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Mana Artisan Botanics CBD Tinctures

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Tinctures are often the purest form of cannabidiol product: the bottles rarely include anything more than the CBD oil itself, aside from a carrier oil and an occasional flavor enhancer.

The stripped-down approach may make a tincture seem simple, but it only serves to magnify the details behind its production. And when it comes to Mana Botanicals, even the smallest details hold up under such scrutiny.

The company creates its CBD oil from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado and extracts the cannabidiol with safe and reliable methods. Extensive lab work ordered by Mana bears this clean process out, with all of the company’s products testing negative for heavy metals, microbials, pesticides and other possible contaminants.

Carrier oils used by Mana are equally thoughtful, coming in a macadamia nut or coconut variety and derived from produce provided by local Hawaiian farmers.

And as far as additional mixers, Mana keeps it even more homegrown. The turmeric used in the company’s anti-inflammatory formula comes straight from their own fields. Ditto with the passionflower and Lehua honey used in Mana’s calming CBD oil tincture.

Both tinctures offer 150mg of cannabidiol per ounce and come available in 2oz or 4oz jars, which cost $60 and $110, respectively.

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