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Krypted CBD Review

According to our methodology, Krypted CBD just doesn’t cut it. We are unable to substantiate the quality of their CBD products, whether or not they are safe, or even the overall mission of the company. Krypted could be doing some things right and simply not disclosing the details. But when it comes to buying CBD oil, something that goes into your body, something you want to enhance your wellness, the benefit of the doubt doesn’t hold much weight.

We don’t know much about the Krypted brand, but we know their parent company is named Alternative Vape Supply LTD. There’s virtually no information anywhere online about the team or anything that even comes close to a cohesive mission statement. Looks like the Mission Badge, the most commonly awarded, is a no-go in this case.

Krypted claims to use CO2 extraction, a positive, and source industrial hemp. The problem is, they don’t disclose where their industrial hemp comes from. This is important information that points to the quality of the CBD within a brand’s products; hemp imported from Asia is often writhe with contaminants whereas American-grown plants have higher standards and a lower carbon footprint. Without knowing the geographic source, CBD quality is indiscernible. Therefore, the Quality Badge is a no-go as well.

Krypted sells just two categories of CBD products, both formulated with isolate, including e-liquids and flavored isolate ‘chips’ aka crystals. The CBD e-liquids range in price from $35 to $80 for concentrations of 250, 500, and 1,000 mg in 30 ml bottles. They offer a nice variety of 10 flavors, but we’re not stoked about the PG and artificial flavoring. These aren’t uncommon in CBD e-liquids, but we’ve seen many CBD vendors out there replacing PG with natural alternatives and putting in the extra effort to offer all-natural flavors. Those are the CBD vape lines we want to see more of.

Next, Krypted’s flavored isolate ‘chips’ are a bit of a misnomer; at first we thought this might be an innovative product we hadn’t seen before. In actuality, they’re just CBD isolate crystals (one gram will set you back $40). Krypted infuses the isolate with all-natural terpenes for full-flavor profiles like Sour Diesel and white peach. But alas, there’s PG in these too, and we can’t figure out why they’d want to add this unnecessary synthetic; we’ve not seen it in flavored isolate before. Perhaps it’s a typo?

With quality, safety, and mission off the table, Krypted doesn’t meet the qualifications for the last two badges either. There is no evidence of charitable affiliations nor anything innovative happening with the brand. Our hands are tied.

Bottom Line – Krypted CBD doesn’t fulfill any of the requirements of our methodology to earn even one badge. Until they make some changes and/or disclose more information, we’d take our business elsewhere

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Badges For Krypted CBD

Quality Badge

Quality Unverified

Krypted CBD has not been verified to disclose both the geographic source of their hemp plus a clean CBD extraction method.

Safety Badge

Safety Unverified

Krypted CBD has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Krypted CBD has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Unverified

Krypted CBD does not have a verified mission to provide excellence in the CBD market.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Unverified

Krypted CBD has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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