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CBD American Shaman CBD Capsules

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If you’re looking for more convenience, or just have more time to spare, you might like the idea of a CBD capsule.

The delivery method must work its way through the digestive system before being discharged into the body, so its effects are felt on a delay, but the cannabidiol is released more slowly and steadily, giving users a prolonged and milder CBD experience.

Capsules also offer a more regimented approach when it comes to the amount of cannabidiol being consumed, and in the case of American Shaman, each pill contains 15mg of CBD oil, mixed into MCT carrier oil, which is derived from coconut oil.

The capsules themselves are made from plant-based cellulose, making them vegetarian-friendly. And the final product is sold in a jar of either 30 capsules—which counts 450mg total of CBD and sells for $60—or 60 capsules, which offers a cumulative 900mg of cannabidiol for $110.

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