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PH Secrets Review

PH Secrets wants the world to take their health back from the medicine cabinet and return to healing principles of the ancestral world through what else, CBD oil. By combining CBD with sophisticated herbal combinations (the founder is a professional herbalist), they procure CBD tinctures, salves, and more with potentially powerful healing effects. When it comes to holistic knowledge, PH Secrets knows their stuff. What we don’t see is a transparency in testing, sourcing, and basic processes. But with a few changes, they could be a future contender.

PH Secrets is an herbal powerhouse, founded by professional herbalist and formulator Sonia Greg. Just one look at their CBD oil tinctures and topicals and we know immediately: these people know what they’re doing. Each formulation has a synergistically intelligent blend of healing herbs, many common to the CBD space and many not so common, whose power will only be recognized by those in the know. Though they don’t explicitly say it (and they should), their combinations are based on alkaline principles, hence the name PH Secrets. An alkaline diet, like CBD oil, has a myriad of health benefits compared to a more acidic diet of processed foods.

PH Secrets offers private labeling and custom formulations for companies or individuals. After a one-on-one discussion, consumers can get specialty blends made to address their specific health needs. We consider this service, the robust inclusion of specific herbs and vitamins, and unexpected bodycare offerings to be deserving of the Innovation Badge.

The PH Secrets’ CBD product line borders on the overwhelming, but the price point is affordable, middle of the road comparatively. The most impressive lines are the tinctures/sprays and topical salves which combine CBD oil with intelligent herbal and supplement choices like CoQ10, astragalus, ginseng, mushroom extract, chlorophyll, and many more.

CBD oil is sold in both isolate and full spectrum varieties with coconut oil and hempseed oil as carriers, respectively. Interestingly, their CBD oils are the only products in which they make the type of CBD oil they use clear. We believe the tinctures/sprays contain water-soluble CBD, but we have no idea about full spectrum versus isolate outside of the CBD oil line.

The body care line features a few eye-catching products not seen everyday in the CBD oil space, including CBD deodorant (yes!), organic CBD baby cream, CBD beard oil, and tattoo salve. We checked; all the ingredients are natural and approved by us.

Things get a little dicey with the skincare options in their line called Clear. We found ingredients like sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, and EDTA which we highly disapprove of. It’s a shame considering their other lines are so strong.

Bottom Line – PH Secrets is an innovative CBD purveyor with a legitimate background in herbal health. However, some things remain absent or unclear, including their sourcing, extraction methods, testing, charitable affiliations, and the variations of CBD used in the product line. They’re definitely a promising company, but need to show us more in these respects. And get rid of the nasties in the skincare line!

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PH Secrets offers intelligent, highly researched formulations of CBD oil with beneficial herbs, oils, and vitamins.

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PH Secrets has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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PH Secrets has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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PH Secrets believes loving your neighbor means spreading the knowledge of natural health solutions, which they provide through their affordable CBD products.

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PH Secrets offers one-on-one consultations to develop custom CBD herbal blends, plus they’ve developed uncommon products and sophisticated herbal remedies.

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TOLL FREE: 1877-398-7291
US ONLY: 760-509-9426

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