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HempWorx Review

When it comes to having a verifiably pure product, HempWorx receives high marks. More impressive yet is the tenacity with which they attempt to educate consumers about CBD. You can purchase products as a consumer in addition HempWorx is a multi-level marketing company that allows you to earn commissions from building a hemp-based home business.

HempWorx earns bonus points right out of the gate by choosing to use domestically grown, organic, and non-GMO hemp, and knocks it out of the park with their evident passion for educating the public on the uses, history, and science of cannabinoids. Fun facts (such as the fact that the first American flag was made out of hemp) add a rich critical thinking element to the customer’s experience. Instead of touting it as just another supplement, HempWorx gives homage to the long-standing legacy, magic, and controversy of the heralded cannabis plant.

HempWorx blew us away with the comprehensive nature of their Certificates of Analysis, and excellent sourcing standards, and commitment to education. We were disappointed by their full-steam-ahead focus on the financial incentives for selling (not consuming) CBD. Exhortations like “Cash in on the emerging $7.1 Billion Cannabis industry!” and “…we have a VIRAL product that requires zero selling!” were disappointing to read. This emphasis on their affiliate program (as opposed to a discussion of charitable endeavors) is a little different from other brands. However, HempWorx now makes product pricing and details available right on the site.

If you are looking for a vendor that seems committed to the public interest, and you are looking to earn money starting your own home-based business, we recommend giving HempWorx a try.

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Quality Verified

HempWorx utilizes organic, non-GMO industrial hemp grown in Kentucky.

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Safety Verified

HempWorx has some of the most comprehensive Certificates of Analysis of any vendor in the industry.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

HempWorx has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

HempWorx empowers people all over the world to start a home based business and become financially free.

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Innovation Verified

HempWorx blends hemp seed oil with CO2 extracted CBDs to create a truly full-spectrum product.

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+1 (888) 877-5436

About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

HempWorx Multi-Pack Discount

HempWorx Reviews

  • AvatarColby Thompson says

    Hempworx has a 60 day money back guarantee. Sounds to me like you should take more. I’ve been taking this oil since 2016 and it works great

  • AvatarLeann R Wilson says

    I have a friend who sells hempworx and let her talk me into buying it. I have MS and degenerative disc disease so I figured it was worth a shot. I used as directed and the 500 did nothing so she told me to try the 1500 which did nothing as well. I also tried the pet oil and treats for my dogs which also did nothing for them as well.

  • AvatarBob Gilliland says

    I have read that some people had a problem with Hempworx peppermint flavor. The peppermint caused their problem. When they switched to natural, it worked fine.
    Thought that info might help you

  • AvatarBob Gilliland says

    I use the THC free for topical ointment on my Psoriasis. It takes away the itching and I appreciate the relief. For better sleep, I found the full spectrum is better. Seems to relax more. The full spectrum contains more than just THC. If you contact me, I can send you information on what Hempworx says is the difference on their site

  • AvatarBob Gilliland says

    If you check the Hempworx web site, you will see that the full spectrum has only trace elements of THC and is very low. I am not recommending you try it, but simply stating that the content of THC is very low

  • AvatarBob Gilliland says

    I was wondering what brand of CBD you are selling? Your post without your name sounds VERY suspicious. I will rely on my own observation that your input is incorrect.

  • AvatarBob Gilliland says

    I started using the Hempworx products because a friend on pain medications found it great for pain management without the dangerous pain meds. I have sleep apnea. I have been sleeping shallow and wake up groggy and tired. I started using the 500 full spectrum (not THC free). After a few days I noticed I was experiencing deeper sleep, dreaming a lot, and waking up refreshed instead of still tired and groggy. I also notice other great benefits too numerous to mention. Love the relief! This product is great and I highly recommend it to others. Contact me to talk if you wish.

  • AvatarColby Thompson says

    I don’t know where you got this info but it’s absolutely bogus. Our hemp is from one of the best growers in the US, GenCanna and also made in the US not by another company. And what is unsafe about apple stem cells because besides cbd that’s the only other ingredient in our skin care.

  • AvatarAnnie says

    The main reason I started CBD was for panic attacks, and it has really helped. I use full spectrum. It’s important to find the dosage that’s right for you. Once I took way too much and it caused a panic attack. But that’s the only time I’ve had one since I started it.

  • AvatarLynita Stambaugh says

    Hi Patty!

    Did you get help with your question? I’ve been using HempWorx for almost 3 months and it does help when I am feeling anxiety. I’d say to give it a try! They have a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. I’m happy to help you if you need it. 🙂

  • AvatarMisty D Dorries says

    I’m sure not all are like that. I personally just started using products for my feet from there yesterday and I am going to be looking into selling as well. Some people are out there to just make a dollar but some of us genuinely care.

  • AvatarHeather says

    Guy – I can see how that would be frustrating! Try closing the lid, but not pushing it down and twisting it quite that tight. I can close my bottle, without engaging the child-proof lock. Hope that helps because Hempworx really is an amazing product.

