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CBD American Shaman CBD Skincare

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Skin creams are well and good, but only represent one aspect of a skincare routine. American Shaman recognizes this and fills in many of the other aspects of that routine with its CBD skincare line.

Among the wide range of products are hydrating body lotion, CBD lip balm, a CBD bath balm, and cannabidiol replenishing face cream.

But perhaps our favorite item on the list is also the company’s most unique: a CBD under-eye serum. The product packs American Shaman’s full-spectrum CBD oil with several other ingredients to produce a formula intended to revitalize that telling under-eye area, and plump the skin back up with the essential fatty acids and vitamins found in hemp oil to help diminish discoloration, wrinkles, and puffiness and rejuvenate sagging skin.

The penetrating serum—which is not tested on animals—delivers an impressive 300mg of cannabidiol per bottle, and sells for $60.

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