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HempMeds Review

Not only was HempMeds the first mainstream distributor and retailer of CBD hemp oil (and the only ones bringing CBD to Mexico), but they continue to set high standards for the rest of the CBD industry. Offering brands such as Real Scientific Hemp Oil, Cibdex, Cibaderm, and Dixie Botanicals, HempMeds covers about every niche of CBD product. Our only beef with hempmedspx.com is their lack of published Certificates of Analysis alongside each product; a shame considering the pride they take in their TripleLabTesting™ process.

HempMeds was the first mainstream CBD hemp oil distributor and retailer (as well as the first company to bring CBD to Mexico and Brazil) and has over 100,000 loyal customers to date. While we would say that speaks for itself, Coca-Cola and Kraft could make similar claims, and as such, it cannot necessarily be an accurate barometer of a vendor’s integrity. However, not only did HempMeds play a pivotal role in paving the way for many CBD businesses to come, but continues to maintain a leadership role by demonstrating excellence in almost every right.

HempMeds is the parent company of many brands, including Real Scientific Hemp Oil, Dixie Botanicals, Cannabis Beauty Defined, Cibdex, and Cibaderm. Both prince and pauper alike will find respite here, as products on hempmedspx.com range in price from $19 to $1546. HempMeds sells everything but the kitchen sink; you’ll discover topicals, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, spritzers, isolates, body care products, and even hemp bedding and litter for your cat. HempMeds discusses their rigorous TripleLabTesting™ standards at great length, which is indeed an important thing to do to alleviate customer concerns about safety. However, before we can award our coveted safety badge (and add HempMeds to the heralded group of four-star vendors), we need to see Certificates of Analysis for each product on their site. All in all, HempMeds is an excellent option for those seeking variety and consistency in their CBD medicinals.

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Badges For HempMeds

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

HempMeds sources a special cultivar of non-GMO European hemp, grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

Safety Badge

Safety Unverified

HempMeds has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

HempMeds offers the Veteran’s Discount Program, making CBD more affordable to those who have served in the military.

Mission Badge

Mission Unverified

HempMeds does not have a verified mission to provide excellence in the CBD market.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

HempMeds has been a trailblazer in the field of CBD, being one the first to make a legal cannabinoid alternative.

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Email: [email protected]
Prone: +1 866-273-8502

About Tyler Swell

Researcher, writer, and life-enhancement expert. My passion for health and wellness, and 15+ years of writing experience, synergize to support consumers worldwide make better shopping decisions. I'm committed to propelling the hemp revolution forward with gusto! Questions? Contact Us.

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HempMeds Reviews

  • AvatarJames says

    Hello! Thank you for the review of HempMeds. I really like this company I’ve just recently bought cream from this company and I was absolutely satisfied with this purchase. I was recommended to try this cream, by several family members. I have read several reviews on hemp cream and oil, this product seemed efficient enough. I have sciatic nerve pain, and work in the catering industry, to where I am constantly on the go loading and unloading in vehicles, etc. , For 10-14 hours a day. I use this in the morning, and again before I go to sleep.

  • AvatarMichele Gill says

    I adore your article almost HempMeds. It’s super point by point and exceptionally supportive. Will share with my devotees. Enormous thank you for putting this together. Much much acknowledged!
    Hemp Meds
    bio cbd

  • AvatarDebbie Janssen says

    Unhappy with product,sent wrong thing.after i said a few times what i wanted.will not order from them agin

  • AvatarEliza says

    I am very disappointed with hemp meds. They offer a veteran’s discount if you send in your documentation which contains your social security number and other personal information. After several emails trying to obtain my discount I was finally told there was a glitch in their computer systems and they had been working on it for several weeks. I feel they should have changed the information on their website and responded with that information as soon as I scanned and sent my personal document. I am very angry they have all this information about me and it took over 5 emails to get this answer.

  • AvatarJim D. says

    I ordered CBD oil in February of 2017 and cannot be more pleased with the quality of the product and the outstanding customer service! I highly recommend them!

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