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Receptra Naturals Key Highlights

Meet one of the most trusted domestic CBD brands with impeccable organic ingredients and superstar full-spectrum cannabidiol. Touting family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp and a genuine ethos, Receptra is a breath of fresh air! They use only hand-selected hemp in their CBD oil products, offering enormous benefits over conventional mass harvesting. Overall, Receptra Naturals is an excellent choice for those seeking safe, unique CBD products.

Receptra Naturals Pros

  • Highly potent
  • CBD is grown and made in the USA
  • CBD made from hemp flowers
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Full-spectrum
  • Accurate dosing
  • Extensively tested for safety and purity

Receptra Naturals Cons

  • No 0% THC products
  • Limited product line

Receptra Naturals Coupon

Save 10% on Receptra's complete catalog of quality Colorado grown CBD hemp oil products.

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Our Verdict

A 5/5 Badge Brand

Because Receptra Naturals demonstrates excellence in the fields of Quality, Safety, Mission, Charity, and Innovation, the brand earns a perfect score of 5 with our methodology. Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned.

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Receptra Naturals sources sustainably grown hemp flowers from Colorado and employ a food-grade ethanol extraction method.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Receptra Naturals provides up-to-date, independent lab tests for both purity and potency for all their CBD products.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Receptra Naturals donates a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits and offers a military discount program.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Receptra Naturals is committed to offering the most potent CBD products available; their various harvesting techniques and product formulations are a testament to this.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Receptra Naturals hand-selects each plant when it is time for harvesting, offering a huge quality benefit over mass collection methods.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Pricing and Value

*Pricing and value reflect status on date of published review and are subject to change.

Receptra Naturals prices fall at the average point for organic hemp CBD products. While they don’t currently offer subscribe & save options, Receptra Naturals gives you FREE shipping on all domestic orders. All in all, their targeted formulas with additions like turmeric and CBN are highly affordable compared to other quality CBD products on the market.

Receptra Naturals price point starts at $17.99 for their CBD + arnica body oil to $229.99 for their jumbo 2oz Relief CBD tinctures.

Strength and Efficiency

We consider Receptra Naturals one of the best when it comes to efficiency, especially concerning their Relief CBD tinctures with turmeric. Because they only use hemp flowers to make their CBD oil, their full-spectrum products contain more cannabinoids at greater concentrations than what we usually see in the industry. To see test results for a particular Receptra CBD product, enter the QR code or check the product page of the website.

What makes Receptra Naturals stand out as a CBD company?

Receptra Naturals is one of the few CBD companies to exclusively use all-natural ingredients. Since most people are looking for CBD as a more natural alternative to opioids, OTC medications, etc., it’s refreshing when a vendor goes all the way by refusing to include the unnatural fillers. Big points for quality and health consciousness here.

Potency is the name of the game for most people looking for a CBD product; everyone wants something that will actually work. Receptra Naturals has received glowing reviews, not only from us, for their CBD oil that’s exclusively made from hemp flowers. Compared to stalks and stems, the flower part of the hemp plant has more cannabinoids per surface area. Receptra Naturals only uses proprietary genetics, meaning you can look forward to consistency with every CBD product. The same potent strain of hemp is used for the entire catalog!

Dosing CBD accurately continues to be an elusive concept, with many newbies and regular users alike feeling confused as to how much CBD they’re actually getting from their products. Receptra Naturals did a total re-branding a while back to nip this problem in the bud. With every single supplement from Receptra, dosing is right on the packaging! Users never have to wonder how much CBD is in each dose; ipso facto, no more math equations or guessing games.

What are the best Receptra Naturals products on the market right now?

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Staff Pick

Receptra Naturals Serious Relief + Turmeric Tincture

  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 33 mg/dose or 66 mg/dose
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

COR staffer Cathy Rozyczko tried this CBD product. Here’s what she has to say:

“I have tried over 5 brands of CBD tinctures: all organic, all all-natural, all from reputable companies. For whatever reason (obviously, I am not a cannabinoid scientist and cannot make a real claim), Receptra’s Relief tinctures are the only ones I have used that help me deal with anxiety. I’ve played around with the dosage a lot, and I have found that when I get that ‘panicky’-anxiety feeling, between 2-3 doses of Receptra Relief will knock it out. That equates to taking between 66-99mg at one time.

