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Quicksilver Scientific Review

Quicksilver Scientific easily has one of the most scientifically literate and generally informative websites we’ve ever seen. (It could seriously double as a retail site and a crash course in biology). And its products are very much the product of a lab, with founder Dr. Christopher Shade formulating the line of CBD oils and capsules specifically to eradicate toxins from the body, help maintain that newly-cleansed biology, then elevate cognitive and physical performance as well as stress relief, with help from the natural benefits of cannabidiol. Customers can get help from licensed practitioners to create a personalized detoxification routine or buy items piecemeal directly from the site.

There are plenty of scientific words and references on Quicksilver Scientific’s site, and they’re all indicative of a biologically sound product.

That’s perhaps because the company got its start in the science world. It’s founder, Dr. Christopher Shade, has a deep background in sustainability—in both organic and biodynamic farming practices—as well as holistic nutrition. (Growing up in a steel town rife with environmental issues, Dr. Shade says he was “inspired by philosophy, guided by science, and driven to create” something that would help ease or erase the health issues tied to environmental pollutants).

The result is a line of CBD oil products that serve to detoxify, stabilize, and build up the body and mind, aided by Quicksilver’s trademarked nanoparticle technology, which maximizes the cannabidiol’s bioavailability. (The science behind the whole process is, naturally, explained in some detail on the website. But don’t worry—even that explanation gets explained in the detailed Q&A section).

Products are specifically designed to aid customers in three steps: First, to detoxify and break the body free of any dysfunctional patterns (typically immune imbalances caused by environmental toxicity); secondly, to maintain this new “normal” once the body has been detoxified; and then to boost to the next level of cognitive and physical performance or stress relief.

Licensed practitioners are available to help customers evaluate their current health conditions and future health goals, and set a personalized course forward, in terms of the product type, strength, and length of use to help an individual reach those aims. Items can also be purchased individually and without consultation.

The array of CBD oil items for sale carry, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite scientific-sounding names, but the company includes deeply detailed descriptions of each, as well as a full list of ingredients. Unfortunately, one thing not included are any third-party testing results, though the company says each of its cannabidiol batches is tested for potency as well as heavy metals, microbials, pesticides, and residue. (This being a company built on the idea of detoxification, one would hope—if not assume—those results hit the mark; we just need to see them before awarding our all-important safety badge).

Items range from cannabidiol-infused serums to CBD oil to CBD vitamins and tablets, with prices ranging from $33 to $80. Several detoxification “qubes,” or kits, are also available, from $120 to $895, though it’s strongly recommended that the most powerful and complex of these only be sold to—or with the consultation of—a practitioner. (There are also a number of kits available to test the level of mercury and other toxins in the body, retailing for $225 to $540).

All of Quicksilver’s products (as well as some for other major CBD brands) are manufactured on site in Lafayette, Colorado—not far from where its hemp is sourced, the company says, though we don’t see many details about the growing process. (With Dr. Shade’s background in organic farming, we’d tend to think things are all above board, but unfortunately, we can’t issue our quality badge without seeing it in writing).

Still, the science of cannabidiol and all its benefits—and a general expertise in biology—shines all the way through this elegant and informative site.

Bottom Line – Quicksilver Scientific offers one of the most impressive packages of products we’ve ever seen, with an innovative eye on helping customers detoxify and rejuvenate their minds and bodies with the help of CBD. Though, the site does have some big and unfortunate blind spots, for our measure of greatness: There’s little information to be found on the CBD specifically, including where or how the hemp is farmed. And all-important results of third-party lab tests are also absent. While we believe these products are almost certainly safe and of high quality, we just can’t award those badges without seeing the written proof, which is a shame, because we’d love to give this company a higher score for all its scientific soundness.

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Quicksilver Scientific creates products to help remove toxins from the body, naturally, and restore the wellness and balance of both body and mind that the company considers to be each of our birthright.

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Quicksilver Scientific utilizes a three-step process to help its customers detoxify, build and maintain a new normal, and elevate their health even further from that point. Trademarked nanoparticle technology also allows for the company’s products to offer a huge amount of bioavailability.

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