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Honest Paws Key Highlights

Honest Paws is true to their name — their CBD products for pets are indeed 100% all-natural! Overall, we’re impressed with their quality CBD oil for dogs, cats, horses, and more.

The Honest Paws CBD tinctures are incredibly affordable for pets’ daily health regimens, and we love their bites with organic ingredients and zero-sugar-added CBD peanut butter.

Did we mention? The CBD oil in all their formulas is USDA-certified organic, which makes their product line stand out in the CBD pet product market.

Honest Paws Pros

  • Full spectrum
  • USDA organic
  • Lab tested for potency and contaminants
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Corn-free

Honest Paws Cons

  • No rewards program
  • No Charity Badge

Honest Paws Coupon

Save 15% on Honest Paws' complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

Doesn't expire

Our Verdict

5/5 Badge Brand

Because Honest Paws exhibits excellence in Quality, Safety, Mission, Charity, and Innovation, the brand earns a score of 5/5 with our methodology. Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5.

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Honest Paws sources Colorado hemp, and their cannabidiol is USDA organic.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Honest Paws provides current potency tests for each SKU and conducts full-panel, third-party contaminants tests on their CBD oil.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Honest Paws has been verified to participate in and donate to multiple charitable organizations like animal rescues and more.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Honest Paws is passionate about creating CBD solutions for pets to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Honest Paws was the pioneer of human-grade CBD peanut butter for dogs.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Pricing and Value

Honest Paws has USDA organic certification for their bulk CBD oil as well as most of their products. For certified-organic CBD oil for pets, Honest Paws is priced on the average side. To get the most value from Honest Paws CBD products for your pet, you can subscribe & save for monthly orders to save 15%. Also consider increasing the CBD potency level to save on the Honest Paws line, especially if you will be buying it over the long-term for a furry companion. As the brand aptly points out, “The savings increase as you go higher up on the potency scale, with savings in some cases being as high as 50%!”

The Honest Paws price point for their CBD products (the brand also sells non-CBD-containing supplements) begins at $29.95 for their Relief Paw Balm with CBD. The highest price point for a singular product is $99.95 for their extra strength CBD tinctures.

Strength and Efficiency

Honest Paws offers varying strengths in their CBD oil tinctures to cater to animals of different sizes. Honest Paws recommends a 125 mg CBD concentration for small pets up to 25 lbs, 250mg for animals from 25-50 lbs, 500mg for over 50 lbs, and 1000mg as an extra-strength option.

Judging from recent lab results for Honest Paws products, their USDA organic CBD oil is indeed full spectrum, containing other cannabinoids like CBG and more.

What makes Honest Paws stand out as a CBD company?

Honest Paws is big on prevention, encouraging pet owners to adopt their affordable CBD into their animals’ daily wellness regimens to keep them on a healthy track as they age. The brand has two blogs — one on pet care and one on medication — that are awesome sources of information on pet health. We especially like the medication blog that details dosing, risks, etc. for different OTC medicines commonly given to pets.

Honest Paws is big on organic CBD, but they’re also really big on functional ingredients to boost your pet’s health without the nasty byproducts commonly seen in pet food, pet supplements, and pet treats. Some functional ingredients they leverage to boost the synergistic entourage effect from their full spectrum CBD include organic turmeric, MCT oil, chamomile oil, and more. Dirtier, unhealthier ingredients for animals like gluten, corn, dairy, and soy are 100% absent from all Honest Paws supplements.

To close, it’s rare for CBD pet vendors to obtain the USDA organic seal. If they’re vertically integrated, they have to undergo extreme scrutiny and expensive testing. If they aren’t (like Honest Paws), they have to spend considerably more on sourcing organic cannabidiol. We’re happy for the Honest Paws customers that get to enjoy this premium goodness at an affordable price.

What are the best Honest Paws products on the market right now?