I think this may be due to the potency from the proprietary genetics and hemp flowers used by Receptra. Then again, I have tried brands that also use these. The secret may lie in the turmeric that’s included? Whatever the reason, I keep these tinctures nearby. I admittedly don’t use them everyday, as this could get expensive and I don’t suffer from symptoms every single day.

This obviously is not medical advice, just my personal experience with experimentation and dosage. Trying out a few reputable CBD brands and playing with the dosage a bit should land you on a product that will work.”

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Best CBD Topical

Receptra Naturals Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical

  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 400mg or 800mg jar
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Aside from their Relief CBD tinctures, Receptra’s Relief CBD balm is definitely the most popular product in the catalog. This all-natural, healing balm is consistently rated at the top of CBD topicals lists by review sites, and the reviews are glowing. Going back to personal experience, I take this CBD balm with me whenever I travel. It’s perfect for bug bites and little rashes that pop up in the tropics or high altitudes. It smells mild and isn’t greasy at all. Plus, a little goes a long way!

Use code COR10 at checkout Shop Receptra Naturals
Best for Sleep

Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Gummies

  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25mg/gummy in jars of 30 gummies
  • Price: $$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Gummies are popular for a few reasons. For one, they taste great. They’re also an easy way to get your CBD on before sleep; simply put a jar on your nightstand for a restful treat! Also, these CBD gummies are vegan-friendly, with no gelatin used in their production. Interestingly, Receptra does not include melatonin in their formula, mainly because most melatonin on the market is produced synthetically. Rather than compromising their all-natural ethos, the brand has chosen to leave it out. Users online agree that their Serious Rest CBD gummies are great for getting more ZZZs. No melatonin necessary.

Use code COR10 at checkout Shop Receptra Naturals
Best CBD Capsules

Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax Gel Capsules

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25mg/capsule
  • Price: $$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Our pick for the best CBD in pill form from the Receptra Naturals line is their Seriously Relax gel capsules. Like many of the products from Receptra, these include the organic-ingredient combo of oils and botanicals the brand is known for. And because Receptra exclusively uses the flower part of the hemp plant, you can look forward to potency and entourage effect. Each capsule contains 25mg full spectrum CBD oil and can be taken with or without food. If you need a bit more support or help relaxing, Receptra recommends taking an additional capsule for enhanced effects. Perfect for travelling and dosing on the go, Receptra’s Seriously Relax gel capsules seriously don’t disappoint. 

Product Catalog Overview

Here’s a list of the types of CBD products Receptra Naturals offers in their online catalog:

Receptra Naturals has really solid practices that somehow synergistically work together to create potent CBD products. For one, all the ingredients in the line are 100% natural and most are certified organic. In fact, part of the magic of Receptra’s products comes from their carefully selected ingredients. Heavily studied superfoods like turmeric and valerian root are included in formulas that target what ails you. All to promote a synergistic effect, in addition to the entourage effect.

The Receptra Naturals CBD product catalog is a blend of tried-and-true concepts and uniquely targeted combinations. Here’s what to expect from their CBD supplements:

