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NanoCraft CBD Day CBD Tincture

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This may be one of the best ways to start your morning off right with CBD!

For one, NanoCraft’s Day CBD oil tinctures taste amazing: mint chocolate chip-esque flavor from natural mint and cacao. They make an awesome coffee boost to enhance your latte and tackle the day.

And the reason why you can put these tinctures in your coffee is that like many of NanoCraft’s CBD products, these wellness treats are completely water soluble. Feel free to add to your food or drinks without compromising absorption.

CBD is enough to make you feel good, but these drops also contain B12 (25% of what you need each day in every serving!), ashwagandha, CoQ10, and a bit of organic caffeine to rev the engine. The result is energy and focus that makes morning time the best time.

One bottle of the Day formula contains 300mg of nanoemulsified, broad spectrum CBD for $59.99. Each serving delivers 10mg cannabidiol.

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