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Swiss Relief

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    Phone: 888 223 0420
    Email: [email protected]

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Swiss Relief Review

Swiss Relief’s name is a bit of a misnomer — their CBD hemp does not come from Switzerland. It’s grown organically right here in the USA. Sustainable hemp farms in Kentucky, clean CO2 extraction, and mostly natural ingredients are what underpin the Swiss Relief line of CBD products. They need to up their testing protocols, but Swiss Relief and their sister-brand Blue Moon are both reliable CBD vendors with the right moves.

Swiss Relief has offices both in the US and the UK and falls under uber-brand BMH ventures along with their sister brand, Blue Moon Hemp. What sets these two brands apart are their commitment to quality, grade-A ingredients, and their innovative use of nanotechnology to encapsulate CBD molecules. Doing so shrinks the CBD particles, making them exceedingly bioavailable and water-soluble.

So, what’s the difference between Swiss Relief and Blue Moon CBD companies?

Both have the same contact information. And all Swiss Relief’s CBD products are also sold by Blue Moon, save their CBD gummy varieties and CBD gel caps. Apparently, Swiss Relief is the more exclusive of the two, targeting healthcare professionals and pharmacies. Swiss Relief is also vegan and gluten-free. Blue Moon is the more accessible CBD brand, available in 6,000 stores and 24 countries.

The good news is that there’s nothing fishy going on here. The duplicate products are the same price on both sites. And Swiss Relief does not hide its affiliation with Blue Moon, so we’re all good on that front. (You’d be surprised at the CBD companies out there who are not honest about this stuff).

Let’s take a peek at the Swiss Relief CBD line. All their products are made from CBD crystalline, and their cannabinoid profiles show only the presence of CBD, with the exception of the tinctures that contain CBD, CBDA, and CBV:

  • CBD salves – These are all-natural and awesome! We love the simple ingredients and inclusion of beneficial terpenes, making this a broad spectrum CBD topical.
  • CBD gel caps.
  • CBD oil tinctures – These are nano emulsified to be water-soluble and therefore, absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body. Ingredients include hemp seed oil and natural flavors; however, Blue Moon’s CBD tinctures include artificial flavors as well. If you’re only looking for all-natural ingredients, we suggest you go with the unflavored option just to be safe.
  • CBD gummies – First off, we cannot see the ingredient lists for these, so we are unsure about artificial colors and flavors. What we CAN tell you is that they’re vegan, and they come in some really interesting varieties we’ve never seen before in the CBD space. Choose from the usual CBD gummies, get the sugar-free version, or get your nutrition on with the turmeric and ginger treats. There’s even a collagen CBD gummy, and we’re dying to try the pina colada flavor.

We technically cannot award the Charity Badge, even though Swiss Relief’s sister-brand Blue Moon offers a military discount. Until Swiss Relief donates to charity or offers a similar discount on their site, the badge is a no-go.

For now, the Safety Badge is off the table, too. Swiss Relief has current and independent potency tests for all their SKUs, but contaminants tests are missing. Still, we consider them a solid CBD vendor that checks their Ps and Qs.

Bottom Line – Swiss Relief has a high-quality line of 0%THC products, including water-soluble CBD tinctures and really cool vegan gummies.

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Quality Verified

Swiss Relief sources sustainably farmed hemp from Kentucky and uses CO2 extraction to make their CBD oil.

Safety Badge

Safety Unverified

Swiss Relief has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Swiss Relief has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Swiss Relief believes not all CBD is created equal and thus monitors their products from seed to bottle for quality.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Swiss Relief uses nanotechnology to procure their water-soluble CBD products.

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Contact Swiss Relief

Phone: 888 223 0420
Email: [email protected]

About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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