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NutraCanna Review

Non-GMO Kentucky hemp with 0% THC is the name of the game at NutraCanna. They’re on a mission to propel the hemp movement forward by offering cost-effective products, supporting educational efforts, and employing sustainable practices. Their pharmacist-formulated products are always free of parabens and artificial colors, and importantly, laboratory tests for safety and purity are regularly posted online for each. Plus, they are the innovators of the CBD dissolvable tablet, an exciting product with high bioavailability.

NutraCanna appears to be doing everything right according to our standards. They support small family farms and CBD research and offer high-quality products that are regularly tested. They have a sound mission to provide people with affordable access to cannabis products that can boost their wellness without the high, of course.

All health. No high.™ That’s the cornerstone of their branding message. To ensure absolutely 0% THC, they conduct third party laboratory tests which are available online for each SKU. From what we can tell, they stay up-to-date. And their supplier operates under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill. We know that the oversight of this program dictates sustainable farming techniques, and NutraCanna’s hemp is free of GMOs and parabens. Additionally, they utilize chemical-free CO2 extraction, so we are confident awarding them marks for quality.

NutraCanna features four categories of products. The first includes the pharmacist formulated CBD hemp oil, a certified-vegan blend of CBD isolate with coconut MCT oil. The second showcases their dissolvable tablets designed to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. They come in two varieties: a daytime formula with spearmint and avocado oil for energy and focus and the popular nighttime formula blended with melatonin. A cooling pain cream in the topical category is also pharmacist formulated and dispenses relief in an airless pump bottle. Finally, NutraCanna sells 99% pure CBD crystalline to be used as an ingredient, dissolved under the tongue, or even added to vape oil. This is a bestselling item and is often sold out.

NutraCanna is a member and benefactor of the National Hemp Association whose initiatives support the growth of the industry and public education efforts. NutraCanna appears to be behind the hemp movement at-large, not just in it for themselves.

Bottom Line – Nutra Canna is a solid CBD purveyor whose products are safe and manufactured under stringent regulations. We have awarded them the coveted Five Badge Rating due to their excellence in all categories and feel strongly this is a brand worthy of your trust and time.

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Badges For NutraCanna

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

NutraCanna uses non-GMO industrial hemp farmed in Kentucky under strict regulations and uses CO2 extraction free of chemical solvents.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

NutraCanna conducts third party testing for cannabinoid profiles, microbes, contaminants, and terpene analysis. These results are regularly posted online for each SKU.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

NutraCanna is a benefactor of the National Hemp Association which promotes both the interests of the hemp industry and those of consumers seeking access to hemp’s natural benefits.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

NutraCanna is committed to offering cannabis products free of THC at an affordable price to further the exposure of the hemp movement.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

NutraCanna innovated a dissolvable tablet for day time and night time use.

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NutraCanna Products

NutraCanna CBD Tinctures

Nearly every cannabidiol company has them: CBD oil tinctures, the bottle of liquid with a dropper meant to deliver the cannabidiol directly under your tongue. But what could possibly make such a simple and stripped-down product different?

When it comes to NutraCanna, it’s all about strength.

The company offers three different potencies of their CBD oil formula, with bottles containing a total of 250mg, 550mg, or 1000mg of cannabidiol. (That makes for 17mg, 37mg, and 67 mg of CBD per dropperful, respectively.)

The graduated approach makes it easy to pick a comfort level or adjust accordingly after trying out certain strengths.

Still, the disparate line has a few key things in common: Each of NutraCanna’s CBD tinctures are filled with the company’s CBD oil isolate, meaning there’s absolutely no THC involved. (NutraCanna proves this claim with up-to-date third-party lab test results.) The cannabidiol is also derived from organic plants grown in Kentucky and, in each case, mixed into an MCT carrier oil.

All told, NutraCanna’s CBD oil line ranges in price from $32 to $84, giving the three items one more common quality: affordability.

NutraCanna CBD Melatonin Tablets

NutraCanna may go by the motto “All health. No high.” But the company must not consider the natural high of getting a full night’s sleep. (One of our personal favorite feelings.)

Still, that’s exactly what their CBD melatonin tablets deliver. NutraCanna’s bedtime item combines cannabidiol with the naturally-occurring sleep aid melatonin to help promote a restful and restorative night in bed.

Tablets come in two strengths: the stronger formula includes 25mg of CBD oil plus 10mg of melatonin per tablet, while the less-potent mix has 10mg of cannabidiol plus 5mg of melatonin. Each bottle contains 30 tablets, with the higher-strength mix costing $69 and the less powerful version retailing for $42.

But what really makes the product unique is its delivery method. NutraCanna’s melatonin tablets are actually meant to be dissolved under the tongue, rather than ingested, allowing the formula to act faster and impart a more powerful effect.

NutraCanna CBD Muscle Cream

It’s not just sublinguals that make NutraCanna stand out. The company also offers a superb CBD oil topical alternative.

NutraCanna’s CBD muscle cream is far beyond the standards of even the well-regulated wellness industry, let alone the Wild West of cannabidiol, thanks to a roster of all-natural ingredients rarely seen in any skincare product.

The combination is intended to help bring relief for sore muscles and joints, with old standards like anti-inflammatories arnica flower and ginger root, rejuvenating lemon, and a slew of other remedies provided by Mother Nature.

There’s also 175mg of NutraCanna’s non-GMO CBD oil throw in for good measure, with the final product coming to a very affordable $39.

NutraCanna CBD Gummies

If you’re one of those people who pine for the days of the Flintstones vitamin, you may have your more adult match in a CBD gummy.

The candy is part-sweet tooth satisfying, part-health conscious, with NutraCanna utilizing a mixture of all-natural fruit flavors and colors to produce the tasty treat. Plant-based pectin is also on the ingredients list, making the CBD gummies vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

And 15mg of CBD oil is also included in each gummy—which come in a package of 10 pieces and are sold for $20.

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Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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NutraCanna Reviews

  • The EditorThe Editor says

    Hi Carroll, I believe they are out of business, as they do not respond to our correspondence either.

  • AvatarCarroll Judge says

    Went to their site and found they are sold out of everything. Are they still in business?

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