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Hemplucid Review

Hemplucid wants their customers to experience life again, whether that’s by using their CBD for migraines or helping their furry companions with CBD oil for pets. And they want customers to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the CBD oil they purchase is pure, safe, and processed ethically. Hemplucid accomplishes their aims by transparently educating consumers and providing scrupulous documentation of each CBD product they sell. This brand brings much needed lucidity to an industry that can sometimes feel like the wild west. Other brands, take note.

Hemplucid earns massive points for quality CBD oil and exhibits a transparency relatively unparalleled by their competitors. Not only are their CBD products sourced from reputable, certified organic farms in Colorado, their handling process dictates organic practices as well, and both of these organic certificates are published on their website.

As the name suggests, lucidity is all about consciousness, awareness of each and every choice. Hemplucid empowers their customers with extensive knowledge of their choice in CBD oil by posting comprehensive COAs for each SKU PLUS a terpene profile and contaminants test that includes heavy metals. And they go even further! Customers can type in the batch number for their CBD product on the Hemplucid website for corresponding lab tests and quality control specification sheets. One word: WOW.

We feel very confident that Hemplucid’s full spectrum and IsoTerp™ (this refers to their patented process of isolating CBD from the plant, stripping it of all other compounds, then reinfusing powerful terpenes) offerings are safe, potent, and contain exactly what they say they do and don’t.

Hemplucid utilizes clean, CO2 critical extraction for the CBD oil in their beautiful product line. We love the inclusion of both whole plant formulations and CBD isolate that caters to consumer preferences while maintaining consistent integrity. Full spectrum tinctures are available in nano-sized, water-soluble form or suspended in either MCT oil or hemp seed oil. The Kalki line features IsoTerp ™ tinctures and gummies for those who prefer CBD isolate. What’s great about this patented technology is that it offers the best of both worlds: pure CBD isolate and turbo terpene power. We’re also impressed by the Kalki gummies that use zero artificial flavors, organic sugar sources, and natural coloring agents like turmeric and grape juice concentrate. These are some of the highest quality gummies we’ve seen.

Hemplucid manufactures full spectrum CBD wax, CBD softgels, full spectrum CBD gummies with all the goodness of the Kalki version, CBD lip balm, body creams, and CBD for pets as well.

We have just one bone to pick with Hemplucid. Like many companies, they’re using polysorbates, -80 and -60 in their CBD drip and CBD cream, respectively. These are emulsifying agents treated with ethylene oxide, a noxious chemical with documented health risks. We suggest natural alternatives like beeswax would better align with Hemplucid’s ethos.

Bottom Line – Hemplucid is a highly trustworthy CBD brand that uses innovative technology and exudes ardent transparency. In fact, we consider their transparency innovative in and of itself. Engaging in charitable endeavors like donating to nonprofits or providing veterans discounts would put them at a five-star rating. (And psst… Ditch the polysorbates!).

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Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Hemplucid’s CBD products are sourced from organically grown hemp, CO2 extracted, and processed using best practices.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Hemplucid posts third-party COAs, terpene profiles, and contaminant tests for each SKU. Customers may also enter a batch number to receive this documentation for their specific CBD product.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Hemplucid has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Hemplucid is dedicated to providing lucid education and products to help people understand and experience the natural benefits of CBD.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Hemplucid uses patented IsoTerp™ technology to strip and isolate CBD, then re-infuses it with flavor terpenes in their Kalki line. They offer consumers the ability to see safety/purity documentation by entering their batch number online.

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Hemplucid Products

Hemplucid CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures represent the heart of any cannabidiol operation. The vessels often hold a company’s most pared-down version of CBD oil, with no room for mistakes or missteps to hide.

And in Hemplucid’s case, the quality of their CBD oil is as clear as their name.

The oil itself is grown organically in Colorado and extracted using the industry-standard CO2 method. And Hemplucid offers some of the most expansive third-party lab test results we’ve seen in this space.

That proven produce is then funneled into a number of different tincture options, including two more “traditional” mixes, which see anywhere from 250mg to 1500mg of Hemplucid’s full-spectrum CBD oil combined with either hemp seed or MCT oil.

But the company also produces two special types of tinctures we felt were worthy of their own time in the spotlight:

Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Water Soluble Tincture

The CBD oil is full-spectrum, meaning all parts of the hemp plant, including naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids and traces of THC are present in the product. And its water solubility means all those ingredients will be felt more quickly and potently.

Hempluicd utilizes nanotechnology to shrink the size of cannabidiol particles, making them more easily absorbed into the body and bloodstream, with effects that can be felt immediately, according to the company.

The CBD oil is mixed with vegetable glycerin, making it vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and the tincture is available in a range of already-potent strengths: 250mg; 500mg; 1000mg; and 1500mg, which retail from $40 to $170.

Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Drip-Vape

For those who prefer to smoke their cannabidiol, Hemplucid offers a vaporizer-compatible version of their CBD oil.

The full-spectrum stuff is mixed with a proprietary carrier oil blend—comprised primarily of vegan and vegetarian-friendly vegetable glycerin—that allows it to transition to a vape pen without damaging either the machine or a smoker’s lungs. And that’s it: no muss, no fuss, no additional flavors or additives.

