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Giraffe Nuts Review

CBD may be considered a healthy alternative to many harsher medications, but its delivery method certainly doesn’t have to be. Enter Giraffe Nuts: purveyor of tasty looking CBD edibles, including a line of CBD caramels and CBD gummies. (The company also sells CBD tinctures—all flavored, of course). Though the company itself remains a bit mysterious across its pages, the quality of its products seems apparent to us. Still, we’d like to see more lab results for their range of CBD gummies and tinctures, not just their top-selling caramels.

The Washington State-based company offers little information on itself or its ethos, (It doesn’t even explain the story behind its delightful name—and questionable mascot. Missed opportunity!), making it hard to gauge much about its mission.

When the brand does delve into the details, however, they quickly become pretty mouthwatering. Its range of CBD edibles sound delicious, coming in flavors like creamy vanilla, Atlantic sea salt, smooth chocolate, top shelf Scotch, and smooth maple – yum! The site also sells a number of CBD gummies, which are vegan-friendly and come in a range of all-natural fruit flavors.

Its CBD edibles, which Giraffe Nuts says are also Kosher and non-GMO, include CBD oil of the isolate variety, and their range of caramels can come au natural, with a bit of caffeine, or melatonin mixed in. Edibles also come in “regular” 10-piece packs ($30), or “bulk bin” size for those with a super sweet tooth, which include 100 pieces and retail at $250. Its CBD gummies range from $25 to $85, depending on size and strength.

Giraffe Nuts has also recently released a line of CBD oil tinctures, which come in several sizes and strengths, and flavors of lemon and raspberry. Ingredients include just CBD oil and coconut oil, with tinctures ranging in price from $45 to $140.

We can also ascertain that the company sources its hemp from Colorado, on farms free of pesticides, and utilizes the CO2 extraction method to source its CBD oil, which we definitely appreciate and think warrants a quality badge.

Yet some additional gaps in information has Giraffe Nuts falling short of our safety badge. The company does provide some screen shots of current lab tests for their range of caramels that hit the mark, but we like to see results for each product a company sells before handing out that all-important badge.

Bottom Line – Giraffe Nuts does a lot right in our eyes, but we’d like to see just a little bit more from the company. Satisfactory test results for all of its products—not just its top sellers—would be on top of our wish list, and sharing a little bit more about its origin or ethos could go a long way.

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Badges For Giraffe Nuts

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Giraffe Nuts say it sources its hemp from Colorado and produces its caramels in FDA-audited and GMP (that’s Good Manufacturing Procedure)-compliant facilities.

Safety Badge

Safety Unverified

Giraffe Nuts has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Giraffe Nuts has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

To provide all the benefits of CBD oil wrapped into a delicious, bite-sized treat.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Unverified

Giraffe Nuts has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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Giraffe Nuts Reviews

  • AvatarVeronica Beals says

    Has been almost a month & I haven’t received product. “Kayleen” forwards calls & is unresponsive to emails, yet is very quick to place an order.

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