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CBDfx CBD Topicals

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If touch is more important to you than taste, you may be interested in trying a CBD topical. And CBDfx has plenty on offer, allowing users to enjoy the sense in any number of ways.

Included in the wide-ranging line is a number of CBD balms, a CBD skincare line, CBD massage oil and, the most unique on the list, a number of CBD oil facemasks.

Each of the four balms are tailored to induce a different effect, with the entire inventory including a calming balm, muscle relaxing formula, overnight recovery balm, and shea butter citrus variety. Different natural ingredients are blended into the mixes to produce the sensation of stress relief, warm and relax well-used muscles and joints, penetrate more deeply for an overnight repair session and generally make skin soft and smooth. Each tin contains 150mg of CBD oil and sells for $40.

Facemasks include 20mg of CBDfx’s full-spectrum CBD oil as well as a number of natural mixers to refresh, relax and cleanse skin. The line comes in five varieties (aloe vera, rose, charcoal, cucumber and lavender), which sell for $7 each.

For those more dedicated to a personal CBD skin routine, CBDfx has a CBD facial cleanser and serum, blended with Mother Earth-grown ingredients noted for their ability to keep skin healthy and happy. (That includes 50mg of CBD oil in CBDfx’s cleanser—which sells for $40—and 250mg of hemp oil in the serum, which retails for $99.)

And those looking for a bit more decadence may be interested in CBDfx’s CBD massage oil or CBD skincream, which both offer more natural approaches to CBD skincare and sell for $50 and $40, respectively.

Astonishingly, the one common thread among the disparate line is a commitment to toxin-free ingredients. CBDfx’s entire skincare collection is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and almost entirely all-natural. The feat is rarely seen in the regular skincare world and an especially epic achievement in the regulation-free industry of cannabidiol.

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