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Honest Paws Calm CBD Peanut Butter

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 160 mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Frankly, we’ve never seen a CBD peanut butter for pets made with certified organic CBD oil. Until now! Apart from containing a helping of full spectrum CBD oil, we love how clean this peanut butter is. Honest Paws is really into putting human-level quality into everything they do, and their CBD peanut butter is a great example. No added sugar. No xylitol. Just a bit of peanuts, salt, and of course the star, organic CBD oil. Don’t be surprised if you’re the one who starts digging into the jar…

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Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs - Well

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 125, 250, 500, or 1000mg
  • Price: $-$$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

The Well CBD tinctures from Honest Paws keep it simple: just organic CBD oil and organic MCT oil are inside. This product is certified organic by the USDA, so you know that Fido, Fifi, or whoever it is will not be exposed to undesirable chemicals. We can see why the Well CBD tinctures are a bestseller- They are a great staple for the pet medicine cabinet. We’ll also say this is a great option for pet parents new to CBD, since it doesn’t include other active ingredients. To use, it’s best if you can drop the tinctures directly into the mouth. If your pet won’t let you, drizzle on their food or a tasty treat.

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Best Pet CBD Topical

Honest Paws Relief CBD Balm

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 450mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

CBD topicals aren’t just for humans anymore… Pets can get in on the benefits, too! This CBD balm for pets has 450mg full spectrum CBD oil in each jar, around the equivalent of most high-quality, human-grade CBD balms. Ingredients are all-natural and include additions like organic coconut oil and organic sunflower oil. What really stands out about Honest Paws’ CBD balm is its versatility: for noses, pads, paws, skin, you name it. Simply apply to the affected area and rub in. A little goes a long way, and you can rest assured knowing that your pet can lick off the all-natural ingredients without causing alarm…

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Best for Pain

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs - Mobility

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 125, 250, 500, or 1000mg
  • Price: $-$$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

We reviewed the Honest Paws CBD catalog, and this product came out on top as the Best for Pain. The Honest Paws Mobility CBD tinctures are an excellent choice for pets in pain, seeing as they have BOTH full spectrum CBD oil and organic turmeric. Both are powerful fighters of inflammation and both have been extensively studied for their pain relief properties. If your pet is finding it difficult to move around like they used to, this can be a huge source of physical pain. Firing up the endocannabinoid system may be the perfect answer to getting your dog, or cat the relief they need without the chemicals and drugs. FYI Honest Paws has a ‘Relief’ CBD tincture for pets too, but we selected this product as “Best for Pain” because of the large amounts of turmeric and positive testimonials read on the Honest Paws website.

Product Catalog Overview

Here’s a list of the types of CBD products Honest Paws offers in their online catalog:

When buying CBD from Honest Paws online, you can shop by concern with their targeted categories: calm, relief, mobility, and wellness. The ‘Calm’ formulations have added ingredients like chamomile to boost CBD’s benefits for stress, a good move for pets who have separation anxiety or other conditions that cause them mental or emotional distress. ‘Relief’ is geared toward pain with additives like organic ginger. The ‘Mobility’ line targets joint inflammation with turmeric for ageing pets or animals who have difficulty getting around. Finally, the ‘Wellness’ options from Honest Paws have the simplest ingredients and target overall health.

You can also shop Honest Paws online by your type of pet: dogs, and cats. The Honest Paws CBD catalog features full spectrum cannabidiol, totally all-natural ingredients, and tasty tasty treats. Here’s what you can expect:

  • No matter the size or dosage needs, you can get USDA organic CBD tinctures for dogs, cats, and other pets from Honest Paws. These follow the formulations listed above, so you can choose between wellness, relief, calm, and mobility. FYI, the wellness CBD tinctures from Honest Paws are for the purists: just organic CBD oil and organic MCT oil.
  • Honest Paws currently offers 2 CBD topicals for pets: a ‘Relief Pet Balm’ and a ‘Relief Paw Balm’. Both have all-natural ingredients including full spectrum CBD, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Problem is, we can’t tell the difference! These seem to be the same formulation, just in different concentrations…
  • The CBD edibles from Honest Paws are honestly all stand-outs. Our favorite is the CBD-infused peanut butter (Hooray for no added sugar!). The brand also makes CBD bites – These come in their 4 formulation varieties and the ingredients are fantastic! Mostly organic goodies and all human-grade stuff. With five milligrams of CBD each, these are some top-of-the-line treats any pet owner can feel good about. And finally, Honest Paws’ CBD chews are a bit more expensive but feature powerful ingredients like glucosamine in the mobility formula and tryptophan in the calm formula.