  • AvatarMerijoe says

    “The oil is awful”- what makes you think that? it has helped countless people and pets
    “their skincare products have unsafe ingredients” like what? Its been tested for unsafe ingredients and the reports are on the website.
    ” a disgruntled employee said they get their oil from a wholesale CBD broker. Not ethical.” – a disgruntled employee? they get the oil from GenCanna an organic farm in Kentucky who grows hemp in an FDA regulated environment.

    Yes it’s MLM, but so are a lot of companies, Amway, Avon and you when you tell a friend about a great restaurant and get them business, only you do it for free.

  • AvatarMisty says

    They say to start with 5 drops a day for one week. If that’s not enough then use 10 drops the next week and every week raise it by 5 drops until you get to 20. Only if needed I have been using he oil for a couple of months now and all I really need is 8 to 10 drops a day.

  • AvatarLinda Maxwell says

    Yes, belly button application is effective. Under the tongue has a 98% absorption, belly button would be good otherwise.

  • AvatarLeNaye says

    yes, but to get the therapeutic starting dose of 50mg you would have to have 4 dropperfuls a day to start. And than go up from there. I to am wondering how people feel any relief off of 4 or 5 drops. That is less than 15mg a day.

  • AvatarSonjia Warren says

    Yes. Our belly button has over thousands of nerves. Our body will absorb the oil. There’s great success with people on the spectrum who have a hard time with new foods, etc.

  • AvatarSusan Haughey says

    I am so glad to hear this stuff worked for you! I too, have severe chronic pain. I just bought the 500 as recommended by the representative. I just took a dose for the first time tonight and I cannot wait to see if I get relief too!

  • AvatarMLM Scam says

    The oil is awful, their skincare products have unsafe ingredients and it’s a binary MLM scam. Also, they claim to be sourced from organic farms, but a disgruntled employee said they get their oil from a wholesale CBD broker. Not ethical.

  • AvatarGuy says

    From what I read before I bought the 750, a lot of people with RA use this product. I just spent 5 minutes trying to open the bottle and ended up walking away in tears. I can not use the pliers that I use to open water bottles and other small things because of the push down and screw action so I can only use this if my husband is home. I’m not leaving a $100 bottle open on the counter and have it knocked over. Very disappointing packaging. This is only making matters worse. I will be looking for another brand.

  • AvatarElizabeth espinosa says

    Yes try it in the belly button. Search it on Google as well. Its pretty interesting!!

  • AvatarMeghan says

    Full Spectrum does have THC in it, but Hempworx brand only has .03% THC per serving. You may experience less sensitivity with this than one with higher THC content.

  • AvatarMary Dahlhoff says

    Well that’s good to know; hate when companies don’t treat their Customers/distributors well?

  • AvatarCheri Head says

    Your information is incorrect. You don’t need “membership” to purchase Hempworx products. Anyone can purchase from Hempworx.

  • AvatarKeri Cheifetz says

    There are others that have 0.00 THC.
    Unfortunately ones w 0.03 can be labeled thc free but can still cause a positive test.

  • AvatarKeri says

    If a product is not liposomal you don’t absorb or assimalate the CBD well. That is a lot of mg but mg don’t really mean anything if you’re not able to “use” the cbd.

  • AvatarDavid McElhiney says

    Just to clear up any misconceptions, CBD oils IS legal, Federally, in all 50 states however; it’s up to the individual states legislation as to whether is is allowed. For example, Kansas approved CBD oil last year BUT the THC version is not! I hope this helps clear up any concussion.

  • AvatarBrenda Lea Shank says

    Actually any CBD with even trace amounts of THC is illegal in Kansas. Just had a friend arrested for his testing positive for THC.

  • AvatarGlenda B Lowery says

    Full spectrum is with thc. Hempworx does have thc free. Start low and slow. When i took too much of 750 my anxiety worsened I do 3 drops am and pm

  • AvatarJackie McCurry says

    Just started 750 today with hubby who has ALS…so will see. I hope it works.

  • AvatarMel says

    That’s not true. It’s is federally legal, but some states chose to veto that law & make it illegal. I live in SD, it’s not legal here.

  • AvatarLori says

    I think its great your Dr wants you off the meds unless he is simply trying to sell you another one he gets a better spiff for.

    CBD oil is helping so many people, your Dr is probably not allowed to prescribe it to you as he works for pHARMa.

    You never know though if he really wants you off the meds he might be all for the CBD if it is your idea and request –

  • AvatarPeggy Raynor says

    Thank Jeanie I have fibromyalgia which keeps me awake. I want to look forward to going to bed at night to get some sleep. Did you start out with the 500 or 750? I have ADD and don’t want to take Aderall any longer. Also, do you know if these products are available in any particular stores (health food). Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

  • AvatarPatti Walsh says

    Did it really help with your panic attacks? Would you please tell me which product you used? With or without THC? Thank you so much!

  • AvatarPatti Walsh says

    Did it really help with your panic attacks? Would you please tell me which product you used? With or without THC? Thank you so much!

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