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Receptra Naturals

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Receptra Naturals Review

Meet one of the most trusted domestic CBD brands with impeccable organic ingredients and superstar full spectrum cannabidiol. Touting family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp and a genuine ethos, Receptra is a breath of fresh air! They use only hand-selected hemp in their CBD oil products, offering enormous benefit over conventional mass harvesting. Overall, Receptra Naturals is an excellent choice for those seeking a safe, unique CBD product grown right here in the USA!

The truth is curative

We love what Rusty Scott, Founder of Receptra Naturals, has to say about how his company does business:

“Receptra’s guiding principle is simple: the truth is curative.”

The Receptra team doesn’t count serial entrepreneurs or social media influencers among their members. Rather, they pride themselves on being a group of ‘fighters’, dead set on bringing the natural benefits of high-grade CBD to the people that need it the most. 

And the grassroots spirit of the Receptra brand is evident in how the successful brand still does business today. They continue to pride themselves on their organic, family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp with proprietary genetics— the same as when they started.

Premium sourcing and processing

Something that truly sets Receptra apart from the rest of the pack, however, is their decision to use only premium parts of the hemp plant for their concoctions. Receptra strictly uses hemp flower— known for higher levels of cannabinoids than stalks and stems— in their cannabidiol. Furthermore, each plant is hand-selected by an expert, offering a huge quality benefit over standardized mass harvesting. 

After harvest, Receptra uses food-grade alcohol extraction to procure their full spectrum CBD oil. Their fastidious care for their hemp plants earns the company both the Quality Badge and the Innovation Badge.

Receptra’s CBD products

As for the CBD catalog, the brand sums it up in one sentence— Rest. Relax. Relief. Receptra.

Based on customer feedback, Receptra targets their CBD products to the common wellness issues that prompt people to search for CBD in the first place. Receptra’s products, including CBD drops, capsules, and topicals fall into the three above categories. 

Each formulation contains organic ingredients to support sleep health, stress support, and pain relief, respectively. Receptra also offers CBD drops for pets, so your furry friend is covered.

Good news— Receptra only uses 100% natural ingredients. And we’re impressed with the amount of organic ingredients in the line, including organic terpenes like linalool, oils, and potent botanicals. In fact, all the carrier oils in the Receptra line are certified organic for the win!

Accurate dosing

Another thing we’re super-keen on in the Receptra line is the strong attention to dosing. There’s a lot of confusion in the CBD space around dosing, especially for newcomers. Receptra helps people stay on top things by labelling their CBD drops by serving size and repetitively educating consumers about how much CBD is in each product. We love it!

Bottom Line 

Overall, Receptra is one of our top choices for those seeking a safe, unique CBD product that is not only full of good vibes, but grown right here in the USA. We can’t say enough good things about what they do.

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Badges For Receptra Naturals

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Receptra Naturals uses family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp for their products, and food-grade alcohol extraction to make their CBD oil.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Receptra Naturals provides current third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Receptra Naturals donates portions of their proceeds to nonprofits and offers a veterans discount program.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Receptra Naturals is committed to offering the most potent CBD products available; their various harvesting techniques and product formulations are a testament to this.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Receptra Naturals hand-selects each plant when it is time for harvesting, offering a huge quality benefit over mass collection methods.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Receptra Naturals Coupon Code

Save 10% on Receptra's complete catalog of quality Colorado grown CBD hemp oil products.

Doesn't expire

Receptra Naturals Products

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Receptra Naturals Receptra™ Pet

There are so many benefits to giving pets CBD. First off, (assuming you’ve picked the right brand) it’s an all-natural way to address a myriad of health issues like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. CBD oil is also an affordable alternative to regular pharmaceuticals and trips to the vet. Many people all over the world are discovering how this healing oil can give their pets relief and a higher quality of life.

The Receptra CBD pet line of tinctures is formulated for furry friends to digest and absorb their cannabidiol easily. Added organic MCT oil contributes to additional natural benefits, especially for skin and coat. Purity aside, we really like the way Receptra makes serving size clear and easy. Their original CBD pet formula contains 15mg of CBD per dropperful and comes in three sizes. Ipso facto, the concentration doesn’t change, just the amount that you’re buying. The large breed formula for bigger pets has a higher dosage at 22mg of CBD per serving and only comes in one size.

Milligrams, milliliters, it can all get confusing, but with Receptra, you can trust accuracy with what you get every time. And that’s something that can definitely help us help the animals we love. Get the original CBD oil tinctures for pets in a 15ml bottle for $24.95, 30ml bottle for $44.95, or 60ml bottle for $79.95. The large breed formula is $67.95 for a 30ml bottle with 750mg CBD.

Receptra Naturals Serious Relax + Lavender Body Oil

Our Serious Relax + Lavender Body Oil has been formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that soothe tension and moisturize skin, promoting a healthy balance for body and mind.

This full spectrum CBD body oil is naturally scented with lavender and vanilla, contains arnica oil for tension relief, and moisturizes skin with a combination of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Camphor – perfect for everyday use or anytime relaxation is needed.