  • Shop by FORMULAS
    Each of Receptra’s CBD products are crafted using one of three formulas. They do this in the interest of helping people target specifically what ails them, versus blindly shopping for CBD for pain, sleep, etc. with catch-all formulations. Therefore, when you’re buying from Receptra, you can zero in on the following three formulas:
  1. Relief– The Relief formula from Receptra uses their full-spectrum CBD to target pain and inflammation. If you’re looking for CBD to help you with these issues, the Relief formulation which includes additional anti-inflammatory ingredients is an excellent option.
  2. Rest– Many users around the world hail CBD for its benefits regarding sleep health. Numerous studies have shown that CBD may help you get a better night’s rest, so if that’s your end-game, go for the Rest formula.
  3. Relax– The Relax formula is going to include other all-natural ingredients that help alleviate the symptoms of stress. With more and more people turning to CBD for anxiety and related mental health issues, Relax from Receptra is a great option for those of us who need a little help in the unwinding department.
  • CBD tinctures remain one of the most popular CBD products out there for their accessibility; they’re easy to use and absorb relatively quickly. Receptra offers CBD tinctures in all three of their formulas with added superfoods like chamomile to promote targeted relief.
  • Receptra makes CBD capsules in their Rest and Relax formulas that are perfect for traveling and on-the-go dosing. FYI, these contain bovine gelatin, so vegans might want to pass on this one.
  • Receptra also makes delicious CBD gummies in the Relief and Rest formulas. The Relief gummies come in a ginger-peach flavor with both ginger and turmeric extract for added anti-inflammatory properties. With the Serious Rest CBD gummies, you can look forward to a tasty strawberry flavor.
  • CBD topicals are notorious industry-wide for containing not-so-natural ingredients, which is why the topical line from Receptra is a breath of fresh air! All-natural ingredients complement the cannabidiol in Receptra’s healing CBD balms and their relaxing body oil.
  • Finally, Receptra offers CBD tinctures for pets in two dosing options: one for larger animals like big dogs and livestock and the other more suited for felines and small pets.

What you should know before buying CBD from Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals’ Reputation

Receptra Naturals has rightfully earned a reputation for being trustworthy and transparent. Their manufacturing facilities hold cGMP certification, and their decision to use all-natural ingredients makes many users feel more comfortable trying out all their products. Receptra Naturals’ reputation for having safe, super-potent CBD products is most likely due to these 4 factors:

  1. Full-spectrum verified- Lab tests confirm that Receptra Naturals’ cannabidiol is indeed full-spectrum, with multiple cannabinoids and terpenes present.
  2. Proprietary genetics- This means you’re getting roughly the same cannabinoid concentrations every time.
  3. CBD from hemp flowers- The flower part of the hemp plant contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids, and Receptra exclusively uses hemp flowers to procure their CBD oil.
  4. ‘Old School’ practices- Receptra does a few things the old school way when it comes to the growing and harvesting of their hemp. Their CBD comes from hemp flowers that are grown organically and hand-shucked on their own family farm in Colorado. For processing, Receptra also keeps things simple by using cold, food-grade ethanol extraction.
  5. Turmeric- Receptra includes organic turmeric in a lot of their formulas. Because turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory, it may add to the inflammation-fighting benefits of CBD in the products.

Receptra Naturals Awards and Recognitions

While Receptra Naturals does not currently have USDA organic certification, most of their ingredients are certified organic. Because of their 100% natural ingredients and potent CBD oil, Receptra Naturals has received positive nods from major media outlets, including USA Today, Forbes, and LA Weekly.

About the Company/Who stands behind Receptra Naturals?

Rusty Scott, Founder of Receptra Naturals, has this to say about how his company does business: “Receptra’s guiding principle is simple: the truth is curative.” The Receptra team doesn’t count serial entrepreneurs or social media influencers among their members. Rather, they pride themselves on being a group of ‘fighters’, dead-set on bringing the natural benefits of high-grade CBD to the people that need it the most. The grassroots spirit of the Receptra brand is evident in how the successful company still does business today. They continue to pride themselves on their organic, family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp with proprietary genetics— the same as when they started.

Receptra Naturals At-A-Glance

  • Date founded: 2015
  • Hemp Sourcing: USA
  • Where products are manufactured: Colorado, USA
  • CBD extraction method: Cold ethanol extraction
  • Extract types: Pure extract from CBD hemp flowers
  • Types of CBD oil offered: Full-spectrum CBD
  • Receptra Naturals Coupon Code: COR15 for 15% off at checkout
  • Shipping Info: FREE SHIPPING on all US orders

We Reviewed Receptra Naturals Lab Results and Here’s What We Found

Receptra Naturals receives the COR Safety Badge for their excellence in third-party testing!

>> Click here to see all Receptra Naturals lab results <<

Receptra Naturals posts current tests for potency and contaminants for all their CBD products. You can find them on the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) Page as well as linked on every Product Page. Every Receptra Naturals CBD product comes with a QR code which will make it easy to view results on your smartphone.

Potency results for Receptra Naturals CBD products are extremely promising. Current cannabinoid profiles show the presence of multiple cannabinoids in addition to CBD, including CBDV, CBG, and a strikingly high concentration of CBC, higher than what we normally see in a full-spectrum product.