What you should know before buying CBD from Honest Paws

Honest Paws’s Reputation

By all appearances, Honest Paws maintains a superb reputation among their customers and the CBD industry at-large. The brand says they make ‘CBD bites and oils your pet will thank you for’, and glancing over their testimonials indicates that’s exactly what’s happening.

Furthermore, we have not found any evidence of Honest Paws being issued a warning by the FDA nor any other government agency. As of this review, Honest Paws has not received any complaints against them to the Better Business Bureau. And for what it’s worth the vets at veterinarians.org state that, “Honest Paws can be trusted.”

Finally, ingredient selection is a big part of why Honest Paws has a good reputation. CBD companies for pets don’t commonly offer USDA organic CBD, and Honest Paws was one of the first to do it. With no corn, soy, gluten, or dairy to worry about, pet owners can rest easy with Honest Paws products and treats that contain only the human-grade stuff.

Brand Awards and Recognitions

USDA Organic Certification

Honest Paws maintains USDA organic certification on their bulk cannabidiol used to make products. A few of their final CBD products in the line have also earned USDA organic certification.

Media Nods

Honest Paws has been featured by popular media outlets, including ABC, NBC, Us Weekly, and more.

About the Company

Honest Paws was started by a group of pet lovers, including current Head of Content, Chelsea Rivera. Their mission statements bring the feels, one of which goes, “We want to do more than just provide a solution for your pet’s ailments, we want to help you embrace the limited time you have together.” Their goal is to give your furry friends a happier, healthier existence, all while saving you costly trips to the vet. The founders behind Honest Paws are pet parents and have personally experienced the natural benefits CBD can bring to an animal’s quality of life. Sounds like a solid plan for any pet lover.

Honest Paws At-A-Glance

  • Date founded: 2015
  • Hemp Sourcing: Colorado, USA
  • Where products are manufactured: Colorado, USA
  • CBD extraction method: CO2 extraction
  • Extract types: Whole-plant hemp CBD
  • Types of CBD oil offered: Full spectrum
  • Honest Paws Coupon Code: COR15 for 15% off at checkout
  • Shipping Info: FREE US shipping on orders of $48 or more

We Reviewed Honest Paws Lab Results and Here’s What We Found

Honest Paws receives the COR Safety Badge for their excellence in third-party testing.

>> Click here to see all Honest Paws lab results <<

Honest Paws posts third-party cannabinoid profiles for each SKU, an excellent and uncommon practice for a pet CBD vendor. You can also view third-party contaminants results for heavy metals and microbiological impurities.

As far as other tests we require for the Safety Badge (namely residual solvents and pesticides), we have an unusual situation with Honest Paws. While they don’t post these results online, we were able to view documentation that their CBD oil is indeed USDA-certified organic! Because of these documents, we — as well as the USDA — are totally confident Honest Paws cannabidiol is free from solvents and pesticides.

And since Honest Paws’ hemp is organically grown in sunny Colorado, the Quality Badge gives them a well-deserved four badges.

As far as the entourage effect goes, Honest Paws lab results show the presence of other cannabinoids… but not that many. We were only able to find CBG and delta-9 THC (below the legal limit, of course).

A Closer Look at their Hemp Source and Manufacturing Process

We know that Honest Paws sources organic CBD oil grown and produced in Colorado because of their USDA organic certification. Their cannabidiol is removed from hemp using CO2 extraction. And because Honest Paws only uses full spectrum CBD oil, additional processing to remove other cannabinoids doesn’t take place.

Honest Paws is not a seed-to-sale CBD company, and they’re not immediately involved in anything to do with the hemp genetics, cultivation, and processing of the CBD oil that they use in their products. In this case, that’s not a bad thing! That’s because Honest Paws makes excellent choices when it comes to sourcing the hemp for their CBD.

