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Savage CBD™

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Savage CBD™ Review

Savage CBD knows that life throws curveballs, so they want to provide the world CBD products that restore balance and up quality of life. We love this sentiment; it’s refreshing and honest. All in all, we think Savage CBD is doing a good job covering their bases — their testing protocols are good, they offer veterans discounts, and they have a good range of both isolate and full spectrum CBD products. But we’d like to know more about their extraction process and where they source their hemp. Also, there are a few too many artificial ingredients in the vape products for us to feel totally comfortable.

Savage CBD is an offshoot of Savage Enterprises, a full-fledged vape company. The founders didn’t think the flavors offered by the CBD vape segment were anything to write home about, so they employed expert mixologists to perfect their process and formulas. Today, they offer other CBD products in addition to vape oils with one overriding goal — to help as many people as possible.

Unlike some other CBD vendors we see that were born out of traditional vape companies, Savage CBD does a decent job of covering their bases in the cannabidiol space. Case in point, they provide current third-party results from SC Labs for their bulk CBD oil and isolate and each SKU. While we are awarding them the Safety Badge, it’s a narrow win. Savage CBD has cannabinoid profiles for each SKU (excellent), but their bulk oil is only tested for heavy metals and pesticides. We encourage them to also include tests for residual solvents, microbials, and mycotoxins (fungi) as well.

We aren’t super thrilled with the high amount of artificial ingredients in the Savage CBD product line, but we aren’t surprised considering their specialty is vaping. Their offerings include:

  • CBD E-Liquid – The ingredients here include CBD isolate, PG/VG, and artificial and natural flavors. There are CBD vendors out there committed to the natural way who have all-natural vape lines, but the majority still include artificial flavors.
  • CBD Gummies – The same goes for CBD gummies — a few vendors are keeping it au naturale, using ingredients like turmeric and beet for coloring. Savage CBD is not one of them; these are loaded with artificial colors and flavors.
  • CBD Softgels
  • CBD Pet Spray
  • Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures – These are perhaps the cleanest product and our favorite of the line, just straight-up full spectrum cannabidiol with MCT oil, hempseed oil, and essential oils and terpenes for flavor.
  • CBD Lotion – Not the worst we’ve seen, but this CBD topical contains stearic acid (polysorbate 60), triethanolamine, and phenoxyethanol, ingredients we do not approve of and always call out.

Savage CBD is missing the Quality Badge, since they do not mention the geographic source of their hemp nor their extraction method. Interestingly, they have a blog article that specifically states that consumers should always know the extraction method when purchasing CBD oil. Perhaps this non-disclosure is a simple oversight.

Bottom Line – Savage CBD is doing pretty well for a group based originally in the vape business. We encourage them to disclose the source of their hemp and CBD extraction method to be eligible for the Quality Badge. Also, these guys obviously know what they’re doing when it comes to flavor. We encourage them to experiment more with the wonderful tastes that nature has to offer and jettison some of the artificial stuff.

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Savage CBD™ has not been verified to disclose both the geographic source of their hemp plus a clean CBD extraction method.

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Savage CBD posts up-to-date, independent contaminants results for their bulk CBD oil and cannabinoid profiles for each SKU.

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Charity Verified

Savage CBD offers a discount program for veterans and military personnel.

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Mission Verified

Savage CBD aims to create products that empower people to live a healthy lifestyle and show millions the positive effects of CBD.

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Innovation Unverified

Savage CBD™ has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

Savage CBD Coupon Code SAVAGE15

Shop Savage CBD Products & Use "SAVAGE15" to save 15% off all products!

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Savage CBD™ Reviews

  • AvatarBrad says

    Hi CBDOIL, thanks for the review. I was wondering about this also, and I thought you’d like know Savage CBD posted a very informative blog post describing their processes and sources. Some of what they said is:

    “Here at Savage, we are very stringent on what suppliers and labs we work with. We do our due diligence to make sure that they are following standards like CO2 extractions and before we even make a purchase we require a 5g sample of the product which we put through two tests:

    1) Solvent, Potency, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals.
    Once that passes, we move on to the next test

    2) We blend some samples into our products and do sustainability testing to make sure it is the quality and clarity that our clients are used to.

    Once we make it past the tests we will buy from the supplier or lab. When we receive the product we immediately pull samples and send them off to the lab before use to test again for solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

    All of our hemp is either sourced from Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, or in some instances (depending on regulations) from Europe. We require our supplier to do their own testing and due diligence showing traceability back to seed.”

    This was helpful and reassuring to know they products are quality checked to ensure safe products for us.

  • AvatarJonathan Harris says

    This is interesting, I personally sell Savage CBD and have been to their facility and they have Quality Systems and Manufacturing standards in place that most don’t have. I am a bit disappointed you would rate them 3. I found that it says CO2 extraction and they even have lab tests up for pesticides, solvents, and metals when a lot of companies don’t.

    Perhaps you should revisit because this review is very inaccurate.

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