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Pure Ratios Review

Say hello to the most decorated CBD transdermal patches in the biz. Pure Ratios was a pioneer of this delivery system that provides insanely long-lasting relief (up to 96 hours!). While we’re not quite sure the origin of their hemp, the brand makes up for that lack of information in a multitude of ways. We see Pure Ratios as perhaps the best choice for those seeking to attain CBD oil transdermally, which is particularly beneficial for those who need a constant stream of medicine.

Pure Ratios is at the forefront of an innovative delivery method for cannabidiol: transdermal CBD patches. Many Americans have become accustomed to receiving medicine through the skin to deliver relief without involving the digestive process — or uncomfortable injections. Another plus is the extended release which can last up to four days. Just put the patch on (areas with less hair work best) and let the CBD do its work.

As such, this form of intake may help many skeptical individuals overcome their doubt of cannabinoid remedies. Not only did Pure Ratios land the ‘Best Transdermal Patch’ in the 2016 Edibles List Awards, but they also go so far as to list original certificates of analysis for each of their offerings — also including their CBD salves, lip balms, vape products, and lozenges. These pages contain the screening results for common cannabis contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides, and residual solvents and are crucial pieces of information that we use to determine the integrity of a particular company.

Another cool thing about Pure Ratios is their clinic in Desert Hot Springs, California. Here the practitioners who incorporate knowledge from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and functional medicine provide holistic cannabis medical services. They have a complete herbal pharmacy, and Pure Ratios products are researched and tested here through actual hands-on treatments. Pretty neat stuff.

The only way that we feel Pure Ratios could improve is by getting involved in charity and having a discussion about their hemp sourcing and whether full spectrum CBD or isolate is being used. According to test results, it looks like the patches are full spectrum while other products use CBD isolate, but people shouldn’t have to look.

We ALWAYS look. And that’s the great thing about current lab results — we can find answers!

Bottom Line – Pure Ratios is a fantastic place to get potent transdermal patches. We applaud their ardent transparency, premium CBD products, and commitment to all-natural ingredients.

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Badges For Pure Ratios

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Quality Verified

Pure Ratios uses CO2-extracted hemp free of pesticides and solvents in their all-natural CBD products.

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Safety Verified

Pure Ratios posts current independent lab tests for purity and contaminants for each SKU.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Pure Ratios has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Pure Ratios seeks to create integrated cannabis products, treat patients, and educate consumers and practitioners.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Pure Ratios was one of the first in the industry to develop the CBD transdermal patch.

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Pure Ratios Products

Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve

The Pure Ratios topical CBD salve features a luxurious blend of cannabidiol and powerful herbs and oils aimed at stress relief for targeted areas and all-around wellness.

The secret to this anti-stress salve is in the all-natural formula with calendula and rose petals for optimal skin health and anti-inflammatory rockstars like turmeric, ginger, and arnica. Plus, Pure Ratios cannabidiol is frequently tested by independent labs for purity and contaminants, so you know you’re getting quality CBD in each jar.

Ease minor pains, moisturize, and heal distressed skin by applying a small amount to the affected area. A little goes a long way! And remember, the benefits here are twofold: targeted pain/skin issue relief and overall relief, since the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body.

Get the 25ml jar with 150mg CBD for $35 or the larger 50ml container with 300mg CBD at $69.

Pure Ratios CBD Roll-On

Looking for a convenient CBD topical that works fast?

This CBD roll-on involves zero mess; simply keep it on you for targeted CBD pain relief on the go. It’s ridiculously easy! No need to dip your fingers in a jar, and this stuff is less emollient than the CBD salve.

Arnica — a pain-fighting plant used since the Middle Ages — stars in this potent formulation, along with MCT oil, shea butter, and of course, non-GMO, pure cannabidiol.

Keep this roll-on in your gym bag for post-workout goodness or at your desk when those neck and back muscles start to feel strained. You can also use the CBD roll-on as a rapid moisturizer, great for when you’re experiencing minor skin issues.

One Pure Ratios CBD roll-on contains 120mg of CBD and runs $35.

Pure Ratios CBD Topical Hemp Patch

Drum roll please! Say hello to the superstar, the granddaddy of the Pure Ratios lineup, the incomparable transdermal CBD Patch.

Pure Ratios was a CBD patch pioneer, but now there are many for sale online.

However, Pure Ratios is still the king of the CBD patch game with their patent-pending reservoir technology that provides round-the-clock relief for a staggering 96 hours!

Full spectrum cannabidiol is released slowly through the skin and into the bloodstream steadily over a four-day period. These CBD patches are totally waterproof and designed to get you going about your day with discreet and powerful relief.

If you’re looking for CBD for pain or inflammation, this is one of the best options out there, since it doesn’t require multiple dosing throughout the day. CBD patches are also incredibly discreet; you can wear them to work and not worry about taking pills or tinctures.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews — these CBD patches are gamechangers.

Each transdermal patch contains 40mg time-release cannabidiol, and a 5-pack of Pure Ratios CBD patches will run you $75. If you subscribe, you can save an additional 15%.

