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Mission Farms CBD

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Mission Farms CBD Review

Mission Farms boasts “healthy, tall, and lush hemp plants” courtesy of their nutrient-rich soil and ideal climate for growing hemp in Oregon. Led by families and designed with families in mind, their CBD oil tinctures only contain organic additives, including organic MCT oil and organic essential oils. Essential oils are huge in the CBD market, but we rarely see vendors with this kind of dedication to sourcing them organically. This gives us the warm and fuzzies! Oh, and people who love goat-milk skincare will love this line.  

Mission Farms is owned by a group of families and grows their own hemp in what they describe as “The Napa Valley of Hemp” near Bend, Oregon. The volcanic soil in the region, combined with optimal climate and irrigation from the Deschutes River, makes their plants uber healthy and rich in cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBA. Like many in the business, the founders experienced various health issues and turned to CBD for a natural solution. Surprise surprise, this wonder oil did the trick for pain and inflammation, insomnia, and more.

Mission Farms oversees the entire process “from our farm to your family” and states that they conduct third-party testing throughout production. And they back it up! We’re happy to see how Mission Farms is handling their testing, both with their protocols and easy-to-find reports online. 

The company provides current, independent lab results complete with:

  • Comprehensive contaminants panel for both their full spectrum and THC-free CBD oil.
  • Cannabinoid profiles (potency tests) for each SKU

Safety Badge, check!

Something striking about Mission Farms is their use of 100% organic essential oils. Essential oils have become very popular additions to CBD formulations, but few companies use certified organic oils and even fewer use completely organic. Since the essential oil business is similar to the CBD oil market in lack of regulations, it’s really great to see a company show this kind of commitment to organic sourcing.

The Mission Farms product line uses full spectrum CBD oil extracted with ethanol, easily earning our Quality Badge.

We love the use of organic essential oils and organic MCT oil throughout the line. Plus, Mission Farms is known for their goat milk products. They combine the skin-boosting properties of organically raised goat’s milk with CBD for some really nice skincare options. Here’s what lies in the catalog:

  • CBD oils– Full-spectrum formulations are available in four options: Rest, Relieve, Relax, and Pure. Each option has specific essential oils and terpenes added to cater to each desired effect. All organic ingredients? Yes, please!
  • CBD goat milk bath soaps– It’s a no-brainer. These all-natural bath soaps are the stars of the Mission Farms line! For one, they contain fresh, raw goat’s milk: a natural exfoliant. And second, they don’t just throw CBD isolate in there (that’s what you’ll find in most CBD soaps on the market) – it’s robust, full spectrum CBD oil with CBD, CBDA, and CBG! We know, we looked. And we like.
  • CBD mints
  • CBD oil for pets
  • CBD topicals– The CBD Goat Milk Creams have phenoxyethanol and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate. Pronunciation aside, the latter is a formaldehyde releaser. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic impurity. Nasty stuff.

Their CBD gel also contains phenoxyethanol plus triethanolamine. Though not as concerning as sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, we always call out these synthetic ingredients when we see them. 

We think Mission Farms has great stuff to offer, especially their totally unique full spectrum goat milk soap with CBD. It’s a mouthful, but it’s fabulous!

Finally, their multiple charitable initiatives put this CBD brand at a perfect score. Way to go!

Bottom Line – Mission Farms has quite a few good things going for them, like their super-rich Oregonian soil and their use of 100% organic essential oils.

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Badges For Mission Farms CBD

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Mission Farms sources CBD hemp from their own farms in the Bend, Oregon region grown with zero preservatives or pesticides.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Mission Farms provides current, independent lab reports for their CBD oil on contaminants and potency.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Mission Farms donates to Central Oregon Veterans Outreach and other nonprofits.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Mission Farms is committed to growing the happiest hemp possible and bringing the benefits of CBD oil to as many people as possible.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Mission Farms sells the only (verified) full spectrum CBD goat milk soap that we know of!

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Mission Farms Coupon Code

Save 15% sitewide when you shop with Mission Farms CBD.

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Mission Farms Coupon Code

Save 15% sitewide when you shop with Mission Farms CBD.

Doesn't expire

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