Importantly, Receptra Naturals runs all the contaminants tests needed to prove each and every CBD product is safe. The brand usually employs the services of Pacific Botanical Laboratories for all their third-party testing.

A Closer Look at Their Hemp Source and Manufacturing Process

Receptra Naturals sources CBD from their own organic hemp farm in Colorado. The team takes care of growing and harvesting hemp flowers by hand, not a commonplace practice in the big CBD business. While we can’t say for sure what factors are responsible for Receptra’s high-potency CBD oil, hand-tending the hemp plants certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s refreshing to see companies going the extra mile for their plants, and it’s a strong indicator of quality.

To extract CBD oil from their organically grown (aka non-GMO and no pesticides) hemp flowers, Receptra does things the old school way with food-grade ethanol. With this CBD extraction method, dry hemp flowers are washed with alcohol, which later evaporates. What emerges is a gooey, whole-plant extract. Vanilla extractors use a similar method.

At that point, Receptra runs a full panel contaminants test. Afterward, the CBD extract is then formulated into products like CBD tinctures and more.

Receptra will then run an additional, third-party lab test for all the final CBD products before they hit the shelves.

  • Geographic Hemp Source: Colorado, USA
  • CBD Extraction Method: Cold ethanol extraction

How to make the most out of your purchase?

Where to buy Receptra Naturals products

Receptra Naturals offers a wholesale program for organizations that are aligned with their overall mission and ethos. You can find their CBD products at brick-and-mortar locations in North America and Europe in places like health and wellness stores and yoga studios. There are also a few grocery stores and bigger-name retailers that carry Receptra Naturals supplements.

Receptra Naturals Shipping Info

Receptra Naturals ships throughout the US and to certain countries. Receptra Naturals offers FREE SHIPPING on all US orders; no minimums.

Receptra Naturals Rewards Program

Receptra Naturals offers a lucrative rewards program that’s easy to join. First, sign up on the website to join the rewards program. Then, every time you shop, you will receive rewards points. You can then redeem these points during the checkout process for exclusive discounts. Customers will also receive a $21 discount each time they refer a new customer, who will receive $20 off their first order. It pays to shop with Receptra because they treat their loyal customers well!

Customer Service

We give Receptra Naturals an A for their customer service. They are known to respond quickly and will usually resolve any issue within 2 days or less. The best part is obviously their free shipping on all US orders! No minimums, just fast, free shipping. Plus, Receptra has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that helps people buy with ease. To get in touch with Receptra and speak to a nice person, you can reach them at 833-223-5434 from 7:30-6:00 MST Monday-Friday. On Saturday, their hours are from 8:30 to 12:00 pm. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on their Contact Page or email [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Return Policy

All Receptra Naturals CBD products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you want to return a Receptra Naturals product, email the company at [email protected] or via the Contact Page on their website for a full refund.

Receptra Naturals Review Wrap-up

Overall, Receptra is one of our top choices for those seeking a safe, unique CBD product that is not only full of good vibes but grown right here in the USA. We can’t say enough good things about what they do. By using organic ingredients, organic hemp sourcing, tending to their hemp crops by hand, and more, Receptra exhibits an attention to detail and a commitment to the environment. You won’t find any scary, unnatural ingredients, and the potency of their Relief CBD tinctures with turmeric is something that’s hard to find. There’s really no downside here unless you are looking for a product made from CBD isolate (something they don’t offer).

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use Receptra Naturals CBD products?

Receptra Naturals doesn’t give specific CBD dosage guidelines for humans, but they do give some details on pet dosage on their FAQ Page. At COR, our Serving Standard is 25mg of CBD, taken twice daily. That said, if you are new to CBD oil, start slow. Slowly increase until you achieve the desired effects. And remember, this is NOT medical advice! If you’re legitimately hesitant about taking CBD oil for any reason, contact your health practitioner.

Are there any side effects?

CBD has not been known to have any significant side effects, but consult your physician if you are starting a new health regimen.

Can you use Receptra Naturals for dogs or cats (pets)?

