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Lidtke Review

Lidtke is a natural supplement retailer that offers its own line of CBD tinctures, including synergistic herbal blends for humans and pets. Anti-inflammatory healers like turmeric and ginger are combined with full spectrum CBD oil to produce powerful combinations for relief. Lidtke uses zero artificial ingredients, something we applaud and wish we saw more of with the onslaught of new CBD companies eager to get in on the goods. And Lidtke looks like they’re trying to be transparent by posting test results for each SKU. But we did a double-take that reveals these CoAs not to be as comprehensive as they should be.

Lidtke imports their CBD oil from Danish organic farms and has some very cool products for sale on their online store. Their CBD Gold line of tinctures is blended with supplements such as 5-HTP, iodine, GABA, L-tryptophan, turmeric, and a whole-food vitamin C complex (as opposed to isolated ascorbic acid found in many products) in addition to their Original/Plain drops that contain CBD oil mixed with MCT oil, honey, vegetable glycerine, and sunflower lecithin. The combination of CBD oil with natural plant-based ingredients proven to be powerful is always something we love to see. Why not add a little extra anti-inflammatory action in the mix?

Lidtke employs supercritical CO2 extraction and uses absolutely nothing artificial in their formulations. Bravo on that front.

Our issue lies in the safety department. At first glance, Lidtke seems to have Certificates of Analysis for each SKU, but a second look tells another story. First of all, these CoAs are printed on internal letterhead, not the original document issued by the testing lab. We’re not saying they’re lying about the results, but best practices dictate showing the original document printed by the third-party lab. Secondly, they do not include comprehensive results for contaminants testing, but instead say “Foreign Matter” with green text above that says “PASS.” Not enough to get the Safety Badge from us.

Bottom Line – Lidtke produces quality CBD oils and blends them with natural healers like turmeric for robust products that possibly have positive natural benefits. We know we are sticklers on safety, but it’s for good reason. We cannot in good conscience grant the Safety Badge for tests printed on company letterhead that do not list contaminants results. We encourage Lidtke to step up their game in this department to really cover their bases.

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Quality Verified

Lidtke offers full spectrum CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp and removed via clean, supercritical CO2 extraction with no artificial ingredients added.

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Safety Unverified

Lidtke has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Lidtke has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Lidtke strives to offer healthy remedies to combat the abundance of toxins and allergens in our environment today.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Lidtke earns the innovation badge for their novel combinations of cannabinoids and health supplements such as GABA and L-Tryptophan.

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Call 1-800-404-8185

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Lidtke Reviews

  • AvatarIthacaNancy says

    My husband found the 250mg plain formula really eased his wrist and hand pain caused by years of construction work, age, and accident. He did not have similar results with the Encoda product he tried.

  • AvatarMyrtle Walker says

    This is supposed to help me sleep, which it does, the real surprise is that it is really helping with my blood sugar control and I’m losing weight, very slow and easy. I feel good. I decided to try 1 oz and see how it goes and decide from there.

  • AvatarE. Brooks says

    I have found the Lidtke brand most excellent. With all the various choices to help with not only pain but sleep, with the Valerian and Turmeric and Ginger, etc. I am quite impressed with product and the company. Thank you Lidtke.

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