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Sunday Scaries Review

The term ‘Sunday scaries’ has been around for a few years now, used mostly among partying young people. It describes the anxiousness faced by those who partied too hard, spent too much over the weekend, and are mentally and physically feeling the effects. It’s somewhat of a cultural phenomenon of specified anxiety, and a CBD company aptly named Sunday Scaries has the antidote!

Sunday Scaries founders Beau and Mike initially created CBD gummies for themselves to ease the apprehension of their ‘professional, moral, and financial hangovers’ and ‘impending doom of Monday’ after weekend blowouts. Before they arrived at their gummy formulation, they had experimented with other forms of CBD but found issues with prices and dosing. They, therefore, decided to bring an approachable, affordable CBD oil product to market to cure the Sunday scaries everywhere.

The brand’s marketing efforts are focused almost exclusively on CBD’s purported benefits in combating anxiety. The industrial hemp used in their CBD products is grown under organic protocols on U.S. farms in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Sunday Scaries utilizes CO2 extraction, earning points for quality and sustainability.

The product line is focused and fun, featuring CBD tinctures, their flagship gummies, CBD candy, CBD energy shots, as well as bundles and subscriptions of said items. The CBD tinctures, gummies, and energy shots contain D3 and B12 as added active ingredients. Both have beneficial properties for enhancing mood and energy, respectively.

The Sunday Scaries CBD tinctures contain all-natural, quality ingredients we approve of. The CBD gummies are split into two segments: regular and ‘Vegan AF’. Both taste amazing but are packed with artificial flavors, FYI.

The most interesting CBD products in the Sunday Scaries lineup are the newest. The first are their CBD energy shots. They come in three flavors with some ingredients you’d expect — vitamins, ginseng, coffee beans — and a couple you don’t. The brand includes amino acids to boost both energy and peace of mind. 5-HTP is an amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin, and taurine is loaded with antioxidant properties. Since we’ve yet to see these ingredients in a CBD energy shot, Sunday Scaries gets the Innovation Badge!

The last product is what earns the company the Charity Badge. Their CBD candy that they call ‘Unicorn Jerky’ was created in honor of a fallen comrade. Sunday Scaries supports the Trevor Project with the proceeds, a nonprofit that focuses on suicide prevention. We think it’s super cool that the brand has found a way to memorialize a loved one, give people tasty CBD, and make a difference all at the same time.

Unfortunately, we cannot award the Safety Badge, but Sunday Scaries is somewhat close. They currently post cannabinoid profiles for every SKU along with a residual solvents test. To qualify, we’ll need to see results for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological impurities, too.

Bottom Line – The Sunday Scaries marketing angle is GENIUS. And the people and CBD products that anchor the brand are solid. Nothing scary here.

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Sunday Scaries sources quality industrial hemp processed via CO2 extraction in the U.S. and combines it with D3 and B12 for additional natural benefits.

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Safety Unverified

Sunday Scaries has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Charity Verified

Sunday Scaries proudly supports The Trevor Project, a nonprofit aimed at suicide prevention.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Sunday Scaries focuses on providing a natural, healthy, and affordable alternative for anxiety relief.

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Innovation Verified

Sunday Scaries incorporates amino acids 5-HTP and taurine in their one-of-a-kind CBD energy shots.

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CouponSunday Scaries Coupon Code

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[email protected]

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CouponSunday Scaries Coupon Code

Use "OFFERS15" For 15% Off All Sunday Scaries Products!

Doesn't expire

Sunday Scaries Reviews

  • AvatarGreen says

    I would not even give them a star first of all they have you spend that we offer a discount offer you a discount and then when the product comes in they charge you full price and it is not what they are advertising it doesn’t even have the quantity of CBD or oil in it . I recommended nobody ever purchase from this company they don’t answer their phones because they’re getting a lot of feedback of people being dissatisfied of them ripping them off

  • AvatarKelly says

    How do i get a bottle of CBD oil and maybe gummies. Can you tell me the prices? Does it help with anxiety, depression, snd pain?

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