The entire Honest Paws CBD line is made in the USA.

How to make the most out of your purchase?

Where to buy Honest Paws CBD products

You can purchase Honest Paws CBD products easily on their website. Honest Paws is also carried in over 1800 locations in the USA. To find a store near you, use the Store Locator on the Honest Paws website. While their CBD products are not carried at Walmart, you may find their supplements without CBD like probiotics for dogs.

Shipping Info

For all orders over $48 in the continental US, Honest Paws offers FREE SHIPPING with DHL via USPS. These orders usually arrive from 3 to 14 days after payment. An additional $3.99 charge may also be applied to receive CBD products with expedited shipping (3-6 days).

For Honest Paws orders under $48 in the continental US, you may choose from 3 shipping options, from $2.99 to $9.99.

Rewards Program

Honest Paws does not currently offer a rewards program for purchasing their CBD products.

Customer Service

According to TrustPilot reviews, Honest Paws has great customer service. To get in touch with customer service at Honest Paws, you can email [email protected]. To speak with someone over the phone, call 1-844-729-7790. Customer service hours are 8am-8pm CST, except holidays. Alternatively, you can simply fill out a contact from on the website, and a real human will respond to you promptly. Honest Paws stresses that they cannot answer questions about specific medical conditions for pets, so contact your vet for these types of inquiries.

Return Policy

Honest Paws offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. To request a return for an Honest Paws CBD product, call the company at 1-844-729-7790 with your order number and reason for your refund or exchange. Once Honest Paws has received your package or tracking number, they will contact you to confirm, and your refund will be processed.

Honest Paws Review Wrap-Up

Honest Paws is a brand with a mission to put pets first and foremost. Their full-spectrum CBD products are packed with USDA-organic cannabidiol for pets that are as tasty as they are effective. We recognize Honest Paws as innovators in the CBD for pets space, seeing as they were one of the first brands to offer certified-organic CBD products for animals. Clean ingredients and meticulous lab testing make Honest Paws a great choice for discerning pet parents looking for the best products to care for their companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use Honest Paws CBD products?

At COR, our Serving Standard for humans is 25mg of CBD, taken twice daily. For pets, Honest Paws recommends the following CBD dosing to get started:
5mg CBD per day for pets under 25 lbs.
10mg CBD per day for pets 25-50 lbs.
15mg CBD per day for pets over 50 lbs.

Like humans, all pets are different, and you may have to adjust to get the desired effects. When in doubt, contact your veterinarian with questions about specific medical conditions.

Are there any side effects?

CBD has not been studied to have any significant side effects, but consult your vet if your pet is starting a new health regimen or if you’re legitimately concerned about CBD oil interacting with prescription medications.

Can you use Honest Paws CBD for dogs or cats (pets)?

Yes! Honest Paws is an entire collection dedicated to CBD for pets.

What types of CBD oil does Honest Paws offer?

Honest Paws offers full spectrum CBD products.

Does Honest Paws offer organic products?

Yes, Honest Paws has USDA organic certification for the bulk CBD oil they use to make products and for many of the final products in their catalog.

Do they offer discounts or coupons for veterans?

No, Honest Paws does not offer discounts for veterans.

Can you find Honest Paws CBD in the UK?

No, Honest Paws does not currently have offices or distribution in the UK.

At-a-glance FAQs

  • Does Honest Paws offer organic products? Yes
  • Offers Veteran/military discount: No
  • Offers a discount for students? No
  • Does Honest Paws have a rewards program? No
  • Does Honest Paws offer subscribe & ship options? Yes
  • Does Honest Paws ship outside of the USA? Yes
  • Does Honest Paws offer free shipping? Yes
  • Money back guarantee? Yes
  • Is Honest Paws on Amazon? No
  • Is Honest Paws on Walmart? No
  • Is Honest Paws full spectrum? Yes
  • Is Honest Paws all-natural? Yes
  • Does Honest Paws sell CBD in bulk? No
  • Does Honest Paws offer wholesale and/or white-label? Yes
  • Is it an MLM? No
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