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Seven Points CBD

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Seven Points CBD Review

Seven Points CBD has a powerful and simple mantra — Big relief. Not big pharma. This CBD brand caters heavily to the active, athletic lifestyle, and the team members themselves are SoCal athletic-adventure seekers. Seven Points CBD says all the right things, and we believe they have real quality behind them. However, we’d like to see some safety tests posted online for their CBD products. This is the industry standard now.

Seven Points CBD is all about the good things in life: health, happiness, and the active outdoor lifestyle. They rightfully believe that CBD has the natural benefits to support all the above. The founder of Seven Points supposedly witnessed firsthand the catastrophic consequences of prescription drug abuse and addiction. For the consummately active, injuries happen, so Seven Points wanted to offer CBD supplements to support wellness without the danger of side effects or addictive properties.

Thus, the brand’s slogan and messaging point heavily to the fact that you can get relief naturally without pharmaceuticals through CBD oil. Seven Points aims to enhance recovery and wellness for athletes through their full-spectrum CBD products made right here in the USA.

It all starts with the American hemp flower. Unlike most CBD manufacturers that make their CBD oil from stalks and stems, Seven Points chooses to exclusively use the flower, known to have high concentrations of cannabinoids. The brand is apparently insanely selective, allowing only 1 of 20 species in their CBD oil and only choosing 1 out of every 50 farms to source their raw material. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

The Seven Points CBD catalog contains full spectrum offerings, with the exception of their CBD recovery protein powder. From the looks of things, the brand comes through with their all-natural promise. Check out what they have to offer:

  • CBD gel caps – These come in strengths of 12.5mg, 25mg, and 50mg. 50mg CBD capsules aren’t common, so if you’re in need of a higher dose, this may be a great option for you.
  • CBD oil tinctures suspended in hemp seed oil
  • CBD raw honey
  • CBD body repair balm
  • CBD recovery protein powder – Seven Points’ CBD recovery powder is specially formulated to be taken immediately following a workout. Each scoop is packed with 30mg of CBD isolate, 8g protein, and L-Glutamine to support rapid recovery. FYI, this is not a plant-based powder and contains whey.
  • CBD gift packs and gift cards

Seven Points is big on community, engaging in rides and other athletic events and hosting challenges for their Seven Points Strava Club. Users sign up for physical challenges via the app for cyclists and runners and can be eligible for giveaways. Sounds fun!

We’d love to see Seven Points extend this sense of community love to the charity world; offering something like a discount for the disabled would fit well with their branding. And we’d also like to see them post current tests for their cannabidiol products. Although the brand claims to conduct tests for both potency and contaminants, at present, these are only available upon request.

Bottom Line – Seven Points CBD has a quality line of full-spectrum CBD products geared toward athletes and the active, but we’d like to see some more effort in the testing and charity departments.

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Seven Points CBD sources U.S. hemp grown organically and processed via supercritical CO2 extraction.

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Seven Points CBD has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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Seven Points CBD is on a mission to provide healthy, alternative relief with CBD that supports the active lifestyle.

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Seven Points CBD has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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