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HMP2GO Review

HMP2GO, alkaline water infused with micro-encapsulated CBD, is the popular brainchild of ArenaLife, a Colorado-based company with both an online and brick and mortar CBD store. ArenaLife sources non-GMO industrial hemp from Europe to create natural products with CBD for pain, performance, anti-ageing, and more. We appreciate their ingredient choices, especially when many CBD manufacturers take shortcuts that undermine the natural benefits of CBD. However, when it comes to our stringent methodology, ArenaLife doesn’t hit the high marks yet.

ArenaLife is headquartered in Colorado, the geographical heart of the CBD oil industry, with a brick and mortar storefront to complement their online store. Founded in late 2016 by a couple of Wall Street types, they market their products as luxurious and effective pain management and beauty solutions. Interestingly, their non-GMO CBD source material hails from Europe, not Colorado: an intentional move to purportedly cover their bases legally. It will be interesting to see if they change their source location, since the 2018 Farm Bill signed into effect by President Trump effectively removed hemp products with less than 0.3% THC from the Controlled Substances Act. In short, ArenaLife can now formulate their CBD with Colorado-grown hemp 100% legally under both state and federal law.

ArenaLife utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction for their full spectrum and CBD isolate products, but their language is confusing; we’re not sure which products are which. We see this now and again, usually with newer CBD companies. There is also a gaping void of visible independent lab testing, which ArenaLife claims to conduct at multiple stages of production but fails to disclose.

On to the product line. ArenaLife produces CBD tinctures suspended in MCT oil with natural flavors including vanilla mint, lemon, and orange. Their body care line includes a rose body CBD cream, CBD lip balm, and CBD bath salts, all of which meet our ingredient quality standards: no chemicals, toxins, dyes, or fragrances. Bravo.

ArenaLife also produces a premium CBD pain relief cream in three varieties and a CBD roll-on for inflammation and muscle soreness, again, with 100% natural ingredients we trust like essential oils and cocoa butter.

HMP2GO is ArenaLife’s famous CBD water, alkaline and expensive at a whopping $3.49 for one 20-ounce bottle. Despite the price, this bottled water infused with microencapsulated CBD is sold in multiple locations across Colorado and the rest of the country and appears to be gaining steam.

Finally, ArenaLife offers pure CBD isolate for vaping or mixing in food and beverages as well as CBD distillate extract, a product that has been substantially refined after the extraction process through both hot and cold temperatures. Their site mentions edibles and vape pens, but these may only be available in their Colorado retail location.

Bottom Line – ArenaLife states their mission is to “actively disseminate information about our products to health-conscious consumers”. For us, they lack a spirit of innovation and ethos to qualify for the Mission Badge. We can award the Quality Badge for their clean extraction methods and honestly natural ingredients, but we have to hold off on the remaining badges for now.

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