Sizes include 150mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg bottles, with prices ranging from $30 to $170.

Hemplucid CBD Gummies

CBD edibles can be tricky business, with a number of artificial additives often baked into the mix. Not so with Hemplucid.

The company uses nothing but all-natural—and vegan-friendly—ingredients to produce the colors and flavors of its CBD gummies. And that’s to say nothing of the cannabidiol itself.

Humplucid’s CBD gummies are available in two different formulations: one often referred to as a ‘broad spectrum’ CBD oil, which includes all the naturally-occurring terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant but with the THC taken out of the mix; and the other, the full-spectrum CBD oil.

Because they’re edible, both versions of the treats are a ‘slow-release’ option for consuming cannabidiol, with the effect felt on a smaller and slower scale throughout the day.

Hemplucid’s broad-spectrum CBD gummies come in two strengths: 15mg and 25mg of cannabidiol per gummy. Each option comes in a 30-count jar, with prices ranging from $75 to $100.

The full-spectrum CBD gummies are available in a 30- or 5-count pouch, with each gummy containing 25mg of cannabidiol. Prices span from $20 to $110.

Hemplucid CBD Body Cream

Once again, Hemplucid exceeds expectations not just of the unregulated CBD oil industry but the self-care industry in general. Its body cream is comprised completely of natural ingredients, free from any of the toxins and additives that plague many similar skincare products.

The company instead turns to plant-based solutions for soft and soothed skin, including aloe vera, olive oil and chamomile. The mix is imbued with either 500mg or 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil to complete the formula.

A 2oz. jar will run for either $75 or $130, depending on strength.

Contact Hemplucid

+1 (385) 203-8556
[email protected]

About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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Hemplucid Reviews

  • AvatarLisa says

    I haven’t found any reviews where someone passed a drug test on Kalki. Has anyone here passed on Kalki? Also, every time I type in my lot number to pull up the “guaranteed third party testing results” I get an error message. I contacted the third party testing facility and they said it isn’t a valid lot code on the bottom of the bottle. Very worried about recent test. I’m a parent with bills, I could loose everything.

  • AvatarDenise says

    Kalki Has change my life. I have chronic ulcerative colitis And neuropathy it has changed my stomach in so many ways I’m able to eat things that have not been able to ever eat since I was diagnosed 15 years ago. I no longer feel tingling in my feet and arms and legs from the neuropathy either. It’s amazing what it does for me. I’ll tell everybody about it that I know I’ve sold over 50 bottles. I’ve also gave it to our daughter is 10 years old that has crippling arthritis. We were going to have to put him down because he couldn’t walk and crying all the time started him on CBD oil and within the same day he was a wagging his tail jumping up-and-down and going upstairs and down the steps by himself. If you haven’t tried it you need to. What are you waiting for, life-changing products! Thank you so much for this product…

  • AvatarJoseph Stamp says

    Is there any way to purchase your HEMPLUCID OIL 1000mg at a reduced cost? I am on a fixed income, I just made a second order. Can repeat orders get a discount?

  • AvatarRenae says

    You can take any of the tinctures sub lingually without added liquid.

    Lucid line is whole plant, meaning you will get trace amounts of THC, well below the legal limit. However, for some people, that can build up in your fat tissue and cause a positive drug test. If that is a concern, I suggest you Kalki line, with 0%THC.

  • AvatarDeb johns says

    Can you take Hemplucid CBD sublinguilly without added fluid? And would I fail a drug test using the oil

  • AvatarMonique Ku says

    I used Hemplucid when i asked my husband to buy me cbd and he found this brand. I thought it is no effective because it is less expensive than the previous brand i used. But i was wrong. The pain im my feet went down to 2 in a scale of 10. It relieves my mild anxiety and i sleep better. My husband doesn’t believe me but today he tried it and surprise how calming it is and the pain on his lower back was gone. Thank you Hemplucid.

  • AvatarPeewee says

    Probably the vegetable glycerin which is food grade and naturally sweet. It’s in vape juices and is completely safe for consumption

  • AvatarStacy Santucci says

    I have used been using the CBD oil water sellable 1500 MG for the past two months. I have never felt better. I suffer from IBS ,depression,Gerd, and anxiety. I have tried several supplements throughout the years and now I take just the CBD for all of them. I wont purchase another CBD Brand besides hemplucid.

  • AvatarJared says

    Amy, Please feel free to contact us and let us know some more about your experience. We want to make sure we are always improving our products.

  • AvatarAmy says

    I have decent, not great results with Hemplucid painwise, though it does not help with my insomnia but I am concerned because my current cartrige leaks a bit into my mouth sometimes and it tastes very sweet, like something was added. I grew cannabis for 12 years and never tasted or smelled anything like that even in my super sativas. It tastes chemical, like an artificial sweetener. I have to use a lot too so I don’t want all of that, just relief.

