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CBDfx CBD Tinctures

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Tinctures make up the very foundation of most cannabidiol operations: The product is simply a bottle of CBD oil, meant to be taken sublingually for a fast, powerful effect.

And as the most stripped-down version of a CBD product, they’re often good places to start when examining a company. After all, the same CBD oil often flows through the veins of every other item on a company’s shelves.

That bodes especially well for CBDfx, which takes care to make a quality CBD oil. The company sources hemp from organic farms across the United States before safely extracting cannabidiol from the plants and having the final product thoroughly tested by a third-party for microbials, pesticides and other possible toxins.

CBDfx then mixes the stuff with several natural flavors, offering CBD oil in the exotic options of blueberry pineapple lemon, lychee lemon kiwi, and lemon lime mint. (For the less adventurous taste buds, there’s also an unflavored variety.) The unusual flavor combinations make the products particularly unique.

Several strengths of the stuff is also on offer, including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg bottles – constituting an all-together highly potent range.

But each of CBDfx’s tinctures contains full-spectrum CBD oil, which means every part of the plant—including all flavonoids, cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC—are included in the mix.

Prices on the line range from $75 for the least potent batch to $160 for the strongest variety.

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