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Healthy Skin CBD Review

Remember those ultra-convincing, multi-step acne treatment infomercials? Acne treatment systems are bought by millions, and it looks like Healthy Skin CBD might be following in these footsteps. It’s the same idea — a three-step acne regimen — but with cannabidiol to really keep acne at bay. And there are legitimate studies on CBD and acne that are extremely promising. We’d just like Healthy Skin CBD to provide a bit more info on their actual CBD to jump on their bandwagon.

Healthy Skin CBD describes themselves as the #1 CBD acne treatment. And unlike other acne treatment products, the ingredients here are pretty clean. What we really appreciate about this company is their total honesty and transparency about their ingredients. They cite natural ingredients because indeed, most of theirs are, but they’re upfront about the fact that they’re not 100% natural. Healthy Skin CBD even gives you accurate percentages for each product (we’ll go over that later). Big discretion points in the house!

What’s not so transparent is the origin, processing, and overall characteristics of the CBD oil they use in their acne treatment line. Healthy Skin CBD does not mention where they source their hemp, their extraction method, nor any testing for purity and contaminants. They also don’t say if their cannabidiol is isolated, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum. At the very least, we hope they actually know!

The thing is, Healthy Skin CBD was founded by skincare developers, not hemp people. And that’s totally OK, but we recommend they look into some other CBD brands to see what the industry norms look like. We need to know more about the actual CBD oil!

Healthy Skin CBD has some pretty impressive before and after photos. Provided they include high-quality cannabidiol, the science is actually behind them. CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been documented to have natural benefits that fight acne. We’ll let you look into those on your own time.

Healthy Skin CBD offers a three-step anti-acne regimen with the following products, all of which contain CBD plus known acne treatments like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. All these can be used on the face, chest, and back to fight and prevent acne and breakouts:

  • CLEAN – This CBD cleanser is 97% natural and contains kiwi extract. The only unsavory ingredient we found was phenoxyethanol.
  • HYDRATE – At 98% natural, the second step of the regimen works as a toner. It’s packed with nature’s skin lovers like aloe and witch hazel. It also contains phenoxyethanol as well as polysorbate 20.
  • PROTECT – The last step of the CBD acne treatment is a nutrient-rich moisturizer with avocado. It’s 95% natural and contains phenoxyethanol and aminomethyl propanol.

While there are a couple synthetic ingredients, Healthy Skin CBD overall is a fantastic natural alternative to some of the more chemical-laden solutions out there. Cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA, they could be onto something amazing. Let’s hope they can disclose more about their CBD oil and that it’s actually cleanly sourced and processed.

Bottom Line – Healthy Skin CBD has the first multi-step acne treatment with CBD, and we love how they are totally honest about their ingredients. Time will tell if the brand can become a household name, but in the meantime, we want to know more details about their CBD.

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