  • AvatarPaul Loveless says

    Hemp Lucid does have their products lab tested and the results right there on their site.
    As a father of a daughter with seizures, it has been my goal to find the BEST natural product on the market. Hemp Lucid is what we use. Its a great product and it has worked better for us than any anti-seizure med has ever worked.
    In my opinion, giving a 2 star review to this product is doing a disservice to anyone looking for a great product and might pass this company up.

  • AvatarKara Kujawa says

    I have recently switched over from hemplucid to another product, only to avoid a potential fail in the event of a drug test (currently looking for other employment), however i’m not as happy as i was when i was taking the hemplucid. I suffer from IBS & have major anxiety. About 3 days after taking the hemplucid everything changed, my IBS was non-existent and i no longer felt my heart trying to beat out of my chest. There were other improvements that i hadn’t noticed until i stopped taking it and those issues came back. So i’m definitely going back to hemplucid’s full spectrum products and looking forward to normalcy again. I did let my mom try it for a few days but she couldn’t get over the taste, i liked the taste, it reminded me of my past trips to Colorado ?

  • AvatarDerek says

    Hemp lucid is a brand that I can trust to give me quality product. I know that I’m getting my money’s worth and then some.

  • AvatarBraden says

    Hemplucid’s products have been vital in helping me control my IBS. I’ve had three bottles of it and they all are consistent with each other. The effectiveness of their CBD is impressive and has been keeping me a repeat customer.

  • AvatarJohn Bishof says

    Great product, quick shipping. I love the cbd body cream and water soluble cbd solution. Now part of my daily routine.

  • AvatarJoe Yankus says

    Hemp lucid is actually a great value and works well I think this is a harsh evaluation that deserves a second look

  • AvatarMegan says

    I have seen wonderful benefits of this brand. It is unique to other brands that I have looked into. Definitely the best.

  • AvatarJared says

    My family and I have used Hemplucid for the past year and I have seen tremendous benefits. My father-in-law uses it to calm his tremors from Parkinson, my son for his anxiety, my wife for back pain and I use it as a daily supplement. I was not a supporter of Hemp but now I am. Thanks, Hemplucid.

  • AvatarRaymond Arnold says

    I have been using Hemplucid for a few months now and I love it!!!
    It has a good taste and is effective for health.
    I would recommend it to ALL who need a good Hemp-oil.

  • AvatarWendy kern says

    I love Hemplucid cbd oil and have been using it for 1 year with amazing results. It helps with anxiety and depression, I no longer take meds for that. It helps with insomnia,and pain as well and my chronic digestive issues after a surgery that left me with permanent damage. I’ve experienced improvement beyond what I had hoped for. Thank you Hemplucid for your amazing high quality products and outstanding service.

  • AvatarChristy says

    I purchased Hemplucid CBD oil and topical lotion a few months ago. My husband has MS and I have Fibromyalgia. It has worked for both of us! I am now able to go on more walks with my son and dog and my pain is less. His pain has diminished as well as his mood is better.

  • AvatarNicole Griffith says

    I just wanted to stop in to say how your product saved my life! I was in a terrible car accident in 2015 which left me partially paralyzed and in constant pain from a shattered acetabulum. I was on pain meds for awhile but the dr was no longer able to prescribe so I was left to be in pain, thinking I had no other options.
    I found this product and I’ve been practically pain free for close to 6 months! Thank you for saving lives everyday. I can play with my kids and enjoy life again! Love you guys!

  • AvatarT pittman says

    I struggled with a brain injury post concussion syndrome for 6 years. Hemplucid products are amazing. Once I started taking their CBD consistently/daily. I saw improvements slowly. It helps with my anxiety. Brain fog & depression & more
    I am very pleased with their products.

  • AvatarTammy says

    After a year of many issues I sustained from a Traumic Brain Injury. I finally found relief!! My headaches, neck and back pain, speech issues, sleeping issues, and depression and anxiety I can finally take my life back!! Hemplucid helped me control my issues and live again!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • AvatarChell says

    I love hemplucid products! I feel so much better during the day after taking my dose of CBD!! And the shipping is extremely fast always!!!

  • AvatarFrank kiebzak says

    hemplucid is by far the 1# CBD on the market it helps me with chronic pain

  • AvatarRachel says

    I’ve been happy with Hemplucid. I have used the water-soluble formula. I can find their laboratory results, which are important to me. No unnecessary ingredients too. I intend to purchase again!

  • AvatarCiara Hatch says

    The best CBD oil on the market! I like the clear bottles that shows off the purity of the product. I like how good I feel too. Would and do recommend Hemplucid to all of my friends.

  • AvatarSteve says

    I didn’t like it at all, no results from it. The taste is disgusting, stirred into fruit juice it didn’t dissolve but clumped to the sides of the cup. Reminds me of ground up weed mixed in oil.

  • AvatarApril Vazquez says

    It keeps me and another woman I know who also has M.S. completely seizure-free (and she used to have seizures daily). The proof is in the pudding.

  • AvatarPauline OConnor says

    I’ve had great luck with Hemplucid. I get the hives with Bluebird Botanicals and they have been evaluated. I don’t know why I would get hives with their water soluable Hemp Complete. Do you have any ideas?

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