Life’s daily stresses can come at you hard, and often take a physical toll. Your tension, tightness, aches, and pains from a body and mind in overdrive can make it hard to get the relaxation you need and deserve. Take some time to seriously relax.

Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax Gel Capsules 25mg

Our Serious Relax CBD Gel Capsules have been formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that promote a healthy balance for body and mind so you can claim victory all day long.

These minimal-ingredient CBD gel capsules contain MCT oil and full spectrum hemp extract to keep you focused while providing a natural defense for life’s daily stresses. CBD capsules are a great on-the-go option.

You’re always thinking of all the big and little details, so you understand how hard it is to relax a brain that’s always in overdrive. Your everyday battles need a cool, calm, and collected fighter.

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Receptra Naturals Serious Releif + Tumeric 33mg

Our Serious Relief + Turmeric CBD tincture has been formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that promote recovery and relief from physical demands, discomfort, and life’s everyday battles.

This CBD tincture contains MCT oil, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, turmeric, and avocado oil that supports more focused energy, positive metabolic impact, and faster recovery, empowering healthy lifestyles, moderate to serious workout warriors, and those with physical discomfort.

You’re your own toughest competition, mentally and especially physically. But whether it’s at the gym or through general discomfort, always pushing yourself harder doesn’t have to be synonymous with “no pain, no gain.” Your relief needs to meet you at the bar you’ve raised.

Receptra Naturals Serious Relief Targeted Topical 400mg

Formulated for those with concerns about THC use due to employment regulations or other limitations.

Our Serious Relief + Arnica 0% THC CBD hemp Targeted Topical™ has been formulated with broad spectrum CBD to target irritated areas of your body with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that promote speedy recovery and relief from life’s everyday battles.

This all-natural 0% THC CBD hemp topical contains arnica and jojoba to help minimize swelling and inflammation. Naturally scented with soothing jasmine, ylang ylang, and camphor to promote efficient recovery for muscles and joints and to open up pores for better delivery.

No matter what age you feel on the inside, an active and well-lived life can come with aches, pains, and discomfort on the outside. Your relief and recovery need to meet you at the bar you’ve raised.

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[email protected]

About Jason Brett

Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

Receptra Naturals Coupon Code

Save 10% on Receptra's complete catalog of quality Colorado grown CBD hemp oil products.

Doesn't expire

Receptra Naturals Reviews

  • AvatarKevin says

    Looking for a clean cbd oil to help with insomnia and arthritis pain
    Any thoughts would be great
    Thank you for your support

  • AvatarAmy S. Rossow says


  • Avatarcarlos says

    is your cbd weird looking? I got the pro 60mg and it looks sort of orange yellow thick tincture looking…is that because of the tumeric? I was expecting something clear looking with a tint of color

  • AvatarSandra Rechisky says

    Good morning. I have been using Hemoworx CBD75, 4-6 dtops 2 x a day,for 3 weeks for a 20 yr history of chronic hip,and leg pain. I jabe had So far I have no relief but I plan to continue so I can stop taking opiods. What would you advise?

  • AvatarNick says

    Lois, how is your husband? I’m just a stranger, but if you see this comment, I wanted to know how you two are doing. Please be well.

  • AvatarShirley says

    Re: “Lois” Dec. 2017
    Her question was regarding tremors which I also have.
    How often & how much to take of CBD, noticed her question was not answered, can you answer it now ?

  • AvatarLenny says

    This is the best CBD I’ve found for recovery from sports related injuries. I started with the Topical which worked wonders, but have now started using the Pro as well. I find that I use less topical because the oil almost immediately reduced my pain and inflammation.

  • AvatarGregory Lorenzen says

    looking for relief for my mini-poodle w/torn ACL , on anti-inflammatory now but worried about long term..

  • AvatarWendy says

    I have tried many CBD’s most of them just made me nauseous,tasted horrid and or just wasn’t working for me. With Receptra it’s my go to CBD instead of reaching for other forms of pain relief, also I can use this CBD on the dog when July 4th rolls around and I’m scraping her off the walls from the fireworks…..I’m done looking for new CBD’s when Receptra works just fine for us.

  • AvatarLois says

    my husband has tremors very bad, head and hands. how much and how often should I give him CBD oil and how fast will it take hold.

  • AvatarLois says

    please help me, my husband has tremors very bad from they say, mini stokes. his head and hands are totally out of control. Please assist me in purchasing your product that will help him. they tell me I am going to lose him but I refuse to give up.

  • AvatarRick Weissman says

    I have been using REceptra for about a month, as well as my wife who has chronic hip pain, and we have both been finding relief within 2 days of starting the regimen. We also have a cousin with irritable bowel syndrome, is also finding a drop in her pain levels

  • AvatarNancy says

    I’ve researched CBD extensively and find Receptra to be the highest quality I could find.

    I’ve been using it for over a year and really like that I can find the lab tests on their website.

    Very good customer service too.

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