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Pulse CBD Review

Pulse CBD seems to be lacking well, a pulse. There is little life to be found on their scant website, and key information isn’t there for consumers to make an informed choice. It could be a simple case of missing information, but even so, it is the duty of CBD vendors to disclose the ingredients in their products, their processes, and their testing protocols. A mission statement or some kind of ethical direction doesn’t hurt, either. We’ll need more information from Pulse CBD other than that they have ‘an elite full spectrum CBD’ that is ‘extremely concentrated’ in order to grant them more badges.

The Pulse CBD brand launched in 2017 and has a 1200-square-foot facility in Doral, Florida open to the public. Interestingly, they also list a UK address and phone number under their contact information, so it appears this is a global enterprise.

It makes sense, since they import their CO2-extracted CBD oil from Holland where the industrial hemp is apparently grown on organic farms. With the exception of their product descriptions, that’s pretty much all the information Pulse CBD gives about their hemp and their operation. There’s no mission statement, testing protocols (although one of their products made by a third party includes a CoA), or other details about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Pulse CBD only manufactures CBD oil to be used sublingually as tinctures or for vaping; the CBD capsules and CBD for pets available on their site are made by ECOSciences. As for Pulse’s CBD oil, they offer full spectrum CBD suspended in MCT oil with natural flavors including dragon passion, mojito, blueberry, and strawberry. Concentrations range from 225 to 1800 mg and run from $50 to $210.

There are additional CBD oil tinctures for sale from Pulse in different packaging that do not list any carrier oil as an ingredient. They cost the same as the MCT oil variety, but the only ingredients listed are ‘enriched proprietary formulated industrial hemp EU,’ natural terpenes, and flavoring. It’s curious that they don’t mention a carrier oil, and it’s anyone’s guess what they’re using.

Our review for Pulse CBD is short because their site is one of the more scant we’ve seen. We have relatively no information about the company and certainly not enough to warrant any of our badges other than Quality. We’re puzzled, and we simply need to know more.

Bottom Line – Pulse CBD provides little information as to their processes and products, and accordingly, we cannot award them more than one badge at this time. We encourage the company to disclose more about what they do and perhaps take a look at some of our higher ranking CBD vendors for direction.

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Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Pulse CBD uses organically grown hemp from Holland and utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction.

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Safety Unverified

Pulse CBD has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Charity Unverified

Pulse CBD has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Unverified

Pulse CBD does not have a verified mission to provide excellence in the CBD market.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Unverified

Pulse CBD has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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Contact Pulse CBD

(786) 703-4948

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Researcher, writer, and life-enhancement expert. My passion for health and wellness, and 15+ years of writing experience, synergize to support consumers worldwide make better shopping decisions. I'm committed to propelling the hemp revolution forward with gusto! Questions? Contact Us.

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Pulse CBD Reviews

  • AvatarECalloway says

    I’m not saying that those who run this site have a vested interest in a different band but there is no way Pulse 225 can be slammed a one star product.
    In the summer of ’19 I went into a shop run by a gentleman has in his words tried them all and researched them all to sell. His store carries two brands. Pulse 225 was the brand he recommended to me. My issue is diabetic nueropathy and I take 100 mg gabapentin. Over the years the pain has begun to get worse and a friend of mind who is a nurse was noticing that I wasn’t walking with much spring in my step. She recommended that I try CBD oil. Upon finding and using Pulse 225 my gate improved greatly and feet were far less painful. My sleep has also improved as have my sometimes painful knees. What makes Pulse 225 so good is the value. I am buying 1330 mg Pulse 225 at the same price must people pay for 100 to 300 mgs in other brands. Potency and value? C’mon man, Pulse is the BOMB!

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