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CBDfx CBD Gummies

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We may have saved the best for last. CBDfx certainly wins our personal taste test for CBD edibles.

The company’s CBD gummies are legendarily delicious, composed of vegan-friendly formulas and all-natural flavors. CBDfx’s CBD gummy bears also perform a variety of tasks: The product comes in a ‘Snooze’ option which includes melatonin in the mix to help induce natural sleep. And CBDfx also makes a superfood formula, which sees its full-spectrum CBD oil join forces with might spirulina and turmeric, offering, all together, a product packed with powerful antioxidants and inflammation fighting ingredients.

Melatonin gummies, which are flavored like juicy lemon, include 10mg of cannabidiol and come in a 30-count pack, offering 300mg of total CBD oil for $60. The superfood and regular varieties pack in 5mg of CBD oil each and are sold in packets of 60—also for $60—or 8, which retail for $10.

And if you need more of a punch, you can wash down those gummies with any number of CBD beverages.

CBFDfx makes several CBD “shots,” which mix 20mg of the company’s CBD oil with natural flavors, coming in the variety of mixed berry and lemonade. The chance to toast the fine work of CBDfx with a custom-made CBD oil cocktail costs $7—far cheaper than most mixed drinks would run at any other watering hole.

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