Reeves, a somatic sex expert and the Director of Education at Foria Wellness. Here’s what she has to say about the science behind Foria CBD in Shape magazine:

“‘We do know that CBD acts as a vasodilator, meaning it boosts circulation. Increasing blood flow to the genitals and erectile tissue network is the basis for arousal and heightened sensation.”

Besides science, Foria is extremely committed to regenerative agriculture through their partner, Hudson Hemp, and also charitable giving, with their generous service discounts.

Foria At-A-Glance

  • Date founded: 2013
  • Hemp Sourcing: New York, USA
  • Where products are manufactured: Colorado, USA
  • CBD extraction method: Cryo-ethanol
  • Extract types: Whole-plant hemp CBD
  • Types of CBD oil offered: Full spectrum, broad spectrum
  • Foria Coupon Code: COR15 for 15% off at checkout
  • Shipping Info: FREE US shipping on orders of $50 or more

We Reviewed Foria Lab Results and Here’s What We Found

Foria receives the COR Safety Badge for their excellence in third-party testing.

>> Click here to see all Foria lab results <<

Foria earns a big round of applause from us; and not just because their tests are all current, independent, and look great as far as potency. We applaud Foria because they did not always post up-to-date lab results for everything we require for the Safety Badge. But now, Foria goes above and beyond what we require! They have current cannabinoid profiles for each SKU as well as comprehensive contaminants panels for all the nasties we look for: residual solvents, pesticides, microbiologicals, and heavy metals. They even provide terpene tests on some of their offerings, something we don’t require, but are always fun to see.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what we’ve surmised from Foria’s current lab results on their CBD products:

  • Their CBD vape pen looks insanely potent! Like one of the most well-rounded cannabinoid profiles we’ve seen for an all-natural product like this. And we also counted 17 terpenes, so the entourage effect appears in full swing.
  • Foria’s Intimacy CBD Suppositories are also a full spectrum product loaded with cannabinoids.
  • The rest of the products are broad spectrum, with a few cannabinoids like CBDV and terpenes like eucalyptol in the mix.

A Closer Look at their Hemp Source and Manufacturing Process

Foria has always been committed to sustainability when it comes to sourcing their hemp. The brand used to get their CBD hemp material from Colorado, but has since partnered up with Hudson Hemp, a regenerative agriculture juggernaut out of New York state.

Hudson Hemp owns a network of family farms in upstate New York that for generations has employed regenerative, sustainable agriculture. Hudson Hemp has also earned USDA organic certification for their hemp farm. Each hemp oil harvest is tested for contaminants, followed by each batch of CBD oil extract, and every final product.

All Foria products are 100% natural (for real, we checked) and manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

How to make the most out of your purchase?

Where to buy Foria CBD products

You can easily purchase Foria CBD products on the brand’s website or from licensed retailers across the US. Note that Foria used to sell THC products, but has since made the move toward strictly CBD for legal reasons. Also, this way Foria products are available to everyone, not just consumers in states like California and Colorado that have legalized recreational cannabis (THC content of higher than 0.3% per volume).

Shipping Info

Foria offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 in the continental US. The average time it takes to receive a product from Foria via Standard Shipping is 3-6 business days. Online customers can also select the expedited or express option to receive items sooner.

Rewards Program

Foria has a fantastic rewards program that gives you points for purchasing their CBD oil products. The more you spend, the more you earn with their VIP point system. To get started, simply join the Foria rewards program on their website.

Customer Service

Foria’s corporate offices are located in Boulder, Colorado. To contact customer service at Foria, you can simply email [email protected] and someone will respond promptly. Alternatively, you can submit a request online through Foria’s website.

Return Policy

Foria offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for first-time purchase. To request a return for a Foria CBD product, contact customer service at [email protected] within 2 weeks of receiving the item. Customers are responsible for returning the unused product and must pay for shipping. After receipt, Foria will refund your payment method less shipping expenses. Any claim for a damaged Foria CBD product must be made within 72 hours in order to receive a full refund.

Foria Review Wrap-Up

We consider Foria to be an outstanding CBD vendor. They’ve practically created an entire new market for CBD for feminine health, and they’ve done it with purity and ethics every step of the way. From partnering with Hudson Hemp who uses regenerative agriculture to upgrading their even-more-eco-friendly packaging, Foria seems to know what it means to be a leader. Foria created some of the first CBD products for sex and feminine health and they’ve enlisted the help of experts in the field. And at the end of the day, they’re a great place to score thoughtful, somewhat-provocative gifts. The great buzz around this company is well-deserved, and we look forward to seeing what other CBD delights Foria has in store for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use Foria CBD products?

Foria has detailed descriptions of how to use their CBD products and what it’s like to use them on each product page. At COR, our Serving Standard for is 25mg of CBD, taken twice daily.

Are there any side effects?

CBD has not been studied to have any significant side effects, but consult your vet if your pet is starting a new health regimen or if you’re legitimately concerned about CBD oil interacting with prescription medications.

Can you use Foria CBD for dogs or cats (pets)?

No, Foria is not a line of CBD for pets.

What types of CBD oil does Foria offer?

Foria offers full spectrum CBD products and broad spectrum CBD products.

Does Foria offer organic products?

No, Foria does not currently have USDA organic certification for their line of CBD oil products. However, their hemp supplier Hudson Hemp has organic certification for their hemp farm in New York.

Do they offer discounts or coupons for veterans?

Yes, Foria offers a permanent discount for veterans.

Can you find Foria CBD in the UK?

Yes, you can find Foria CBD online in the UK.

At-a-glance FAQs

  • Does Foria offer organic products? No
  • Offers Veteran/military discount: Yes
  • Offers discount for students? No
  • Does Foria have a rewards program? Yes
  • Does Foria offer subscribe & ship options? Yes
  • Does Foria ship outside of the USA? Yes
  • Does Foria offer free shipping? Yes
  • Money back guarantee? Yes
  • Is Foria on Amazon? No
  • Is Foria on Walmart? No
  • Is Foria full spectrum? Yes
  • Is Foria all-natural? Yes
  • Does Foria sell CBD in bulk? No
  • Does Foria offer wholesale and/or white-label? No
  • Is it an MLM? No
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