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TrustBo Review

TrustBo has one prerogative — to get you to trust them. The good news? We totally do! We’re happy to see a CBD brand really bring it big time when it comes to transparency. Full-panel testing by independent labs? Check! TrustBo even performs allergen testing on every single one of their CBD products. If you have an allergy or simply want a no-nonsense, pure, and highly bioavailable CBD supplement, look no further.

The team behind TrustBo (short for Trust Botanicals) has a remarkable resume. Together, the group of likeminded botanists, MDs, and nutritionists has an astonishing 50+ years of experience in health and wellness. The company is vertically integrated, a.k.a. ‘seed to sale,’ meaning TrustBo has a say in every aspect of production. Vertical integration is usually a surefire sign of quality and dedication that’s always music to our ears.

We also love TrustBo’s mission which is strikingly similar to ours. The brand acknowledges that many… ‘CBD brands and products out there are ineffective if not downright dangerous.’ That’s why we’re here to research brands and products for you. And TrustBo is here to bring CBD you can legitimately trust.

It all starts with non-GMO hemp grown organically on American family farms. Hemp material is then dried using a special technology to prevent mold. The dried plants are put through TrustBo’s proprietary extraction method that involves freeze-drying for a whole-plant extract.

We’re not super familiar with this process, but we’ve seen it a couple times with other premium CBD vendors. It’s totally clean, environmentally friendly, and arguably one of the healthiest extraction methods in that no chemicals or even alcohol is used.

TrustBo gets a gold star for safety, going beyond the requirements of our rigorous Safety Badge. Not only does TrustBo test every single product for contaminants and potency, they test each for common allergens, too! If you have an allergy to nuts, gluten, or soy, we highly recommend trusting TrustBo, as this is the first time we’ve seen a CBD company do this. Unlike the thousands of CBD companies that claim gluten-free status, TrustBo can actually back it up.

The TrustBo CBD catalog is limited, but there’s something else that makes their products worthwhile. If the clean sourcing and extraction and next-level tests aren’t enough, TrustBo uses a phospholipid delivery system with each of their CBD products.

What does that mean?

They’ve encapsulated CBD molecules in a phospholipid (fatty) bilayer that acts like a protective barrier. This makes CBD and other cannabinoids more readily absorbed by your system, since their integrity is protected as they pass through the digestive tract. This awesome technology in theory means you need to use less product to get desired effects. Innovation badge, check!

You can buy full-spectrum CBD gel capsules and CBD oil tinctures from TrustBo. These show robust potency tests and have all-natural ingredients. Their CBD gummies and CBD lotion are made with isolate (0% THC), and we are happy to report the topical is 100% natural.

Lastly, we tip our hats to TrustBo again for their partnership with Genius Recovery to help our veterans recover from addiction. It’s the perfect synergy for a company like this with a genuine mission.

Bottom Line – TrustBo has some of the best CBD testing protocols in the business, and we consider them to be one of the elite and truly trustworthy companies. They deserve a round of applause and then some.

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Quality Verified

TrustBo’s CBD hemp is non-GMO, grown organically in the US, and free of harmful contaminants.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

TrustBo tests all their CBD products for potency, contaminants, and even allergens.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

TrustBo partners with Genius Recovery to help military veterans recover from addiction.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

TrustBo is on a mission to deliver the best CBD products with unrivaled quality and traceability

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

TrustBo utilizes an innovative phospholipid delivery system for optimal bioavailability.

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About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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TrustBo Reviews

  • AvatarSean Henry says

    As noted by one comment above, you do not ship directly to customers in Canada. Is there any other way for Canadians to obtain your CBD product? Is the problem that it is not approved by Health Canada? Is the latter conducting tests that may lead to approval?

  • AvatarVikki SFford says

    Dear TrustBo
    I wanted to get your products but you don’t ship to Canada. I want very much your products as I love what you stand for and your products are excellent. It is very hard to find CBD that’s high quality and you can trust the co. Pls. re consider and allow Your products to ship to Canada ??.

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