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Myaderm Review

Boasting ‘pharmaceutically elegant transdermal creams that use CBD to reduce pain and inflammation,’ Myaderm has zeroed in on the topical segment of the industry with an intriguing line for people and their pets. While the company has a litany of positive testimonials and media spotlight features among the likes of PBS and CNN, we need to see a bit more disclosure from them in certain areas. Questions as to their source material and extraction method need immediate attention for us to award them a higher ranking.

While we don’t know what ‘pharmaceutically elegant’ means, Myaderm’s products certainly contain interesting ingredients, a kind of new world/old world blend combining chemical lab creations with old school natural healers. Myaderm states that their ‘products are the result of a rich history in the pharmaceutical and compounding pharmacy industries.’ While pharmaceutical experience is a plus, and we see many CBD companies that employ pharmacists as consultants and formulators, an equivalent background in cannabis, CBD, or holistic practices usually underpins our top-ranking CBD brands.

Myaderm focuses so intently on their pharmaceutical background that they fail to mention the origin of their CBD or how they extract it. While we respect the fact that they publish Certificates of Analysis for laboratory testing, they only test for residual solvents, not heavy metals, pesticides, or mold which are equally dangerous. If Myaderm uses supercritical CO2 extraction (as most do), residual solvents are a non-issue. Also, one CoA shows 100.9% CBD – we are uncertain how a product can be more than 100% CBD.

Myaderm’s CBD line is strictly topical, including pain cream, sport cream, blemish cream, and pet cream. While the blemish control cream has excellent ingredients like aloe leaf juice and coconut oil, the same cannot be said for the other options that each include two potentially harmful, unnatural ingredients. One substance, phenoxyethanol, is proven to cause reproductive toxicity in animals as well as dermatitis. Another chemical in these products – triethanolamine (TEA) – is created by reacting ammonia with ethylene dioxide (a known carcinogen). While not always the case, most TEA is 85% TEA and 15% diethanolamine – a chemical linked to various types of cancer. These ingredients are no-nos to begin with, but combining them with something as naturally beneficial as CBD is a suspicious move.

Bottom Line – Myaderm earns points with us for being truly charitable, supporting the WIN Foundation and other nonprofits. However, we need more disclosure from them as to their hemp source, extraction method, and testing for contaminants. Plus, it’s hard for us to look past a couple of questionable ingredients.

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Myaderm is committed to supporting the community through local and national charities that include the WIN Foundation.

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Myaderm strives to use proven pharmaceutical technologies to create innovative cannabinoid products that provide a therapeutic benefit.

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Myaderm has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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Phone: (800) 354-6753
Email: [email protected]

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Myaderm Reviews

  • AvatarDebra says

    I did not see a date when the review from the “author” was written. Was curious to know if anyone from Myaderm responded in any way to this or if there is an update…

  • AvatarKaren Johnson says

    I have 7 extremely painful conditions and doctors put me on narcotics for 9 years that barely touched my pain. I have an inoperable cyst on my spine that burns 24/7. I’ve tried everything on the market literally. I tried a sample of the Myaderm after reading about it on a facebook page and I can say it’s almost a miracle. It takes 90% of my pain away in minutes and it lasts for hours. I’m sold on it and pray it continues to work this much.

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