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Potluck Expo

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Potluck Expo Review

We can’t think of a better name for this brand than Potluck Expo. It’s like all the cannabinoids are out in full force, ready to party in a variety of fantastically clean products! There are options here you won’t find anywhere else — like a CBN sleep patch, CBGa distillate, and more. Potluck Expo is a wholesaler manufacturer/distributor, so if you’re a customer, you can’t buy direct. But wholesalers might want to take a good, hard look at this highly innovative supplier.

Potluck Expo is more of an online store than a quintessential ‘brand’ like we normally review. They’re wholesalers from sunny San Diego who have been in the hemp supplement business since 2015. Their mission is simple — to provide all-natural, holistic supplements.

And we’re happy to say, they qualify on the all-natural front!

Their entire cannabinoid product line is clean from head to toe. Potluck Expo only sources organically grown hemp from the US and EU which is then put through CO2 extraction to create their offerings.

And wow, this is not your typical CBD catalog — mainly because CBD is not the selling point on every single product. Potluck Expo is leading the way in the growing popularity of other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, offering products at remarkably high concentrations that frankly, we haven’t seen before.

Potluck’s wholesale cannabinoid catalog is brimming with goodies, some of which we’re really excited about. You’ll notice ‘full spectrum’ options, some with staggering concentrations of other cannabinoids. That’s because Potluck Expo is taking premium cannabinoid isolates and combining them with one another, hemp terpenes, and other natural ingredients.

So, when you see ‘full-spectrum’ here, it’s not from a whole-plant extract, but rather a combination of isolates that make it possible for Potluck Expo to offer such potent oils. They’re like the science nerds behind optimizing the entourage effect, and we love it!

Here’s what Potluck Expo has to offer:

  • CBD drops and sprays – Potluck has CBN tinctures, CBG tinctures, CBD (0% THC) tinctures, CBD/CBG oil, and our favorite, the full spectrum oil. This product is just one of the reasons Potluck Expo gets our Innovation Badge —one bottle contains 2000mg CBD, 1000mg CBG, and 200mg CBN. One word: WOW!
  • CBD vape cartridges – We love that Potluck Expo keeps it natural with their vape line, as the category is notorious in the CBD business for fillers and additives. There’s the CBN cartridge, CBG, CBC, and a few cannabinoid combos, all enhanced with hemp terpenes.
  • CBD extracts – Again, there’s some stuff here we definitely don’t see every day. Businesses can buy everything from CBD isolate to CBT distillate. CBT? We’ve never seen this cannabinoid isolated before or offered by a vendor!
  • CBD topicals – Potluck Expo makes a few of these, but our faves are the CBD salve and the CBN patch. The former is a sumptuous blend of beneficial oils like frankincense and myrrh with turmeric and more. The CBN patch is targeted at sleep health since the cannabinoid has been studied to have beneficial effects on getting Zzzs.
    Hemp terpenes

Potluck Expo doesn’t get the Safety Badge from us, though they do post potency tests and some contaminants results for their bulk oils. However, we are confident they conduct extensive testing and probably provide more information when requested by third-party vendors.

Potluck Expo is ahead of the curve when it comes to what CBD oil consumers want. More and more are becoming educated on cannabidiol and finding out the benefits of other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG. We love that they are using clean plants and clean science to provide this to B2C CBD businesses across the country.

Bottom Line – Potluck Expo is a leading wholesale manufacturer/distributor for CBD oil and up-and-coming oils with CBN, CBC, and more. Their extensive product catalog is worth a look.

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Potluck Expo uses organically grown hemp from the US and UK and CO2 extraction to make their cannabinoid products.

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Potluck Expo has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Potluck Expo has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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Mission Verified

Potluck Expo is on a mission to help as many people as possible with health and quality assurance.

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Innovation Verified

Potluck Expo is leading the way with CBG and CBN oil products for sale, as well as their supercharged full-spectrum CBD oil that contains massive concentrations.

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Contact Potluck Expo

1 (858) 333-7327
[email protected]

About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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Potluck Expo Reviews

  • AvatarCraig says

    I ordered the delta8 extract and I got cheated. It was supposed to be 2gm but it was around 1gm or less. They gave me a run around when I complained

  • AvatarCindy Smith Bryson says

    Tried the Broad Spectrum Sleep Oil w CBN. No help w sleep at all. Pretty expensive for 1 oz of nothing that helps.

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