Yes. You can find CBD for pets from Receptra Naturals, specifically their CBD tinctures in two concentrations. The brand recommends you use the larger dose for bigger animals and the smaller dose bottle on pets like felines and small dogs.

What types of CBD oil does Receptra Naturals offer?

Receptra Naturals claims to exclusively use full-spectrum CBD oil in all their products, but it appears they do use a broad spectrum CBD distillate in a couple of their topicals.

Does Receptra Naturals offer organic products?

While Receptra Naturals uses organic growing practices for their CBD hemp and includes mostly organic ingredients in their catalog, they do not currently have USDA organic certification on any of their supplements.

Do they offer discounts or coupons for veterans?

Yes, Receptra Naturals offers a permanent discount for all military and veterans.

Can you find Receptra Naturals CBD in the UK?

Yes, Receptra Naturals products are available in the UK.

At-a-glance FAQs

  • Does Receptra Naturals offer organic products? No
  • Offers Veteran/military discount? Yes
  • Offers discount for students? No
  • Does Receptra Naturals have a rewards program? Yes
  • Does Receptra Naturals offer subscribe & ship options? No
  • Does Receptra Naturals ship outside of the USA? Yes
  • Does Receptra Naturals offer free shipping? Yes
  • Money back guarantee? Yes
  • Is Receptra Naturals on Amazon? No
  • Is Receptra Naturals on Walmart? Yes
  • Is Receptra Naturals full-spectrum? Yes
  • Is Receptra Naturals all-natural? Yes
  • Does Receptra Naturals sell CBD in bulk? No
  • Does Receptra Naturals offer wholesale and/or white-label? Yes
  • Is it an MLM? No
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Receptra Naturals Reviews

  • AvatarKevin says

    Looking for a clean cbd oil to help with insomnia and arthritis pain
    Any thoughts would be great
    Thank you for your support

  • AvatarAmy S. Rossow says


  • Avatarcarlos says

    is your cbd weird looking? I got the pro 60mg and it looks sort of orange yellow thick tincture looking…is that because of the tumeric? I was expecting something clear looking with a tint of color

  • AvatarSandra Rechisky says

    Good morning. I have been using Hemoworx CBD75, 4-6 dtops 2 x a day,for 3 weeks for a 20 yr history of chronic hip,and leg pain. I jabe had So far I have no relief but I plan to continue so I can stop taking opiods. What would you advise?

  • AvatarNick says

    Lois, how is your husband? I’m just a stranger, but if you see this comment, I wanted to know how you two are doing. Please be well.

  • AvatarShirley says

    Re: “Lois” Dec. 2017
    Her question was regarding tremors which I also have.
    How often & how much to take of CBD, noticed her question was not answered, can you answer it now ?

  • AvatarLenny says

    This is the best CBD I’ve found for recovery from sports related injuries. I started with the Topical which worked wonders, but have now started using the Pro as well. I find that I use less topical because the oil almost immediately reduced my pain and inflammation.

  • AvatarGregory Lorenzen says

    looking for relief for my mini-poodle w/torn ACL , on anti-inflammatory now but worried about long term..

  • AvatarWendy says

    I have tried many CBD’s most of them just made me nauseous,tasted horrid and or just wasn’t working for me. With Receptra it’s my go to CBD instead of reaching for other forms of pain relief, also I can use this CBD on the dog when July 4th rolls around and I’m scraping her off the walls from the fireworks…..I’m done looking for new CBD’s when Receptra works just fine for us.

  • AvatarLois says

    my husband has tremors very bad, head and hands. how much and how often should I give him CBD oil and how fast will it take hold.

  • AvatarLois says

    please help me, my husband has tremors very bad from they say, mini stokes. his head and hands are totally out of control. Please assist me in purchasing your product that will help him. they tell me I am going to lose him but I refuse to give up.

  • AvatarRick Weissman says

    I have been using REceptra for about a month, as well as my wife who has chronic hip pain, and we have both been finding relief within 2 days of starting the regimen. We also have a cousin with irritable bowel syndrome, is also finding a drop in her pain levels

  • AvatarNancy says

    I’ve researched CBD extensively and find Receptra to be the highest quality I could find.

    I’ve been using it for over a year and really like that I can find the lab tests on their website.

    Very good customer service too.

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