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Holistik Wellness

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Holistik Wellness Review

Holistik Wellness 60 Second Summary

Holistik Wellness calls themselves a ‘mainstream beverage company’. But there’s a twist. They include awesome CBD into their water-soluble powders. They’ve nailed making CBD highly accessible, with small packets of 10mg CBD that mix perfectly with a bottle of water, smoothies, juices, the sky’s the limit here. We love the intention behind Holistik Wellness, and we recognize the big steps this brand has taken to become a leader in transparency and sustainability.

Holistik Wellness Brand Review

Holistik Wellness has some powerful players behind them. Their CEO is a former Procter & Gamble executive who started the business after CBD transformed his mother’s health. Now, his well-branded company invites everyone to stir their way to wellness with a line of water-soluble CBD powders that are great for on-the-go dosing as well as for those new to CBD oil.

CBD Hemp Sourcing

The grow operation behind Holistik Wellness CBD powder is impressive and tightly controlled. Female clones are grown in US greenhouses in cocoa mulch, an environmentally friendly way to avoid heavy metals and contaminated soil. Their advanced lighting system and meticulous attention to each plant creates beautiful, purple buds that eventually become broad spectrum CBD powder. Judging from what we can see, we give their cultivation techniques an A+.

Holistik Wellness also maintains an ardent commitment to sustainability. All their packaging is made with biodegradable goodness, and the brand offers prepaid recycling options on all their CBD products.

And they should. Their stir STIKs™ are made from recycled plastic, but the company is on track to eventually make these from hemp plastic. Plus, Holistik Wellness is actively involved with Impact Collective to reduce and remove plastics in the ocean. It’s clear they are doing their part!

Holistik Wellness CBD Catalog

Let’s move on to the product itself. Holistik Wellness has developed quite the innovative way to get your CBD on with their stir STIKs™, little plastic stirrers that release broad spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder formulations into the beverage of your choice. They intentionally use minimal ingredients in each variety — something we are always down with — and everything is 100% natural. Monk fruit extract is used to give a slight and pleasant sweetness. Check out the different formulations:

  • Stress with lemon balm extract
  • Sleep with chamomile and melatonin
  • Recover with ginger and turmeric
  • Beauty with collagen (Vegans, this one’s not for you)
  • Digest with papaya and turmeric

Each of the above CBD formulations are intelligent, and we obviously love the fact they’re simple and all-natural. Overall, Holistik Wellness offers one of the top options for CBD drink powders.

Bottom Line

Holistik Wellness offers intriguing water-soluble CBD powder formulations with rock-solid, clean sourcing and practices to back them up. A hip and healthy choice!


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Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Holistik Wellness sources their hemp from an organic greenhouse in Buffalo, NY and uses a clean, deep cryo ethanol extraction method.

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Safety Unverified

Holistik Wellness has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Holistik Wellness partners with verified environmental nonprofits to further their mission of sustainability.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Holistik Wellness believes everyone can benefit from the healing power of CBD for wellness from the inside out and that sustainability is the key to awesome CBD supplements.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Holistik Wellness uses a proprietary process to create their water-soluble CBD powder.

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Alternative Brand Special:

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Contact Holistik Wellness

1-833-THE-STIK | [email protected]

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Alternative Brand Special:

Save 15% on CBDfx, shop their complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

Does Not Expire

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