Pure Ratios CBD Vapes

Are you looking for an all-natural CBD vape oil? Want even more natural benefits each time you hit your pen?

The Pure Ratios CBD vape line has you covered and then some. They offer awesome vape pens with USB chargers starting at $19 that incorporate the latest tech for larger hits and efficiency. And their CBD vape formula is out of this world.

First off, there’s no synthetic weirdness like PG or artificial flavors. Then, you have the added health boosts from ginger, black pine, and turmeric essential oils. Each of these oils contains anti-inflammatory compounds to aid in pain relief and stress reduction. Plus, the experts at Pure Ratios have added cardamom, a pepper that binds with turmeric for better absorption. These people know their stuff.

And finally, the formula tastes great! Mild and all-natural with an earthy, slightly-coconut taste we love. We bet you will too, especially if you don’t dig the crazy artificial flavors in the CBD vape sector like strawberry cheesecake bubblegum surprise. Woof.

Pure Ratios CBD hemp vape cartridges start at $20 for 50mg full spectrum CBD and go all the way up to $68 for 400mg.

Pure Ratios CBD Lip Balm

You can’t go wrong with the Pure Ratios CBD Lip Balm.

It’s all-natural. It’s full spectrum. And surprise! Pretty much every ingredient is organic.

We’re talking about super moisturizers like organic aloe butter, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba seed oil, and more.

A lot of CBD lip balms are made with CBD isolate — which is fine — but this one packs full spectrum CBD oil with a well-rounded cannabinoid profile. In addition to CBD, current third-party tests show the lip balm also contains CBC, CBG, and CBDV. It’s the entourage effect on your lips!

One stick of Pure Ratios CBD lip balm with 20mg is listed online at $10.

Contact Pure Ratios

CALL US AT 1-619-821-2997

About Jason Brett

Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

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Pure Ratios Reviews

  • AvatarDiane Crowell Peña says

    Where can I get your black label patches. They work so much better & longer?

  • AvatarEleazar Garnica says

    I received my patch two days ago and put it on right away but so far there is no pain relief. I called to get a refund but the lady I spoke to just gave me a bunch of excusees to not give me a refund, so I give this patch a zero star and this company also a zero star. I am going to tell all me friends what about my experience.

  • AvatarFeliciana Duran says

    I ordered from them ONCE and have been billed 9 times since. I attempted to contact the company to put a stop to it and have yet to hear back from anyone or recieve a refund.

  • AvatarMadeline says

    I am using the patches, only one at a time on my shoulder, it is staying on, (I really like how these go on, thanks) but so far after the 96 hours, I am ready to put another on. So far I have received 5 patches and I have the bottle of oil. Halfway into my bottle, this is working better than anything I have used to date. I will be ordering more oil but have enough patches.
    Thanks, but I have a question about your delivery system.

  • AvatarLynn Holden says

    I ordered your patch and elixer. Unfortunately, the patch didn’t work for me. However, I did like the elixer. I can not figure out how to reorder that.

  • Avatarvicki hayes says

    This company puts people on autoship unauthorized and then you can’t contact them. They will not respond to emails and I sent the patches back and no refund so now I have to dispute the charge. They have questionable practices and I have seen other people with the same problem on facebook until they block you from commenting on their ads. I did get a few comments in first and others replied that the same thing happened to them. Do not order from these people. The patches didn’t work for me either.(first order). They sent the second order in about two weeks without my consent and when I tried to stop it, they wouldn’t respond. I did get through on the phone once and the person said I would get an email that would confirm that I wouldn’t receive any more. They also told me that they didn’t do full refunds and I said that was unacceptable. After that no emails or responses from them.

  • AvatarBETHANY ATKINS says

    I ordered the CBD patches. Never received responses to my emails concerning not having received my order or not being able to get into my account. In fact when I went in to my supposed account it says I had never placed an order even though they quickly took out the $90+ out of my account. I’ve requested my account to be closed and a full refund.

  • Avatarila gross says

    I need a workable phone number for pure ratio. the one I have is a nonworking number. please provide a current correct nuber.

  • AvatarRhonda Dearaujo says

    I do massage therapy and I’m testing the samples I recieved from you. I’m very excited, and hopeful! Love to receive a catalogue of all your products.stay tuned I’ll be back in 96 hours

  • AvatarDoreen says

    I have terrible nerve pain in my legs due to MS.
    I can’t say if the patches worked or not they were
    So small and didn’t come off the paper backing very well. Overall I was disappointed

  • AvatarDoris Pittman says

    Please do not send me any more patches of cbd or oils. They are not helping me with my pain.
    Thank you, Doris Pittman
    1511 Woodbine Drive
    Washington, Il 61571

  • AvatarAmanda says

    The old patches used to stick to my skin for almost a week. The new ones dont even stay for 6 hours.

  • AvatarMaria says

    I use the CBD patches for fibromyalgia,RLS, endometriosis, and chronic pain. My dad uses them for arthritis. We both love them. The website can be confusing, but if you contact them they are wonderful. They ship really fast.

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