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CBDistillery CBD Capsules

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Capsules offer a whole different CBD experience, with the pills offering a consistent amount of cannabidiol each and falling neatly into many people’s daily routines, which already include time for taking vitamins or other supplements.

CBD capsules must also pass through the digestive system before hitting the bloodstream, making their effect hit on a delay but last at a lower and slower pace throughout the day.

CBDistillers offers several versions of the product, including CBD capsules that contain both the company’s full-spectrum CBD oil and a CBD isolate—which is THC-free and has nothing in it but the cannabidiol itself.

The product also comes in two forms: softgel and a harder pill, with the softgels made from animal-based gelatin but the hard version comprised of all plant-based—and vegan-friendly—ingredients.

Strength and size vary as well, with 60- and 30-count bottles available for both the isolate and full-spectrum softgels—all of which include 30mg of cannabidiol per pill. The hard capsules come in a 30-count pack and contain 25mg of CBD oil each.

Prices on the entire line range from $50 to $115, depending on strength and size.

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