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Tree of Life Botanicals Review

Tree of Life Botanicals is off to a great start. Organic hemp? Check. Clean extraction method? Check. All-natural ingredients? Check. Comprehensive testing? Half-check. Contaminants results are only posted for their CBD isolate. To make sure their products are 100% contaminant-free, we need to see either a contaminants test for the full spectrum CBD oil used to make product or one for each SKU. But other than that, we think this Colorado brand has great promise.

Tree of Life hails from the Mecca of the CBD world — Colorado, of course. All their processes take place in the centennial state, from the organic farms where their hemp grows to the extraction and bottling facilities. Tree of Life counts organic growers, lab techs, an extraction team, a breeding team, and more to bring their vision to life through clean and efficient processing. Their strain of choice has high CBD content, and they guarantee safety and potency for all their products.

Tree of Life uses supercritical CO2 extraction for both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil, though most of their products are full spectrum. While they do provide CoAs, upon closer examination, we unfortunately cannot grant the Safety Badge.

But Tree of Life is being more transparent with their results than most, with every SKU accompanied by a third-party cannabinoid profile, so we don’t want them to feel discouraged. The current issues are that some of the tests are dated and that their CBD isolate is the only product that has contaminants results. They can either conduct contaminants tests on all their SKUs, or simply provide contaminants results for both the CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil used to make the products. Along with a cannabinoid profile for each product, of course.

All in all, we like the Tree of Life product line — it covers a lot of bases while remaining focused and maintaining quality. We found strictly all-natural ingredients, nothing even remotely suspect. These clean offerings include:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures – The full spectrum tinctures feature fractionated coconut oil and essential oil for flavor. They also offer THC-free tinctures made from isolate with a nutritious blend of coconut oil and hemp seed oil.
  • CBD Isolate Powder
  • CBD Shatter
  • CBD Crumble
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Pet Oil
  • CBD Topicals – An all-natural lotion and balm are available in two sizes along with CBD chapstick.

Tree of Life also offers subscription plans that lower the cost of individual products. This is a smart trend right now in the CBD space, and we expect more companies to offer the same, especially if their products are effective (if the results are real, customers will buy regularly).

Bottom Line – Tree of Life Botanicals is off to a great start with clean processes and ingredients. We recommend making changes to their testing protocols first and foremost and then perhaps some charitable work to rank higher.

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Tree of Life Botanicals uses organically grown Colorado hemp and supercritical CO2 extraction to procure their CBD line.

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Safety Unverified

Tree of Life Botanicals has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Charity Unverified

Tree of Life Botanicals has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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Mission Verified

Tree of Life Botanicals is committed to the quality needed to produce the best-in-class CBD products that are both potent and safe.

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Innovation Unverified

Tree of Life Botanicals has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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Contact Tree of Life Botanicals

+1 719-299-1664

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Tree of Life Botanicals Reviews

  • AvatarAdam Krafft says

    The whole industry at times has been forced to use overseas processing bc of lack of domestic solutions. Currently we use square and this industry wide problem has been solved for the time being

  • AvatarCharles Schubert says

    Well I just looked at my bill from my last purchase of CBD oil only to find that they are adding on an “overseas transaction charge of one dollar additional. BEWARE BEWARE I will never buy another thing from these people. for claiming to be in Colarado, how do you have an overseas transaction charge. LIARS LIARS

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