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Green Gorilla Review

Green Gorilla is pushing the boundaries of the CBD industry. How? They’re not just providing premium CBD products; they’re foraying into the hemp growing industry to promote sustainability and scalable, eco-friendly solutions around the world. This international outfit is a member of a tiny group of CBD companies that actually have the USDA organic seal. This means that all ingredients, all processes, are clean and sustainable. Green Gorilla is a company we trust. They fall short of a perfect score since we no longer find evidence of their charitable involvement, and they do not post comprehensive CoAs. However, this green company is making huge strides, and we are confident in their methods and products.

Green Gorilla is building an international presence by expanding the world’s access to hemp through their multi-faceted business. Their CBD empire includes Green Gorilla, Gorilla FarmCo (the agricultural division), and MasterGrower™, an outfit geared toward hemp growers that provides sustainable solutions to cover 100% of their needs. All are centered on promoting the promise of hemp as a viable health and nutrition source as well as a clean material for textiles, fuels, and more. Green Gorilla is aggressively expanding their scope of operations, all while keeping things sustainable and honestly organic. They stay true to their “green” name.

Green Gorilla’s CBD products contain non-GMO, certified organic hemp from a variety of sources. Their CBD isolate in their oils is grown in Colorado and Europe, while their full spectrum CBD comes from their organic farm in Nevada. Their main line of CBD oil in both isolate and full spectrum varieties called Hemp & Olive™ features a blend of certified organic olive oil and their proprietary GG BioEnhanced Complex™, a mix of organic turmeric extract, rosemary leaf extract, and lecithin to increase bioavailability. All Hemp & Olive™ CBD oils, including the varieties for pets and horses, are USDA certified organic. This coveted certification is not something we see everyday in the CBD space and is a huge indication that Green Gorilla’s products are clean and follow stringent organic protocols. Well done.

In addition to CBD oils, Green Gorilla has an immaculate topical line. Their Botanical CBD Balm contains 100% organic ingredients, and the lip balm has mostly organic botanics. There are only two offerings, but these are some of the cleanest, top-of-the-line CBD topicals we’ve seen to date.

Because Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive™ line is USDA certified organic, we know it is free of pesticides and herbicides. However, to earn our Safety Badge, CBD companies must post comprehensive third-party test results for both contaminants and purity. Not only do we want to make sure there are no nasties like heavy metals, but we need to see the cannabinoid content. Green Gorilla claims to conduct these independent lab tests, and we have no doubt that they do, but we need to see the results posted online.

Bottom Line – Green Gorilla is part of a very small group of elite CBD companies whose sustainable and clean practices have earned them the USDA organic seal. Overall, we’re highly impressed with what they’ve been able to accomplish and the outstanding quality of their products.

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Green Gorilla only uses organic, non-GMO hemp in their CBD extractions.

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Green Gorilla has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Green Gorilla has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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Green Gorilla is building an international hemp and CBD brand that aims to support and preserve our planet’s future.

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Green Gorilla pioneered “Hemp & Olive”, a USDA certified organic line formulated with organic, 99.7% pure CBD.

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(323) 452-5919
[email protected]

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Green Gorilla Reviews

  • AvatarEbenezer Taiwo says

    I bought the green gorilla full spectrum hemp extract 1200mg and I have used it with ZERO result. What a shame.

  • AvatarJohnny Stallion says

    Hi Julia,

    I saw your post and was perplexed, so I looked at their CBD oil product catalogue. From what I see, it looks like their full spectrum CBD is labeled in mg regarding the total mg of hemp, not necessarily the amount of CBD. “25% active CBD” means their 3000mg bottle probably only has 750mg of active CBD. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of labeling.

    If you purchased their “pure CBD”, usually described as “THC Free”, I’d save your $ and never purchase that kind of CBD oil again. When taking normal doses of CBD – 5mg to 50mg – it’s best to take full spectrum due to the entourage effect. Pure CBD doesn’t do this and in my opinion is a waste of money, as it doesn’t work effectively with the human endocannabinoid system. The “it’s different for everyone” jargon is utter rubbish, unless you’re OK with a placebo.

    I’d call Green Gorilla and explain your experience. They’re well capitalized and look like a nice bunch of people, so I bet they’ll send you a free sample or replacement.

    I hope that helped!


  • AvatarRoger says

    I have been using Green Gorilla’s oils for a year now and recently the balm. It has helped with my achy joints and messed up nerves in ways that no other product has ever been able!Customer service is great, my product always arrives within 2 days of purchase!This is a good one people.

  • AvatarJulia says

    I purchased their 600 mg cbd oil and following dosing guidelines and experienced 0 effect. Started taking well over the recommended dosage until I essentially took a third of the bottle in one sitting with 0 effect. It was clear that I just spent $85 on olive oil. Further, tried to leave a review on their site explaining my experience but it was never published. These people are scammers and give the industry a bad name. I’ve had excellent results from cbd oil in the past. Trying to get my money back still. So messed up that, as a previous reviewer wrote here, so many companies pour so much into marketing an ethical, green image while stealing people’s money who take these products for relief (especially those of us who turn to cbd because we can’t afford insurance and prescription costs). Shame!

  • AvatarLogan says

    The only tests shows ridiculously low cbd and no terpenes. Even the “full spectrum” full plant 1200mg only showed 10mg/ml, which only gives you 600mg for 2 oz. IF THIS WAS FULL SPECTRUM THERE WOULD BE OTHER CANNABINOIDS AND TERPENES. Also, If they use the highest grade of olive oil there would 100% be a terpene profile? If they modified the olive oil it cannot be called extra virgin. Also, where is the proof of their claim that the hemp is organic. Also, how is their 3000mg full spectrum under $100? Makes no sense. About as bogus as their environmental and humanitarian claims. No proof. No tests, except 2017. NEVER BUY WITHOUT TEST RESULTS OF THE BATCH IN HAND. 1 star for good marketing.

  • AvatarArmando Caro says

    Great product! Great customer service! All around great experience. The products are second to none!

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